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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh and Yash talking about elders, who go out and leave them alone at home for studying. Akshara calls Naitik while he is in office. She asks him to say I love you. He sees Juhi there and he does not say it. He says I will call you later. She laughs and says I know there was someone infront of him. Bhabhimaa says cylinder is over. Akshara says why so soon. Bhabhimaa says Chitti did this, he ended it in 15 days. She asks her to talk to Chitti. Naitik calls Akshara and asks her what was she saying. He says I love you and asks her to tell it. She is with Bhabhimaa and says I will talk to you later. He teases her just like she did and kisses her.

He asks her to reply. Bhabhimaa leaves and she kisses him. He says Bhabhimaa went so soon. Naitik gives kisses

to Akshara and Juhi comes. She smiles hearing him. Anshu and Jasmeet come from a functions are relatives and Anshu is not so happy as his stomach is upset. Jasmeet says she haad full food. Shaurya says this is marriage’s side effects. Anshu says I won’t go anywhere now. Dadi says go, but take digestion medicines. Varsha asks Ananya to study at home.

Ananya says she will go with Anshu and Jasmeet where they are going.Kaki says you can’t go with them. Anshu says I won’t go anywhere. Kaki says you have to go on honeymoon. Anshu and Jasmeet smile. Kaki says Shaurya and Varsha will also come with you and Anshu becomes upset. Rukmani tells her kitty problem to Nandini. Nandini gives her some suggestions. Rukmani says I need someone to some with me. Nandini says you can’t make anyone member by force. Rukmani says you won’t know as you did not do kitty party till now. Varsha and Shaurya talk and say that Anshu should go alone with Jasmeet. She says we also went alone. Shaurya says I will make an excuse of work and will tell them we can’t go. Shaurya says but if Kaki goes then…….. He laughs and says we will tell this at last moment.

Varsha says I will tell them, they were upset. Anshu talks to Jasmeet and says does anyone go with family on honeymoon. Jasmeet says maybe Kaki thinks we can’t manage alone. Anshu says we were in Mumbai too. Jasmeet says I did shopping too, short dresses but I can’t wear now, as they are coming. She says but they could have said no. Varsha comes and hears this. She leaves misunderstanding her. Jasmeet says maybe they told Kaki and Kaki did not listen to them. She says I will pack some sarees.

Naman and Karishma are dating at a café and he sees Naitik and Juhi passing in the car. Rukmani asks Bhabhimaa and Devyaani to come on her kitty party, its fun, we should have sometime for ourselves, why don’t you become member. Muskaan tells Devyaani so she came to say this. Bhabhimaa says no, you know I don’t have time, I m busy with Dadda ji. Rukmani asks Akshara to join if she wants. Akshara says no, I m busy. Rukmani asks Devyaani to come to the kitty tomorrow. Naksh says she is very clever. Rukmani says you have to come, else I will not talk to you.

Devyaani says I don’t know this. Bhabhimaa says you know her. Devyaani says you go, I will manage home. Everyone laugh. Muskaan says mum you are so cute, Rukmani is right, you don’t know anyone and this way you can meet everyone. Everyone convince her. Naksh asks Akshara to keep a tommy party for him and everyone laughs. Kaki and Rajshri see the gifts and Kaki does not like the sarees people gifted Jasmeet. Jasmeet comes and does not like the saree. Rajshri says even Kaki made such face.

Jasmeet sees Varsha upset. Dadi says lets have tea. Varsha says I will make it. Jasmeet says I will help you. Varsha says no, I will manage. Naksh is hiding the secret of Naman and Karishma. Akshara saks him what is he hiding. He tells her that Naman kissed Karishma in marriage, don’t tell anyone. She is shocked and says don’t tell this to anyone. Devyaani gives fruits to Naman and he sits eating it. Akshara sees him and goes to talk to him.

She talks to him indirectly about Karishma and he gets angry, asking what wrong did I do, it was just a kiss. She says this thing does not happen here, this is Udaipur, not Mumbai, small things can get big here. She says our family is conservative, be careful, we have elders and kids at home, they can see and they can’t feel good. Naman argues and says its common thing. She says no. He asks her to talk to Naitik, not to go anywhere with any girl. She asks what.

He says I saw him today with a girl in his car. She is shocked. He says give advice to him first, not me. She asks how can you talk like this about elders. She asks him not to tell anything against Naitik. She scolds him and says you see how we all talk to elders, understand this and don’t do this again. He says fine, I m sorry. He leaves. Devyaani comes and sees Akshara looking angrily as Naman lis leaving. Anshu comes to Jasmeet. She says I feel Varsha is annoyed with me. He asks why. She says did she come to know we wanted to go alone, did you talk to Shaurya. He says no, they are very understanding.

She says I think we should not go, make some reason and cancel this. He says no, this is my honeymoon too. She says she does not want to go. Anshu gets annoyed. Devyaani comes to Naman and asks him did anyone tell anything. Naman says no. She finds him upset and thinks. Naitik comes home and says sorry for coming late, I dropped Juhi home as it was raining and she was not getting a taxi. He asks her to give food and asks where is Naksh. She says he is with Dadda ji. He hugs her and she smiles.

She says you are very tired. He says yes, as you did not come to office. She tells what Naksh told him, Naman and Karishma have something in them. Naitik says no, he may be saying a story. She says no, its true. Naitik says what can we do, I m worried for Naksh, he will be more advanced. She says yes, I feel we got old. He says not me, you and jokes.

Devyaani tells Akshara that we have kitty at our home tomorrow. Akshara says but I called Anshu and Jasmeet at lunch tomorrow. Devyaani asks what will we do now.

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