Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th July 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Maa and Bhabhi packing Chikki’s clothes. Chikki asks Naksh to come with her to her hostel. Naksh says what will I do there. Chikki jokes. Maa tells them about Rashmi. Akshara thinks of calling Rashmi and asking her about Nikhil. Dadi and Gopi have a talk. Dadi asks her to shut up, else she would need to go to doctor again. Dadi is unable to walk, but she does not express her pain to anyone. Ananya comes to know about this. Akshara calls Rashmi. Rashmi cries. Akshara asks what happened, Rashmi says I tried to talk to Nikhil but he said no. Akshara calms her down and says we will find a solution. Rashmi says I have to listen to everyone. Akshara says shall I talk to Naitik. Rashmi says no. Maa comes and says what were you talking with Rashmi.

Akshara makes an excuse. Maa laughs.

Maa asks again. Akshara denies. Naitik calls her and Akshara leaves. Ananya comes to Shaurya. Ananya tells him about Dadi’s leg pain. She says I heard Dadi and Gopi talking. She asks him to take her to doctor. He says I will talk to Dadi. Ananya says treat her like you treat me. Shaurya smiles. Akshara wishes Naitik good night. He asks is there something. Akshara says I will tell later. Naitik says it sould not affect your health. Akshara smiles. Akshara says life changes after kids. Naitik says yes, family completes with kids. Naitik says everyone wants kids. Akshara thinks may be Nikhil has a big reason thats why he is saying no to kids. Akshara leaves.

Shaurya tells everyone about Dadi’s leg pain. They say she always hide her pain. Varsha says we should know about it. Shaurya says we will shift her room so that she feels easy. Gopi says we should ask Dadi also about her room change. They all agree to it. Omi is tensed and asks his wife whether she has any problem in giving her room to his mum.

Naitik is enjoying after coming out of his room. He asks Naksh about his plan. Naksh says Baisa will scold you. Naitik greets everyone. Baisa blesses him and praises him infront of Naksh. Maharaj comes with Sudha. Naitik meets Sudha. Everyone have a laugh. Maharaj says I missed you in my marriage. Chikki is leaving for her hostel. She says everyone are happy as I m going, no one cares. Bau ji says we will miss you. Maa says we get sad when you go. Baisa says I did not get time to talk to you. Chikki meets everyone, thanks Akshara for her help and leaves. Maa and Bhabhi Maa cry. Naitik jokes on them. Rashmi comes home with a big bag. Rashmi meets Chikki too. Chikki says its good that we met. Baisa asks Rashmi why you brought this bag. Rshmi is tensed. Maa and Bhabhi Maa gets worried. Akshara makes an excuse. Akshara takes care of the situation. Naksh says its good one bua left and another bua came. Naitik says Rashmi came after a long time. Everyone welcome Rashmi.

Akshara thinks she cannot hide about Rashmi. Naitik hugs Akshara and says he missed her a lot. Akshara says even I missed you. Naitik asks about everyone. Akshara says Rashmi went to freshen up. Naitik says we have a chance. Naksh comes. Akshara says Naksh is going to school today. Naksh asks her to make him ready for school. Akshara thinks of talking to Rashmi. Maa is worried about Rashmi. Bauji comes and talks to her. Maa says I m worried about Rashmi. She has come suddenly, I m feeling odd. Rashmi is hiding something. Bauji asks her to talk to Rashmi. He says maybe Nikhil said her something, or maybe she came here without any reason. Maa thinks of talking to Rashmi. Rashmi is talking to Nikhil on phone, she cries. Akshara comes to her and asks her what happened. Rashmi hugs her. Maa is on the way to Rashmi’s room. Akshara says we will sort it out. Maa hears everything that Nikhil does not want a child, what will happen if everyone knows about it. Rashmi and Akshara are shocked to see Maa. Maa says you did not tell me about this. Maa says I asked Akshara. Rashmi says I said Akshara not to say. Maa reacts.

Rashmi hugs Maa and says I wanted to share this. Maa says you are hurt, I cannot think how much hurt you are. Maa apologizes to her. Maa asks why does Nikhil not want a child. Maa says I will talk to him. Rashmi says no, dont do like this, give me some time, I will talk to him myself. Maa says we will explain him well. Rashmi says Nikhil wont feel it good. Akshara agrees with Rashmi. Rashmi says please dont tell this to anyone, let me handle it. Rashmi asks Maa to listen to her and not talk to Nikhil.

Maa talks to Akshara about Rashmi. She asks Akshara am I wrong, we should talk to Nikhil. We will not tell anyone at home, but we should go there and talk to him. Akshara says we should listen to Rashmi. Maa says Rashmi does not have the guts to talk to her in laws. Akshara says this is not the right time. Maa says I cannot wait now, I will talk to them. Akshara stops Maa and says I understand you but maybe we will do any mistake. Maa is worried. Akshara says nothing will happen, we are here for Rashmi. Maa asks Akshara to talk to Rashmi.

Akshara goes to Rashmi’s house.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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