Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aditya, Sangram and Vikram praising Akshara infront of Dada ji. They joke on Rukmani, Baisa, who always find faults in things. Dada ji laughs and thinks about Tara. Akshara comes and asks what are they talking. Dada ji says we are talking about Tara. Akshara says we will all love Tara, like we love Naira, don’t worry. Naitik goes to give sweets to Tara, as she won the match. She smiles. He asks her to give sweets to everyone, especially Baisa. She says I m scared, she may get more annoyed. He says nothing such will happen, if elders scold, its like blessings. I know she is of old mindset, but not bad, she will understand. He asks her to try and win.

Baisa asks Akshara about Tara, who plays hockey like boys, what if this is known in village. Bhabhimaa

says it does not matter, Tara will be married and won’t have time to play. Dadi says yes, Tara will be busy in household. Bhabhimaa says then there won’t be hockey, this happens, mother in law gets free when new bride comes. Tara comes and hears them. Akshara says Tara will learn everything as I did. Baisa says fine, she has to manage duties here in inlaws. Rajshri asks Baisa to eat something. Baisa says I want good tea. Rajshri asks her to come. Tara goes. Bhabhimaa tells Akshara that you don’t like all this, sometimes we have to say what person wants to understand, we did not differentiate between bahus and daughters, we will never do. Akshara says yes, once Baisa’s anger calms down, we will see. Tara gets upset recalling their words.

Akshara comes to Tara and asks why is she worried. Tara says maybe I got tired. Akshara says yes, match and then engagement, we have seen today, you really play well, continue playing till you want, don’t leave playing, meet Baisa and take her blessings, come. Tara greets Baisa. Baisa blesses her and asks her to understand her duties in inlaws. Tara thinks they all are so double faced, am I trapped in some wrong house.

Akshara goes to storeroom to find cold drink bottles. Naitik hugs her and asks her about engagement idea. They sweetly argue. He says my engagement did not happen grand. I also want something like that. She gives him cold drink and goes.

Rajshri and Kaki see the clothes for Ananya. Ananya chats with Abhi and tells about her engagement. He wishes her all the best and she thanks him. Ranveer messages Ananya. She gets upset. Naksh talks to Tara. He asks did you like the ring. She says yes, thanks. He asks what happened, why are you sounding disinterested. She recalls Akshara’s words. She says I m tired, we will talk tomorrow. He says don’t worry about Baisa, mumma will sort out everything. She cries.

Ananya ends chatting with Ranveer and is angry. Varsha asks why is she angry. Ananya thinks to tell Varsha about Ranveer. Varsha asks her to diet, as she has to look good with her match Ranveer, it looked odd when ring got small for her. Ananya thinks Varsha is saying same as Ranveer. Varsha goes.

Akshara surprises Naitik wearing her engagement dress, and decorating the room. He smiles seeing their engagement pics. He asks when did you take my ring. She says you said you want to get engaged again. She plays the video. He says Maa’s voice and gets emotional. Akshara and Naitik exchange rings. They spend some romantic time and music plays…………….

Its morning, Mishti asks Naitik did they see engagement videos alone, I had to show the family together. Akshara and Naitik see each other. They say we did not see Naksh’s engagement video yet, we will see it. Ananya likes the necklace a lot. Rajshri says its for Naira, not you. Varsha looks on and goes. Ananya asks why, don’t you love me. Rajshri says no, this is for her, because this one is for you. Ananya says this is more beautiful, thanks.

Baisa comes downstairs and shows the old statues which her ancestors had. She says she always kept this statue, and its very important for me, so I got this here, to keep this statue here and do its puja. Tara comes and hears them. Baisa says if Dadda ji was here, Naksh would have not got engaged to Tara, here elders are not valued, what will you value this statue.

Akshara says Tara…. Tara greets them and says I came to show the medal, I had to give some news, I m selected in international tournament. Naksh and everyone congratulate her. Naksh hugs her and signs. Tara greets Baisa and shows the medal. Naksh makes them have sweets. Tara likes the statue. Naksh says Baisa got it for our engagement. Baisa says but it did not get used. Tara gives idea that they can use it in Ananya’s marriage. They all like the idea. Baisa agrees.

Savita calls Varsha. Varsha is shocked and tells everyone that sangeet is cancelled, they can’t come.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I love the sweet moment of Naitik & Akshara. But I hate that old irritating lady Baisa. She is really an extreme level orthodox person. Baisa can’t control her own son n daughter in law but always plays “Dadagiri” in Singhania Sadan. Such a f**king dramabaaz…. ???????

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