Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik sitting sad and crying. He thinks of Akshara. Naira says I knew you will be here, you can make this pain our courage, you have to do duties, come everyone is waiting, mumma will not see anyone worried, I m sure you will also not want this, come. She tells the staff that Naitik will come and talk to them, and Naira and Gayu will also help. She asks the staff to make her learn and explain. Gayu smiles. Naira talks to staff. Gayu hugs Naira and is glad seeing her. Kartik calls Naira. She says you call so much, you will get huge bill. He says I don’t worry. He tells about his cousin sister Mansi. She says your family is so good, did you not miss them. Peon calls her to meet client. Kartik asks where are you. She says office, Papa in unwell, so Gayu and

I came to help. He says you have any problem. She says no, I m lucky to help them. He says I will wait till you get free as you always make me wait, I got habitual. She smiles.

Surekha asks Mansi to have food. She tells Lav and Kush’s shopping. Lav and Kush miss the snacks they had at Naira’s house. They say they liked Naira. Kartik runs and hugs them. They laugh. Manish comes. Kartik gets serious. Dadi asks Kartik in which oil did he make noodles. He says which your dietician wrote. Dadi asks Surekha to take Mansi to dietician for good health. Kartik says she has much courage. Akhilesh asks Kartik do you go gym. Kartik says I can go now. Akhilesh asks when to call trainer, what will you do at home, come office with me. Dadi says yes, men look good when they go for work.

Dadi asks Kirti to stay at home and help Suwarna, you are not needed at office. Kartik says I don’t want to come office. Akhilesh says come for sometime. Lav says Papa, he has GF. Akhilesh says girls also like guys who work, its your wish now. Dadi stops Manish and does tilak to his file. Kartik recalls Naira’s words and says I will come along, give me two mins. Manish smiles.

Akhilesh says great, take 4 mins. Kartik says if Naira can help family in business, why can’t I help you. Dadi says he always hears her, we don’t have any value, this is not a good sign Manish. Manish says I m glad that he is coming office with us, he will be with us all day. Kartik gets ready and comes. They all smile seeing him. Kartik says there was no strict dress code in Naitik’s office, he was a cool boss. Dadi wards off bad sight. She asks Kartik to go now.

Manish stumbles in office. Kartik holds her. Manish gets glad. Akhilesh scolds guard for not putting cleaning board. Kartik talks politely to guard. He goes. Manish smiles. He gives bonus to staff. The manager says Sir, its not Diwali today. Manish says its for me.

Clients argue with Naira and say we want solution today. She asks for some time. Clients get angry. Kartik gets to know about Singhania’s problem. The man says all clients are leaving him, we are scared that they can get in court case. Naira tries to explain. The man says one who has experience can manage this. Manager asks clients to give time. The clients say we decided we will not do business with you. Kartik comes to Naitik’s office and asks for half an hour to explain plan of action. Naira smiles. Kartik asks them to come to his cabin and discuss. He talks to clients. Naira sees him and smiles. Kartik signs her and smiles. She signs thanks.

Akhilesh tells Manish that clients told Kartik about Singhania’s problem, and Kartik said he has contract with Naitik and he will manage his business. Manish gets upset. Kartik says we will fulfill our commitment, don’t worry. Clients leave. Naitik sees the clients leaving. He sees Kartik and says sorry Kartik, I did not know of them, I went to bank to arrange funds. Kartik says you solved big problem, we can do work soon. Naitik says you here. Kartik says I m doing my work. Naitik hugs her and says Akshara said right about you, don’t know which birth relation it is. Naira smiles happily.

Kartik goes to Naira and hugs her. She thanks him and says I got support with your coming, I did not know what to do, you came as new hope. He says you got mad, we never spoke of work, I did not come for you, I came for my work and promise. He thanks her. He says don’t thank again, I went to office with Akhilesh and then realized I left work incomplete here, Naitik got worried because of me, if I don’t stand with him today, I will fall in my eyes, thanks. She says don’t give me credit for your goodness. He says fine, then take debit. She laughs.

She gets sad. He asks what happened. She says I m worried for Papa. He says don’t take tension, sit here, we both are together now, so we are 1 plus 1, equal to 11, we will keep all relations and all work will be done. She thanks him and smiles.

