Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Naira shares the problem with Rajshri

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ananya asking Naira about Kartik. Naira says he can’t come, he has work. Yash asks what’s the special thing he was going to do. Naira kisses Kirti and says I love you Kirti bhabhi. They all laugh and say we didn’t know Naira can call her bhabhi now. Naira kisses Naksh and says I love you jiju. They laugh and ask her to call him jija ji. Naksh says no, I m fine as bhaiya. Naira says its true that you are my jiju now, I can’t call you Bhaiya now, I will call you Bhaiya and Bhabhi here, and jiju and di there. Yash asks what will you call when both families are together. They joke and laugh.

Naira messages Kartik and writes she is trying a lot, but he has to try from his side to keep new relations. Kartik gets her message. Naira sees Kartik’s reflection

and turns to see. She doesn’t see him and gets sad. Naira adds milk, haldi and rose petals in water. Bhabhimaa says when rasams start, it will go on, Kirti talk to your Maayka once, start a video call. Naira thinks Kartik will be seen, but what if he tells anything. Akhilesh says Kartik is missing Naira and Kirti, he is upset. Manish says I feel its something else. Yash makes a video call to Akhilesh.

Bhabhimaa and everyone greet Dadi and ask them to talk to Kirti. Kirti asks where is Kartik. Manish says he is tired, he is resting in room. Kirti asks is he fine. Manish says he is upset. Dadi says he has slept, I will make him call in morning. Naira wishes to see Kartik once. Devyaani asks will they like to see ring rasam. Manish says why not, sure. Naksh and Kirti try to find ring. Manish asks her to be careful. Naksh gets the ring. Manish congratulates them.

Naksh says what’s use to win in game, its good if I win someone’s heart, everyone listens to wife after marriage, Bau ji, Papa, Kartik and you also… They smile. Naira asks him to keep wife happy, then he can also stay happy. She asks what game to play that Kirti makes Naksh lose. Kartik looks on from far. Naksh says I will lose any way. Kirti asks are you all missing me. Manish says a lot. Suwarna blesses her.

Kartik gets water. Dadi asks him to come and sit. Kartik says no, I have a headache. He goes to room and rests. Kartik messages Naira. She reads… tell Naksh to say truth to Kirti, else I will tell her. Naira thinks he is very angry, I have to talk to Naksh. She goes to talk to Naksh. She says Kartik got to know your marriage truth. Rajshri turns to her. Naira gets shocked.

Rajshri asks what truth, tell me. Naira shuts the door and hugs her. She cries. Rajshri asks her to say. Naira tells everything. She asks what shall I do, I trust Naksh. Rajshri cries. She says you should have not come here, you should have stayed with Kartik. Naira says he asked me to go, else would I leave my house. Rajshri asks what, you have left house, that too in anger, look at me Naira, you did stupidity, Akshara also left inlaws and misunderstandings increased, when you stay together, matter gets solved, else distance gets more. Naira says I didn’t wish to come, Kartik was adamant to break marriage, tell me you think Naksh and Kirti are not happy. Rajshri says they are happy, but you and Kartik…. Naira says don’t worry, I will try to convince him, I wish he could understand what I m going through. She goes. Rajshri cries and says Lord what did this happen, one child got settled and other child’s house got trouble, solve this problem.

Naksh and Kirti feed each other. They all clap. Naira thinks how will I make Kartik sure. She asks Yash to send her videos. Yash says I will send in family group. She thinks they look so happy, see them Kartik. She gets Kartik’s call. Rajshri looks on.

Naira asks did you see video, they are very happy together, we should not get such thoughts, are you listening. He says it means you didn’t listen to me, ask Naksh to tell truth to Kirti, else I will tell her. She says I won’t say, their day and memories will get spoiled, it will affect their life too. He says truth comes out some day, what will Kirti go through, its better to tell her truth, then she can decide. She says they are happy, I don’t want to spoil their happiness. He says fine, I will do what I feel right. She calls him back. He doesn’t answer and says this time its about my sister’s life and happiness, its better if the truth comes out. Rajshri asks what did Kartik say, did he understand. Naira signs no. Rajshri asks what will happen now, its reception tomorrow, go to Kartik. Naira asks how can I go, I told them I m needed here, they will doubt if I go, they will get worried. Rajshri asks then what…. Naira says don’t know, I won’t let Kartik do this stupidity.

