Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bau ji praising Naksh and Naitik. Gayu gifts a pic frame to Naitik and he thanks her. Akshara says we will go now and give some rest to staff. Naira breaks the frame and Gayu asks what did she do. Naira argues and says he is my dad, you always make excuse and he gets busy, everyone thought you are his daughter, not me, this is not my fault if you don’t have your father. Everyone is shocked seeing the girls fight. Naitik says Naira… Gayu cries. Naira asks is this my fault, why are you angry on me. Gayu leaves crying. Naitik asks Naira whats this way to talk to her sister. Naira says she is not my sister, why are you taking her side and leaves. Rashmi is shocked and sees Akshara.

Naira throws her bangles and cries. Gayu cries in her room. Akshara goes

to Gayu and Rashmi comes to Naira. Naira says you can scold me, I will tell the same, I felt bad when ladies said Gayu is Naitik’s daughter, he is my dad. Gayu asks whats my mistake, I wanted to thank Mama ji, don’t I have right on him. Akshara says you have. Gayu asks why did Naira get angry on me. Akshara explains her, and says Naira was close to her dad, as you are close to your mum, she is very possessive about Naitik, she fought with Naksh too.

Rashmi combs Naira’s hair and says she was also like Naira, she used to cry if anyone went to her parents, when Gayatri died and Devyaani came, she felt bad and took time to accept her, then I realized I was wrong, Devyaani did not take Gayatri’s place, she made her own place, I knew my relation with Bau ji is strong, like you and Naitik. Akshara says if someone comes and your mum’s attention and love gets divided, you will feel bad, Naira is immature, forgive her, you are elder, we are sad seeing you both fight. Gayu says Naitik gives time to everyone, why did Naira just say me. Akshara says Naira is young, and felt so. Rashmi says she will become Gayu’s mum and dad both, she could not give her time being busy in office work, I won’t do this again, forgive me please. Akshara says I m sorry, forgive Naira. Rashm says forgive Gayu.

Devyaani says kids are thinking such. Bhabhimaa says our children did not complain like this ever. Rashmi brings Naira. Akshara brings Gayu there. Naira apologizes to everyone. Naitik asks whom is she saying. Naira says Gayu and everyone. She says I should have understood my dad is your Mama ji. Gayu says I understood why you felt bad, I m sorry. Naitik says I m sorry too, I will equal time to both of you, and will become good father and good Mama. Naira says you are already that and they both hug him. Naksh says he will click their pic and they pose. They go to play. Devyaani says its good they patched up. Naitik says I did not know this would happen, I will try to do both roles soon. Naksh says but Gayu needs a father, I feel she misses her dad a lot, I know Rashmi is doing both duties well, but still… you know what I mean. They all agree.

Nannu says they don’t have tennis table. Vishwamber says we have it here. He asks Shaurya to help him. Dadi looks on. Naitik and Naksh see the guests. A man comes there and keeps a bag there. Keshav takes his order. He man pays the bill and leaves. The sardars are doing this to win the bet. Keshav takes money and says strange. He tells Naitik that one customer came, he did not drink coffee and gave money. Naitik says maybe he did not like it. Naksh says maybe he went happily.

The man shakes hands with sardars and takes money. Shaurya and Vishwamber play table tennis. Rajshri says elders became kids here, what can we expect from kids. She says she has work. They ask the ladies to go and work somewhere else. The ball falls in the flour. Rajshri asks them to stop this game. Vishwamber asks her to play and see the fun.

The police comes to Krishna and says maybe the items are here. Naksh asks how can they come like this. Naitik asks what are they finding. The inspector says wine, which is prohibited on dry day. Naitik says we don’t do anything without permission. The police gets the bag and its nothing there. The inspector says our news can’t be wrong, we are sorry, we got the info. Naitik says I can understand, thanks. Naksh says this is not way to search here. Naitik says he was doing duty. Naitik says we did not get it here. Akshara says wine was here, the man who left bill amount, he came with a bag and went without bag. She tells them how she has got wine bottles and drained the wine and made bottles as flower stands.

Naitik says we did not see it. Akshara says yes, we should be careful, I did not find that man right. Naitik says who was he. She says I think I have seen him at dhaba. Naksh says it means dhaba men did this to shut our restaurant. Naitik asks do we have proof, we can’t blame them. Naksh says car problem also happened in morning. They ask him to forget it. Naitik goes to talk to party booking customer. The sardar says how did they know about wine. Naksh gets the liquor bill and the wine bottle.

The man gives money to Naitik and insults him. Naksh scolds all of them and says how dare they insult his Papa, he will not leave them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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