Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik asking Naira whats the matter. Akshara says sorry, I can’t hide this from Naitik. Akshara tells everything. Naira apologizes. Naitik says I did not expect this from you Naira, this mistake should not happen again, you know the people in the world, you have bear it before, be careful, whats the need to go out, you can enjoy in Naksh’s marriage. Naira says I m sorry. Naitik says its okay, but don’t repeat this mistake, come to me if you want to go anywhere, I will come along. He sends her.

Sukanya says thank God, we got saved, your mummy told your dad, to show its our mistake, your mom should have not done this. Naira says don’t know what happened to mom, she always scolds me, as if she has problem with me. Its morning, Dada ji says this haldi

is from our farm. Naitik asks Sangram to apply it too, he is next. Sangram says Dada ji is also there before me. They all smile. Dada ji says we will leave, its women’s rituals, I will ask village women to do Tara’s haldi. Akshara and everyone say that they will do Tara’s haldi. Dada ji says you will do bahu’s haldi too and gets glad.

Naira gets ready. Sukanya shows her colored hair. Naira compliments her. Sukanya asks her to try to look different. Naira says but mumma.. Sukanya says will she have problem with this too, you have to look good, see Natasha’s hair looks cool too.

Naitik sees Akshara mixing haldi. He applies her haldi and smiles. She applies haldi to him, and music plays. He helps her and asks her not to worry about Naksh. He says I was not romantic when our marriage happened, I fell in love with you, Tara will teach romance to Naksh, you focus on me, I mean focus on haldi. She says this haldi is very yellow. He says yes. She cleans her face and says this haldi stain is not going, its good we did not apply this to kids. He asks how will I go out. She says its your mistake, roam like joker now.

A lady comes and says this haldi is for groom. Akshara asks whats this then. The lady says its for dupatta coloring haldi, whats on your cheek. She laughs and goes. Akshara says now everyone will know this. Naitik covers his cheeks infront of everyone. Rajshri asks does he have neckpain. Naitik says I have some neck sprain. Akshara comes covering her cheeks. Devyaani asks whats the matter, what happened. Bhabhimaa asks them to say. They all laugh seeing the yellow color on their faces. Devyaani says so this is the illness. Rajshri says Akshara and Naitik find chance to romance. Naksh says you always forget its my marriage, you guys romance always, but I really like to see your love, there can’t be any cute couple. Vishwamber says yes, right. Akshara asks Devyaani for some cure. Devyaani jokes and says I will help. They all laugh teasing Akshara and Naitik.

Tara gets ready and sees the prenuptial contract papers. Akshara comes there with shagun. She says sorry if you got scared. Akshara gives the jewelry and asks did anything happen. Tara says I wanted to tell you thanks. Akshara asks her to make a new start. Tara says I m foolish to think this, this won’t happen with me, I will keep papers here and burn it after rasam. She keeps papers in cupboard.

Naksh sees Naira with colored hair. Naira asks him not to change after marriage. He says you changed already. She says you are always busy with Tara. She teases him and they run. He hugs her and says you are very stupid, everyone love you. She says no one loves me, they all love you. Yash and Sanju take Naksh for haldi. Dada ji asks Naksh to sit. Naksh asks do I have to wear this. Baisa says yes, its their ritual. Naksh says no. Sangram says you have to wear this sehra and necklace too. Naksh asks why do you want to make me joker. Dada ji says we have right to pull your leg too. Naksh says thank God this was joke. Dada ji makes him sit. They start the haldi ritual. Everyone apply haldi to Naksh and dance. Akshara cries applying haldi to Naksh and gets emotional. They all apply haldi to him.

Preeti tells Tara that love is at one place, be practical, you will regret later. Tara asks her to talk positive. Akshara says I have come from girl’s side, we will start your haldi, come. She applies haldi to Tara. Prem ka aisa rang chada….plays…………. they all apply haldi to Tara. Akshara and Tara dance. Naksh looks for Tara. Naitik sees him and smiles. He asks Naksh to look on. Tara sees Naksh. Akshara sees Naitik. They smile.

Naksh falls in wheat box and gets trapped. Akshara shuts the door and goes. Naksh faints.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. naitik nd akshara scene was so cute nd romantic. plz akshara spend some time with naitik

  2. Pls let the marriage happen . No more politics.

  3. Nash fainted in wheat box,went into coma,Akshara finds prenup papers and questions Tara,Tara gets angry asks Akshara not to interfere in their personal lives,Naitik, Dadaji hear that and scold Tara. She decides not to get married. Cancel.

  4. Come on enough of this let the marriage happen pls

  5. akshara nd natik plz apne is romance ko isi tarah jari rakhna

  6. No marriage will happen.. heard bride will runaway. Next love track between naksh n sanju will start

  7. Pls add more episodes which shows the love between naksh and naira. I love those times. Today it was a very nice episode because naksh and naira was together. Pls add more episodes like this. Pls don’t make these two sister and brother get angry. Also pls don’t make any unnecessary drama on naksh’s wedding. Make the drama with fun and more sister and brother love must be added.
    Love u naksh and naira

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