Manish tells Dadi that Kartik did not stay in office for even half an hour, he does not think how would I feel, I did not say anything as he can feel bad and leave us again, I can’t see his love for those people and can’t bear pain of getting away from him, what to do. She says I can just see one solution, marriage. He asks what.

Kartik and Naira romance. Manish says I can see how they treated my son, Kartik is blind in love.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vrushy

    Kaira office romance was just superb.
    They be so cute !!
    I don’t want to say anything about the goenkas, it would spoil my good mood. Why can’t manish understand his own son ?!! Overall a nice episode. Waiting for more kaira moments.
    Hope big boss ends soon and naksh aka rohan mehra would come back. I am also waiting for karthik’s elder brother entry opposite gayu.
    Ps : I request everyone to read and support the ffs written on yrkkh or kaira.

  2. Thank u Amena dii for ur superr fast update……..
    Hi Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(YRKKH family)Big Hiiii…
    Aliya,Aniket,Rahul bhai,Vrushy,Trishi,Ishika,Sophie dii,Sachu dii,Pat dii,Soumya,Adi,Pawan,Shesha,Sruthi,Riya, all all the fan of YRKKH n silent readers;
    Happy to see Naira taking care of all the things in the absence of Akshara…She z trying to do all her responsibilities like an ideal daughter!!!! Such a supportive daughter for her dad in his tough times…After all she z Akshara ka daughter na? And her Gayu di z supporting her…Happy to see their close bond…………
    Glad that Karthik came for their rescue…
    And manish is possessive abt Karthik bcoz he got him aftr a long tym..But still the reason behing the rift z not revealed
    So if Mansi z a cousin sister,Then Kirthi shld be the real sister r8???? I dunno…

    Aliya u seems to be busy bcoz f ur exam…Concentrate well n All the best for the chem ppr
    Rahul bhai, ur exams r not yet over r8????
    Waiting for Kaira moments
    Good n8 everyone!!

    1. Vrushy

      Kirti is karthik’s real sister. Luv, kush and mansi are his cousins that is they are surekha and akhilesh’s children.

  3. Hi everyone!!!
    Aniket bhai,Twana di, Aliya di,Pat di,Adi,Pawan,Vrushy di, Sachu di, Sophie di, Soumya di,Riya n all the fans of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai;
    How r u guys?????
    Aliya dii I hope u rn’t angry with me..bcoz u haven’t replied me 🙁 Sorry Again
    In today YRKKH ep, We saw Naira as a very much supportive daughter to her dad…
    It is good to see both daughters helping their father in their business
    Hopes on for Kaira moments as well as moments of the major families
    Thankz Aniket Bhaii
    Gud n8 everyone

  4. i dont know what will happen now. please get kaira married for sure. we are watching prog because of them.
    akshara also left. if they dont get married now the whole serial will become bad.
    will not watch it then.
    please stop the goenkas negativity towards naira and her family.

    1. Same..I want KaIra’s wedding to take place as soon as possible

  5. Why maheswari have not shown for some days may be because of akhshara…

  6. Hii twana,rahul bhaiya,aniket,pawan,sachu dii,Sophie dii,vrshy,,shruti di,pat di,adi,sowmya,riya,garima di n all yrkkh family memberz…very big welcome to all new comers…
    Thank u aniket,rahul bhaiya,twana,pat di,sachu dii,soumya n all for yr wishes my paper went well xcept 1 ten mark unexpected ques…hope to crack it nxt tym…
    Sachu dii icant explain how useful yr tips were…n sry guyz couldn’t reply sterday due xms.
    Trishi welcome yaar….u must be knowing tamil na..i live in tamil nadu..#hehee..n u r a suspense box…xD
    Sachu di wed chem xm..plz tips

    pawan lubb u too…n haan tum mereh chota bhai hi hoo…pinky promise..woh toh maine starting meh kaha…agar tum burah maan gayeh toh..bas isiliyeh…
    N i tld it already but again im saying ki rahul bhaiya,sachu dii mere bhaiya n di hain..aur pawan my lil bro…n Sophiedii u too
    n twana n aniket my besties..dosti bff baneh ki kya qubool ha…

