Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baisa saying Dadi wants to get Kirti married to Naksh. They all get shocked. Baisa asks them to ask Naira. Naitik sees Naira. Naira says listen to me first and then think. Naitik says fine, tell us truth, without taking anyone’s side. Surekha says I don’t think Naira will talk. Dadi says I told her to talk, I can’t wait. Suwarna says I think its going fast, if you pressure Naira, this can affect Kartik and Naira’s relation. Dadi says enough, stop this gyaan, it will happen what I want, I will end this till morning, its about Kirti’s happiness. Kirti hears them.

Baisa says Dadi is adamant, prepare for marriage, what shall I say, she thinks she has rights on us, Naksh is her property, I did not bet and lost, what to do then, get cards printed and

get the horse. Naira says its nothing like that, Baisa is saying a lot. She asks Baisa to listen, they will talk to Naksh, but decision will be of him, anyone’s bet is not imp, his happiness is imp.

Kirti goes to room and holds curtain. The curtain rod falls. She cries and says this is my problem, I can’t handle my life and whatever’s support I take, I ruin that also, I can’t keep anyone happy. She recalls Aditya’s words and cries. Kartik comes and asks are you fine. He hugs her. She says I m sorry, I spoiled everything. He says stop blaming yourself. She says none knows my fate better than me. He consoles.

Naitik says I would have not complained if this was my test, but both my children are stuck, I can’t bear with any of their compromise. Bau ji says I understand, all children are same for parents. Naira feeds soup to Naksh. Naiitk says this thing is related to both of them, I did not know their happiness will come against each other. Bau ji says this is called life. Naitik says I will not become a helpless father and do whatever needed.

Naira and Naksh recall Baisa’s words. Bau ji says both of your children are talented and good, they think of other’s happiness first. Naitik says yes, they can do anything for each other’s happiness, I m afraid this can do injustice with anyone, we won’t let this happen, I want both of them to win. Naksh says I m fine, you go and rest. Naksh sleeps. Naira goes. Karishma says this is big problem. Naitik says I have seen Akshara and did not think Naira will face same thing. Bhabhimaa says she will have storm in her heart, Gayu says its Kirti’s matter, they should have talked to Naira or Naksh. Karishma says yes, Kirti should have shared this with Naira. Naitik says maybe the matter got dragging there also. Devyaani asks what to do. Naitik says if Naksh agrees, we will take talk ahead or not, I will talk to them and explain.

Kartik comes to meet Naira. He says I was missing you and thought if you were with me, there would be no tension. She says me too, I can fight with the world when you are with me. He says don’t know what will happen. She says say we will manage everything. He says I hope so, but anyone can get hurt. She says yes, both families are ours. They hug. He lifts her and rests her on the car front. They lie down and make a heart by their hands. Yahan wahan…..plays…..She hugs him.

Its morning, Bau ji asks did anyone talk to him. Gayu says no, he does not know anything. Naksh comes and says I m going Krishna. Bhabhimaa says you are hurt, go later. He says I m fine, its imp client, I have to meet him else it will be big loss. Naira says we could have a talk, I m here, we did not spend time. He says this is not the talk, we will talk later. She thinks he does not know anything. He thinks Naira feels I don’t know anything. He goes to get laptop. Naitik asks Naira not to force Naksh, we have no problem if he says yes by his will, explain Kirti also. Gayu asks Naksh to drop Naira. Naira thinks Dadi may…. She says no, I will go by taxi. Naksh says I will drop you outside the house, come. He feels sorry. Dadi types message for Naira. Suwarna reads it and signs her. Dadi deletes the text and calls Naira. Naira does not answer and keeps phone. Naira asks Naksh to take care. He says you take care, you look stressed. She says no, I m fine.

Manish says something is bothering me, if Naksh says yes, should we do this relation, relations will get complicated, we can adjust but Kirti…. Dadi says we know that family, Kirti’s happiness is also in it, even if they are less to us. Kartik asks where is Kirti, where did she go. Manish asks why will she go. Kirti talks to Maasi and says I m waiting for cab, if anyone knows before I leave the city then….

They all hear Kirti’s recording. Kirti says I m going to Maasi for some days, end this matter, when Naira comes home, don’t ask anything to Naira, Naksh and their family, I know Dadi is worried for my happiness, but my happiness is not in other’s sorrow, I will get what’s written in my fate. Naira gets shocked hearing this. Dadi sees Naira at the door and scolds her. Kartik says its not her mistake. She asks him not to say in between, Dadi and I have a relation, let us talk. Dadi says Kirti left home because of you.

