Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara saying why will Naman and Karishma do this, Naitik checked papers. Bau ji asks what. Mishti comes and Akshara asks her did she get any circular in school, which needed guardian signatures. Mishti says no, mum did not give me any paper. Akshara and Bau ji get shocked.

Rajshri is sad. Dadi asks is everything fine. Rajshri cries and says Nannu met me at temple, he was adamant and said he will come with me. Nannu says even then you did not bring me. He hugs everyone. Varsha asks where is your mum. He says she is in temple, I have hidden in car dicky and came here. They all get worried. Varsha asks Ananya to inform Jasmeet fast, she will be worried. Kaki asks Nannu to go back, Jasmeet does not understand us, did she reply to Akshara’s message, till

she realizes her mistake, we have to be away from her. Jasmeet comes and says my doubt was right.

Naman asks Karishma about Mishti. Karishma says she went to get school project items with Girja. Akshara and Bau ji come there. Akshara sends Naira to her room. Naitik looks on. Bau ji asks Naman whats all this. Naman says I don’t know, why are you asking me. Bau ji says check well, you will know. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa also come. Naman says its Akshara’s sign. Bau ji says which you took. Naman says you are mistaken. Bau ji shouts lie, how more will you cheat us. Naksh comes and looks on. Bau ji says how low will you fall, you took advantage of Akshara’s blindness and took her signs by cheating her. Devyaani asks what are these papers. Naitik checks papers and asks Naman what is this, and when did Akshara sign. Bau ji says Naman made Akshara sign on it by excuse of Mishti’s school circular. Karishma says I m sorry. Bau ji says I know you did not know anything. Naman stops her and says I can’t say the reason. Bhabhimaa asks what happened, tell us. Naman says I can’t say. Akshara asks why, we all asked you, what happened.

Naitik says everyone in office feel Naman is in tension, they don’t know what is it. Bau ji says fine, don’t say Naman, we will find it, I have sent Naitik today to help you, but now Naitik will go office to find out whats happening here, why did you need money to take Akshara’s sign by cheat. Naman says if I sold my share, it would be company’s loss. Bau ji says you don’t care for company. Naman asks don’t you trust me, you feel I did this to harm company, if you feel so, fine, call Naitik or anyone, find out, I will see. They all look on shocked.

Naman says Bau ji, atlast you showed Naitik and I are not equal in your eyes. Bau ji looks on shocked. Naman says you are partial towards us, I supported you when Naitik was not here, I tried my best, you always trusted me, do you want to name this company back to Naitik now. Bau ji asks him to mind his tongue, what nonsense are you saying, if we had to do this, when Naitik gave business to you. Naman says fate supported me. Bau ji says not fate, my son supported you, my bahu supported you. Devyaani says your Bau ji is saying right, Naitik manages Krishna. Naman says no, Naksh manages Krishna, try to understand. Bau ji says you mean we want to snatch your share, we did not snatch anyone’s rights, we always respected everyone, this is what you know your Bau ji and your brother, Naitik helped you by advising you from abroad for 10 years, I have seen him sending you cheques every month, we did not tell this before so that you don’t feel low, you are blaming us that we are snatching your right. They all get upset. Bau ji says its my big mistake to give you big post than your place, I will rectify it, you will consult us and take every decision related to office, till we check all papers, you won’t send anyone, Naitik will manage office now. Naman says it means… Bau ji says get any meaning, its Dadda ji’s hardwork and our family respect, I won’t let it get hurt. Naitik asks Bau ji to listen. Bau ji says you just go office and manage it. He goes. Everyone go to their rooms. Akshara asks them to listen. Naitik says they all went. Maya hides and hears them.

Jasmeet says how dare Rajshri brought my son here without asking me. Kaki asks her to talk with manners. Jasmeet says I heard Rajshri saying she will take Nannu. Rajshri says I told him so that he goes back to you, he came with us, ask him. Jasmeet says I won’t ask, stop calling Nannu, we will be away. She drags Nannu. Rajshri cries. Kaki says I did not expect this from Rajshi, see how Jasmeet scolded you, I will not listen to you, leave Jasmeet alone. She goes.

Akshara says I can’t believe this Naitik, that Naman did this, did he tell you anything. Naitik says no, when I asked him the problem, he said I came office to keep an eye on him. She asks why, you are not in business now. He says yes, I felt his insecurity will end if I leave business, but I can’t forgive him as he cheated you. Naman says I won’t apologize. Karishma says they won’t trust you. He says yes, they send Naitik to spy on me. Naitik says Naman feels so, Bau ji sent me to help him, he does not trust me, he is wrong, Bau ji is so hurt, did you not feel bad. She says no, just think how to solve this. Naman says this is my business, I can do anything, if I have to consult Naitik, I can’t work like this. Karishma says I told you one day this will happen, see its happening. Akshara says this is family matter too, we have to solve this.

Everyone sit for dinner. Bhabhimaa asks Girja about kids, and call Naman and Karishma for dinner. Bau ji stops Girja and says I don’t think its needed to call Naman, he knows dinner time, he can come to have dinner, why should we convince him to come. Devyaani says I know he did mistake but.. Bau ji says the thing is he did mistake and did not realize it. Akshara says maybe he realized and he is not able to come, I will take food for him. Devyaani says let it be. Naitik says Bau ji is annoyed, it does not mean he does not want Naman to have food, I know Bau ji won’t get sleep till Naman eats food. Akshara says we should convince loved ones soon. Devyaani thinks Bau ji should have heard Naman once, even if its his mistake.

Naman talks badly with Akshara and says no one asked anything when you all came on road with Naitik’s one mistake, and now with my one decision, you all raise questions, why do you always interfere in business, let me handle it my way. She gets disheartened.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Grow up Naman…

  3. Akshara n Naitik pls becareful from Devyani and her son Naman… The caretaker for Akshara is very mysterious. Also becareful from this so called caretaker Maya.

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