    1. I would live to have a younger sister like you Aliya….❤

    2. Ohh Aliya I was just going to say that u r like my bestiee!!! U said it first yaar… U r like my bestie I’ve ever met… Thank u YRKKH for letting me meet such a good friend

  7. Kartik help naira in business and some romance between them.i hope dadi talk about kaira ki shaadi.i am very excited to see the shaadi episode.soon another love story begins

  8. No trishi im not..n not at alll..i had my xms sterday so was a bit busy..welcome to the grp..
    Haan rahul bhai aap ka paper kab hai..?
    S twana u understood vry well..s i was busy wth xm…thtz y..thanks fr understanding well…
    Sachu dii tips plZz

    1. Oh Thankz a lot Aliya diiii!! I thought u r angry with me!!!
      Concentrate on ur studies!! Itz a big day tomorrow na??? All the Best!!
      Yeah I know Tamil but can’t speak very well although I selected Tamil for my exam!!
      I had Tamil ppr last saturday!!
      Mostly I know Sinhala n English…But learning Tamil is compulsory to get a job…So I know Tamil..
      Happy to hv an elder didi like u Aliya dii

      1. How come!!!! My msg printed in Twana didi ka naam???
        I’m Trishi
        Something must have gone wrong!!! May be I have typed the wrong name because I was going to Reply Twana didi n it must have typed in her naam
        Sorry Twana diiii

      2. How come my name written as Twana didi ka naam????
        I’m soo sorry Twana dii..I was going to reply u n has typed ur name in name box…Such a silly person I am
        Aliya dii the above update is mine n sorry Twana dii

      3. Itz ok Trishi, Everyone do makes mistakes hena??
        Even Aliya’s dp was changed once na??
        Itz ok…

  9. Today’s lav kush n karthiks hug was awesome…n kaira rocked in office scene..n karthik coming to singhania office as soon as knowing their problem was vry gud to see..s i like mohshin but kudos to the creative team who hav shaped his character vry well…im in a vry pleased State seeing his character potrayel today…

  10. Hi im silent reader im frm kerala mujse dosti karogge aliya y u are asking sachu help c she not reply very selfish give tips for show off dont feel bad i said my pov… also kairra fan can i join u

    1. Of course you can join dear..
      but PLEASE next time do NOT say anything against our Sachu di, because she is an amazing person…and dosn’t do anything to show off..she does it because she loves us all.

  11. Just loved that office scene. Also lav kush are awesome. Kaira rocks!!

  12. Hi Rahul, Aniket, Sruthi, Shilpa, Twana, Sachu, Aliya, Riya, Vrushy, Pawana, Soumya, Kajol, Trishi, Has, Sophie, Karishma, Ishika, Saba, Ponkuri, Aarti, Ridz, Saraya, Shesha, TVFan 1 & all YRKKH Fans (Family) And all silent readers.
    Maria welcome but please don’t be negative & don’t call Sachu selfish. Sachu gave a lot of exam tips to those taking their exams & that is why Akita is asking if she has more to share. Sachu might be very busy with family that’s why she hasn’t responded. Please please please let us keep our group on this page very clean & respectfu.
    I hope everyone had a good day & I know some of you are already in bed. Thanks Ameena for the update
    I agree with you Vrushy – it is such a lovely episode and to talk about the Goenkas would just spoil the mood.
    The way Naira is looking after everyone in the family is awesome.
    Kartik is true true a man of integrity.
    Manish & his mother are just jealous of the relationship between Kartik and Naira’s family. If she is thinking of marrying Naira for Kartik then it to use Naira to control Kartik – at the moment they have no control over him – so they are trying to use manipulative ways to get their own way but it would backfire. Naira is free spirit and cannot be controlled. Dadi G’s thinking is that marry Naira & make her stay home like all the other women in the family & by controlling Naira that way they can control Kartik through her as Kartik listens to Naira a lot. Like I said earlier it could backfire – is Naira not Akshara’s daughter. The Goenkas are in for a rude awakening.
    I missed Kartik’s bonding with Rajeshri – why are they not showing the Maheswaris? I am missing them.
    To all with exams – I pray your exams are going well & you are studying very hard & don’t forget Sachu’s exam tips.
    Good night all

    1. Vrushy

      Actually rajshri aunty and vishambhar uncle are couple in real life too. Few days ago it was her birthday and thus the both of them are on a holiday. I saw their pics on insta. Therefore they were also not present in mishti’s birthday party !! They will be back and then the plot will focus on them !!