Dadi says Kirti left home being sorrowful, get her back else I m dead for you. Naksh says I did not wish to come, knowing same talk will be going on like yesterday. He goes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello everyone

    Today’s episode was too emotional.poor keesh.both are good.i don’t want naksh to say anything to daadi which hurts her more.i think he’s going to say yes because of sisters happiness.may be lots of confusion are going to happen after saying yes.everyone s going to know he said yes because of naira and later he realizes his love for keerthi.if he doesn’t feel love for keerthi then it is Injustice for both. However l love keesh. I don’t want them to get separate.both needs loving pair and when they are together it’s too cute.

    Some one said i think it’s Ritz v love this show because of it’s goodness.yes it’s true v love this because of it’s goodness and I don’t want any bad change in keerthi’s behavior later bcoz singanias are going to love her like a daughter.she doesn’t need to suffer any more.singianias will give importance to her opinions and ambitions

    What about gayu give her also more importance than discussing family issues.

    1. So true Anjana
      This is a mess

  2. Fenil

    Hello everyone !!

    Awesome Episode.

  3. Dadi is beast blo*dy she is a black spot on the name of a woman

  4. someone please kill dadi or someone kidnap her and torture her

    1. I will love to kidnap and torture her
      Even thinking murderous thought about her
      She is too much – selfish and self-centred

  5. dadi is just too selfish , she neither cares about suwarna or naira , she only wants her children and grandchildren happy , hope she changes soon . i think it would be nice if naksh and keerti and sort out the matter . naira and karthik’s reaction were so realistic in last episode . karthik keerti scene was beautiful , karthik is a wonderful bro for keerti , he cares a lot for her

  6. Hey all
    Its only few times in my life I feel murderous towards someone and that is dadi Goenka
    Come on now how many times is she going to blame Naira when things go wrong
    She made a mess of things and now wants Naira to fix it all. This woman is dumb and I agree with Ragini she is a black spot on womanhood. Who acts like this – crazy. This woman is too much she thinks the Singhanias are less than the Goenkas, then why is she rushing to send Kirti there. This episode when she said that they are less than them but she will manage them, made me think that she thinks less of her grand daughter because she is a divorcee so she deserves less. This woman is mad
    As for Kirti she is too weak, she cannot stand up for anything – all she knows how to do is to run away. She ran away from her marital home instead of dealing with Aditya. Crying is not the solution to problems.
    In the Goenka house they are all acting crazy about this drama which Dadi Goenka has created
    Then move over to the Singhania house, every one is calm and discussing the drama that dadi Goenka has created sensibly with maturity.
    As for Naira she is too nosey trying to be super bahu, she should have let Dadi Goenka fall on her face again when she chose a crappy alliance for Kirti. Oh no she had to go and poke her nose in her business so now the way dadi Goenka looks at it then your brother will have to pay for it.
    Now I don’t think Naksh should agree to this marriage if he does not feel anything for Kirti – he does not have to play brother God to save his sister’s marriage after all Naira married whom she loves and she chose her own life partner. Why should Naksh sacrifice his heart for Naira, if Naira’s relationship fall apart because of this then her and Kartik were not strong enough. This should by no means affect Kaira because Naksh never lead Kirti on all this is one sided. I will hate for Naksh to go ahead with this marriage just to appease Naira or her in laws. This is just not FAIR.
    I am so with Balsa on this.
    Dadi Goenka is now so concerned about Kirti when she was prepared to send her back to an abusive husband. I have noticed any time a marriage issue comes up she made that grandchild the focus of her undying love. Before it was Kartik – she wanted to die if Kartik is not around. Now it is Kirti – she is screaming at Naira that if Kirti don’t come home she will die – yeah right.
    Next it will be the twin boys turn to get married and they will be the favourite grand kid.
    Balsa is strict and very traditional but she is fair and wise.
    I am looking forward to see what the producers and the writers have in store.

  7. Naksh should be honest and say what is in his heart if he does not want to marry Kirti, and all in his family should back him up. No one should be forced to do anything against their will this is not the middle ages.
    Naksh, let us talk. You are not responsible for Naira’s happiness; you are not the problem solver of everyone; remember what your mother taught you to be fair to all but above all be fair to yourself; Naira chose kartik as her husband and knew about the family but want to live with them so she should be able to handle her problems; I do know how much you love Naira your sister but you think carefully and wisely about your decision as this is about your life; your sister Naira has always done what she wants regardless of others; Kirti is not your responsibility neither were you responsible for her marriage breakup.
    Take your time and decide, as much as I love to see you and Kirti I will hate it more if injustice was done

  8. In all cases I started liking naksh n keerthi over kaira. They seems more sensible.. matured n look ordinary. Karthik n naira are over acting n childish..

  9. This Dadi!!! Blames Naira for Kirti leaving home what had Naira done??? She just came home! Dadi never cared if this matter is going to affect Kaira relation! Just to get ur grand daughter to marry again ur going to spoilt another marriage???? Wat logic is that???

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