Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani singing Maar diya jaye…. Riya smiles. Everyone clap for Devyaani. Naira says I want tea. Akshara says I will make tea, who else wants it. Naksh says I don’t want. Akshara goes to make tea. Naira looks at Riya. She asks who is next. Rama goes to sing. Akshara checks Riya’s bag and gets Naksh and Riya’s pics. She says don’t know what Riya is planning, it seems like a hotel room, whats all this, what was Naksh doing with her in hotel room. Bau ji sings khatta meetha. Everyone yawn. Akshara sees the goons outside and says Riya has laid the trap, what is she going to do with my Naksh. Gayu sings namkeen ki baat hai………….She smiles seeing Kartik.

She says I m feeling very sleepy, bye. She goes. Riya smiles and thinks it started, when

everyone sleeps, I can do my work. Gayu says I love you Kartik, I thought to say infront of everyone. Akshara thinks Gayu is telling love you to her and says I love you too. Gayu says I m feeling sleepy and goes. Rajshri is worried for Akshara. Vishwamber says everyone is there, its all fine, call Akshara and ask. She says phone is not connecting. He says call on landline. Naksh attends call and tells Rajshri that its all fine here, don’t worry, nothing can happen to us till your blessings are with us, any problem will be afraid to come here. Riya hears him.

Gayu goes to Rama. She asks Rama to get up. She says I love Kartik. Rama says let me sleep, I have no problem, you can marry anyone you want. Akshara tells everyone that there is no milk, so I could not make tea. Kartik says I m going home. Naira says no, don’t go, everyone is enjoying. Bau ji asks Kartik to stay back for some time. Naira messages Kartik about Riya. Kartik looks at her and sits. Bau ji and Devyaani say I m feeling sleepy. Karishma says see Mishti slept. Akshara gets shocked and signs Naira about kheer.

Akshara says I have to sing too. Naira and Kartik ask her to sing. Akshara sings bachke rehna re baba…….. She goes to Naksh, and tells him that Riya is fraud and cheating you. Naksh gets shocked. Akshara smiles and goes. She says now I m also feeling sleepy. Kartik says even I will go home. Naira says we will dance. They all dance. They act like falling asleep. Riya smiles. The goons come inside house and talk to Riya. Kartik and Naksh look on.

Naksh and Kartik catch the goons and beat them. Akshara and Naira beat up Riya. Naksh says I helped you, did you not get shame to do this. He hugs Akshara and apologizes for lying. He says I wanted to say but I thought you will be worried, I felt I should help for humanity, I did what she said, from today I will never help anyone, I don’t trust humanity and girls, someone cheated me before too. Akshara asks Riya why did she do this Nisha. Riya apologizes and asks them to forgive her. Akshara says don’t worry Naksh, I will get them caught. The goon keeps knife at Naira’s neck. They all get shocked. Riya and her goons laugh.

Goon asks Akshara to say you were mistaken and Naksh’s friends came. Akshara says I will call, leave her. She calls police and puts on speaker. Naira says don’t call. Akshara tells inspector that she was mistaken about goons, no need to come. She makes some story. Inspector says you wasted our time. Akshara says sorry. Riya smiles and tells Aksgara is very smart, but they should not deal with goons like them.

Riya says I will get jewelry, kill Naira if they do anything, I have seen they all love Naira. She goes and gets cash and jewelry. The goon says bad about Naira. Kartik and Naksh get angry. The man says so everyone loves Naira, come with us. Naira says I will kill you. The man calls her chilli. Kartik says police and fools them. Naksh and Kartik beat them. Riya and other goon come. Naira beats them. Kartik comes in between and his hand gets cut. Police comes there and arrests goons. Akshara says you think you guys are smart, I spoke to them and ask them to come even if I don’t ask them to come, everyone has mind, some use for right thing and some use for wrong, wrong leads to bad. Inspector thanks Akshara. Naksh says sorry, I could not tell you, my goodness became my weakness. Akshara says no, your goodness is your strength, if anyone needs you again, will you help them. Naksh nods.

Naksh apologizes. Akshara cries and says I m glad that my children are fine. She hugs Naksh and Naira.

Update Credit to: Amena

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