    2. If Naira starts controlling Karthik (in a good way)….it would be funny…I actually want to see a bit of that…but only a bit

  13. *Aliya not Akita

  14. Hello all my yrkkh fam, hope all is well!
    Todays episode showing conflict was quite interesting – could we see Goenka and SInghania businesses joined together or karthik and naira being in charge of singhania diamonds? I like the new aspects, but hope they dont take entire light of the show into businesses and there is more about relationships!!
    Manish needs to take a chill pill but on the other hand I see where hes coming from after seeing and being with karthik after so long!! THis was the same with naira when she came back from Hrishikesh…

  15. Dear maria u r always welcome to join the group…but plz don create any misunderstanding btn us..i agree every one has their own rights to express their pov..but this grp is diff frm others though v know each other since 4 to 5 dayzz
    ..itz mid ni8 n every1 has their own duties…but at sme tym v figure out tym to apologise…v hav bcom frndz nt fr show off..itz better u understand….n finally not a word against my family….

    n maria my intention was nt to hurt u..but an alarm to those jus to say wht will happen when they try to speak up against ny of my family member……dare nt call sachu dii ya ny1 lyk tht i hope u saw my reactions even itz for fun
    hav a cool day all

    1. I absolutely agree with you Aliya
      Everyone has a right to have a POV but should think about how others feel as well….
      Maria dear…we are not against you but you have to understand that sometimes what you say can hurt people deeply…

    2. Yeah Maria Sachu di did that to help us n we r thankful to her… We r family although we r from different places… So plz I don’t like to hear anything against my parivaar…
      Not to hurt u Maria dear but as Aliya said we r not showing off we r expressing what we feel..
      U r welcome Maria

  16. Chandra nagarajan

    Friends….I have a doubt…when will they convey Naksh about Aksharas accident and when are they going to show Naksh?
    I live in south but I am impressed by North Indian serials in which they show customs, importance of joint family and each member helps another at times of need. Moreover the respect they show to elders at home etc etc….all these made me watch these serials. I don’t understand fully still I manage each episode with the written updates

  17. Chandra nagarajan

    Friends….I have a doubt…when will they convey Naksh about Aksharas accident and when are they going to show Naksh?
    I live in south but I am impressed by North Indian serials in which they show customs, importance of joint family and each member helps another at times of need. Moreover the respect they show to elders at home etc etc….all these made me watch these serials. I don’t understand fully still I manage each episode with the written updates
    Yeh Rishra is now going with interesting turns and everyone acts well..especially I like Mishmi very much and ofcourse recently Lav and Kush….very smart little ones

  18. Chandra nagarajan

    Friends….I have a doubt…when will they convey Naksh about Aksharas accident and when are they going to show Naksh?
    I live in south but I am impressed by North Indian serials in which they show customs, importance of joint family and each member helps another at times of need. Moreover the respect they show to elders at home etc etc….all these made me watch these serials. I don’t understand fully still I manage each episode with the written updates
    Yeh Rishra is now going with interesting turns and everyone acts well..especially I like Mishti very much and ofcourse recently Lav and Kush….very smart little ones

  19. Hi aniket bhai aliya Di Rahul bhai pat Di sachu Di twana Di Riya trishi Di Aditya bhai and all the members of the group
    Good morning to all of you
    At first hi maria, don’t please interfere in our group. U r none to us. Please stay away from our group and don’t spoil our friendship.
    I request aniket bhai not to add Maria in our group because none of us would like to spoil our mood and or friendship.
    Next coming to the episode, I liked the way kartik helped naira.proud of them.

    1. Hi Pawan sir…
      I also feel bad about what, Maria said….but I don’t think she would do this again….
      Please forgive her as everyone deserves a second chance
      God forbid, if she does it again than we can boycott her
      I hope you get my point….

  20. Hello to all the YRKKH family,
    Vrushi, Twana, Tvfan1, ishu, Rahul, Aliya khan, Shesha, Sruthi, Radha, Sachu di, Adi, Sarayu, Soumya, Riya, ridz, saba, ishika, Trishi, Pat, Maria and all the other members.
    Sorry if I forgot anyone.
    Coming to the episode,
    I think it was average, not too boring and too exciting.
    I like Karthik’s dadi but she is really annoying with all her pooja things…but happy that she wants Naira and Karthik to get married…
    First i used to think, Manish isn’t that bad, but he is really bad…I get that he cares about Karthik but he should let him spend time with Naira…I wish he agrees to the marraige
    talking about karthik OMG he looked so handsome/charming in that navy blue suit…
    I am loving the bond between him and Luv, Kush…
    And why is Karthik’s family (dadi) so cautious about their diet…I mean it is okay to have junk food sometimes…
    In the office Karthik behaved like a typical boy as he thinks of placed where he can romance Naira…really…ahahah
    OMG…do you guys remember the scene where Luv and Kush were talking about Mishthi…they like her…and when Karthik came one of them said they were talking about his GF…kids these days
    I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode…love KaIra
    Have a good day guys….love and peace

  21. Hi dears hope all of u r doing well. Maria u r welcome to our group. I know how Iam so I dont think ur comment deserves my reply. Iam so happy to see the bonding bet our family members. We welcome u Maria fr a harmonious relatn with us.
    Episode was awesome. Loved office romance of Kaira. Loved the way how karthik supported Naira. Goenkas r very possessive. They forgot that when Karthik left home Naira n family was nt there bt when he returned back they were present.

    Hi Aaliya hope u did well in physics exam dear. I dont know what syllabus u r having fr chemistry. One thing I ll tell. I hope u thoroughly understand Mendeleev’s periodic table. How various properties such as size metallic character ionisation energy etc vary down the group n across the period. When u learn anything in chemistry fr the 1st time understand thoroughly as it ll continue in higher classes also. Once the base is strong chemistry becomes sweet n simple. N the organic portions such as IUPAC naming balancing equation n all write n learn. If u want any help specify the portion. I ll be glad to help if I can. All the very best to all those who r giving exams. N pat looking forward fr a Xmas treat frm u…….

    1. Hi Sachu di, how are you
      I humbly ask you to just ignore Maria’s comment because we all know that you are not like that…but a lovely person who just wants to help that they achieve their best…

  22. i dont think i told wrobg y all opposite me telling boycott u all support her i hate sachu she show off only this is public site i can coment no need of permision

    1. OMG…..calm down…
      I said if you do this again we will boycott you…we did include you, but I am sorry you did the same thing again…we don’t negative comments on this page
      Yeah you have the right to comment, and keep on doing so….but nobody would reply….because people like you don’t deserve respect…

  23. Loved the episode…..
    Kaira moments were awsome…..

  24. Yes u hav rights to comment go ahead…
    Thanks for yr cmnts u were too increasing trp…im glad u came back.i thought u will run off…pawan tussi theek bol raheh ho
    maria u r blocked from our grp…thanks again for yr words
    guyz ignore her shez trying to again attention…nxt she may say smethin abt me r any1 of us…but v know each other…leave it

    sophie di pawan s in 10std much yng to us..plz don call sir
    were r aniket rahul bhaiya n twana frm morning ????

    1. Sorry Aliya….. As my exams r over, I went on a family trip so sorry yaar for replying late…
      Yeah Aliya we all know how we are.. n we r family…
      Let’s just ignore her comment n if she is ready to apologize we’ll give her a chance again…
      Sorry yaar again for replying late n Best of Luck for ur Chem ppr mere bff…!!!

      1. Hi Twana I hope you have enjoyed your family trip!!!???. Glad to learn that you are having fun now !!! By the way Twana in which class do you study????

      2. Ah Rahul bhai yeah I enjoyed Thankz…I study in grade 12

      3. Thankz Rahul bhai yeah I enjoyed the trip
        I study in grade 12 Rahul bhai

      4. Aliya even I wonder what has happened to Aniket today!!!

  25. A big hiii to my new YRKKH family.
    Hi Aniket, Pat Didi(elder sister), Shilpa, Soumya , Aliya Khan, Pawan, Adi , Kajol , Vrushy, Trisha, Riya, Sruthi, Has , Shopie , Divi , Aarti , Ponkuri , Ritz, Sanjana , Heshani , Sachiu , Riya , Karishma , Raven, Ishika , trishi , maria and all other YRKKH fans and silent comment readers.

    A very good afternoon to everyone.
    First of all I am sorry guys for my late reply. I was busy so that’s I why I didn’t reply. I was busy due to my exam. Today was the exam of a very very very very very very important subject of my stream( Marine engineering) . And my paper went like OK OK type, niether too good niether too bad.
    Sorry to everyone for my late reply. And u are my cute little sister and for my late reply kaan pakad ke maafi maang raha hu sabse. And thanks to everyone for ur wishes guys.
    Hi Maria dear you are welcome but I didn’t like few points about you:-
    Why did you call Sachu di selfish???? What makes you think like that????
    Infact advice of Sachu di was very good. She is a mother of baby boy so has a valid reason of being busy. Infact everyone here is busy in their life with some reason no one here is too much free. Inspite of our busy life schedules we do come here wishes each other talk to each other apologies to each other , infact we have become a family . We have become bonded to each other by a great strength and it cannot be broken. And this family has no limitation . This family is beyond religion , cities , states , country , continents , world , universe , etc . Not only good humans even good Aliens are also welcomed in this family. And Sachu di you rightly said that you know what you are , and we also know know what you are!!! So please kindly don’t mind her words just Ignore her comments.
    Maria why you asked Aliya only to become your friend and why not others?????

    Hi Sachu di , your advice are superb . We’re you science or medical student in your college and school days???

    Hi Aliya , I am so sorry my cute little sister for my late reply. Today was my exam of very very very very very very very very important subject core of stream( Marine engineering) . My next exam is on 23rd , another important subject , and my exams will end on 9 January. And when is your next exam Aliya??? Is it written or Viva???

    And where are others??? Guys how was your day today???!

    1. And yes Maria dear you should say sorry to Sachu di .

      And Aliya when is your next exam???? and All the best for your exam.

  26. Hi all yrkkh fans….
    Awsome episode….

  27. Hi everyone….I m late as I was in school….the episode was awsome love kaira romance mohsin was looking so handsome?the way he supported naira and naitik was really very good

    Best of luck who have exams…and maria u should not say that about sachu di she is very good person,ya u have the right to comment but not to say anything bad about any one.

    Can I even get sisters and brothers here as I m a single child ?

    1. Soumya you are in which standard????

      1. I m in class 10 bhaiya

    2. Of course Soumya we r ready to be ur sisters n brothers at this moment!!!

      1. Thanks di

  28. Hi Rahul yeah I was science student. Then I did UG n PG in chemistry. N then B. Ed in physical science. I teach chemistry n physics in HS n HSS. I also worked as guest lecturer in chemistry at the clg where I did UG bcoz there was shortage of teachers there. Now Iam busy wit my little one. Once he becomes a bit stable I ll pursue my career. I love teaching n to interact with kids. Wherever I go I interact mostly wit younger ones. So only I bonded easily with all of u out here. N dont tell Maria to say sorry I dont wish that. Do u have many more exams ? I guess marine engineering s hectic to study. While doing my post graduation I initially planned to do a project in marine chemistry bt due to certain issues later opted computational chemistry that deals with creating n studying about new compounds using computer.
    Hey Maria dont hate me yaar. Iam asking u ‘mujhse dosthi karoge ? ‘
    Aliya hope u ll be busy wit tmrw’s exam.
    I wish everyone stays here happily.

    “har pal yahaan jee bar jiyo jo hai sama kal ho na ho………….”

    1. Ohh wwaaoowww Sachu diii , that’s awesome ???. So basically chemistry is your favourite subject!!!!! Glad to learn that you were also a science student. Infact I am also a science student and math and physics was my favorite. Glad to learn that you are chemistry lover. In fact actually it’s little bit tough to find chemistry lover.

      Yes my exam will go on till 9th February and on 22december , I am having my fluid mechanics paper.

  29. kaira’s…. romance in office… wow!!! simply superb episode.
    goenka’s why aren’t you understanding kairas love??

  30. A big hiii to my new YRKKH family.Hi Aniket, Pat, Shilpa, Soumya , Aliya Khan, Pawan, Adi , Kajol , Vrushy, Trisha, Riya, Sruthi, Has , Shopie , Divi , Aarti , Ponkuri , Ritz, Sanjana , Heshani , Sachiu , Riya , Karishma , Raven, , trishi , maria and all other YRKKHfans and silent comment readers. kaira’s…. romance in office… wow!!! simply superb episode.
    goenka’s why aren’t you understanding kairas love??

  31. sorry guys as I am new I don’t know who is my sister or brother that’s why I have only wrote names. well I am 20 what about you all?

    1. Hii Ishika you are welcome here. You have told hii to everyone but not to me !!! ???????????. . Everyone is Your brother and sister here. And yes I am not your brother. You are also 20 , I am also 20 . And brother sister cannot be of same age as we both are 20-20. ?????????????. We can become Friends ?????. Or whatever you want.

    2. Hi Ishika di, and u have written everyone’s name except mine 😛
      I am ready to be ur younger sister as I’m still in grade 12…

    3. Hi Ishika di,I m also younger than u so can I be ur younger sis too as I m in class 10

  32. what am I reading guys is it true?

    It seems that after a lot of drama the Goenka family will agree for Kartik (Mohsin Khan) and Naira (Shivangi Joshi) alliance.However, post the marriage Naira will face huge problem as she has to win the hearts of her entire sasural as no one is happy with the alliance.Many year back when Akshara (Hina Khan) got married she had to go through same problem but she was successful in winning the hearts of Singhania house with her humble and caring nature.

  33. Good evening my yrkkh family…..I got a news that the actor who will play the role of kartik’s brother is Mukul Harrish…he will be jealous of kartik and may be he will play opposite to gayu

  34. This is the new spoiler….

    Kartik’s Dadi suggests Manish to get Kartik and Naira married. Dadi sees Kartik getting Naira’s call at night, and going to meet her. Dadi tells Manish that Kartik loves Naira a lot, and they both will happily marry.
    She does not expect any of them to refuse for marriage. Surekha has told Dadi that Naira and Kartik met the designer and saw the wedding costumes for them. Dadi says the neighbors and society are also seeing them roaming around, the name will be defamed, Naira is shopping for marriage, why should we wait for more. Dadi thinks to surprise Naira. Dadi gets shagun for Naira.

    Dadi gets Kartik’s proposal for Naina. Singhanias are very happy and welcome the Goenkas. Naira apologizes to Dadi and refuses to accept the shagun. Naira tells Dadi that she can’t marry right now, as she has to fulfill Akshara’s duties first. Dadi gets irked by Naira’s answer. Dadi gets a big shock and feels bad that they all have come by doing much arrangements, and Naira has easily said no. Dadi wanted Naira and Kartik to get married, by fearing Kartik will leave Goenka family again. Dadi feels insulted that Naira did abshagun by rejecting the proposal.
    Naira is asking everyone to move on, and she is not able to move on. Naira does not accept the relation, which makes Dadi annoyed. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani understand Naira’s answer and wishes Dadi forgives Naira. Kartik and Manish have a big argument. Kartik asks Manish to do a father’s duty and atleast become a human. He tells Manish that Manish can’t become a good father. Manish gets much hurt by Kartik’s bitter words.

    Kartik did not know about Manish sending proposal to Singhanias. Kartik tells Manish to understand what Singhanias are going through, and asks Manish to have some emotions. Kartik supports Naira’s answer of not accepting the proposal and taking time for marriage. Akshara selects the bridal dress for Naira before her death. Kartik and Naira get the bridal dress. They recall the time spent with Akshara, and get emotional. Naira wants some time to manage her family. Suwarna understands Naira, while Dadi wants to break Naira and Kartik’s relation seeing her arrogance.

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