Naira sees herself and says you have always seen me with love, why am I restless. Devyaani asks did Kartik not come. Dadi says no.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aku

    So finally naira Ko yaad agya ki they are spoiling naksh and keerti’s day.. after spoiling each and every ceremony and moment of theirs she is saying this to Kartik.. such a cheap and double faced she is..

    1. Maryam_ishq

      So true ?. Dusro ko batane ke waqt she’ll be like it’s keesh wedding while the rest of the time she was in highlight in their wedding… naira the hero and keesh the side actors.

      1. Aku

        And someone said that Rajan Shahi said that Shivangi and Mohsin are thinking about other actors track.. lagta hai ab yehi dono CVS and writers ban Gaye hai.. th indono ke ilava aur koi Kahan dikhega humhe.. ab th I have lost all hopes after seeing the video of Karthik slapping naksh.. ab kuch Ni ho Sakta iss serial ka.. even the beloved kaira uff shivangi and mohsin b iss serial Ko Ni bacha sakte.. iss torture Ko tolerate krna se acha th show hi band ho jaye..

  2. Aku

    Happy diwali guys.. stay safe and have a blessed and amazing day ???

    1. Happy Diwali aku

  3. Happy belated Dhanteras everyone, it was on 17 October 2017.
    Happy choti ( small ) Diwali everyone , it’s on 18 October 2017.
    Happy Diwali everyone, it’s on 19 October 2017.
    May Goddess Laxmi bless you all with prosperity, food , clothes and peace.
    May Lord Ganesha bless everyone with intelligence.
    Happy Diwali all.
    These diwali say no to fire crackers!! Use only diyas and make beautiful rangolis!!!
    I will make beautiful rangolis in my home and will make beautiful design around gheronda!!
    Now please don’t ask the meaning of diya, rangolis and gheronda. I don’t know the English word of Diya, rangolis , gheronda.

    Coming to episode it was Nice.

    1. Ponkuri

      Hello Bro Rahul I am so happy to see ur here??? Happy Diwali to u and YRKKH all members ????????????????????????

    2. Hi Rahul happy to see you after a long time.happy Diwali

  4. That’s why baisa was opposing the marriage she knew it would create troubles in naira’s life off course she was also against bcz of keerti being a devorcee but it was of naira she thought the first that time, in exchange what naira did, she shouted on her in front of her grand daughter’s husband and grand daughter in law. I don’t even feel pity for naira.
    Karthik is the biggest jerk of this show and the most blind guy ever before he couldn’t see keerti being in physical and emotional pain and didn’t stop the torture and now he can’t see her happiness and is snatching from her the peace she got after long time.

  5. Ponkuri

    Happy Diwali to Bro Rahul Fenil Sis Kaina Anjana Anjali Raf Sachu Missy Meena TVfan1 Ayesha Aku n all????????????????????????????
    Hope my family are all enjoying the holiday??? Wishing Great Health Great Wealth all the way??????????????

    1. Thank you ponkuri.wishing you the same

    2. Aku

      Same to you dear ?

  6. Ponkuri

    Today episode… Karthik is really so????? no words to describe him… If I am Naira I let him tells Kirti himself? why ask Naira to tell? Maybe if aftr telling anything happens to Keesh he hve the excuse to blames Naira!!! ?
    Afterall from his reaction towards Naira there is no trust n faith in Naira anymore… he doesn’t value this marriage???? anymore… All he wants now is to make his so called beloved sister to suffer… I dun see besides that what is his intention by telling Kirti abt Naksh truth??? the marriage had happened its Done!!! so by telling Kirti now tat Naksh married her becoz of Naira… Wat Good will come out of this??? Its not only spoil this relation but all relation of both Goenkas n Singhanias!!!
    Looking forward to u guys comments ???

  7. Sejsmiles

    Is it so difficult for kartik to understand that naksh n keerti had an arranged marriage.. They’ll fall in love eventually. He’s such a big cry baby. Immaturity ki bhi hadd hoti hai. Please CVs.. V don’t find this naira kartik cute. Stop thrusting us with them at very chance. Now all days of naira away from kartik will be full of flashbacks. She’s so ugly.. I actually cringe seeing this naira. Casting gone totally wrong wt Naira character.

  8. hello everyone..
    So CVS were not satisfied with naira’s cry face to spoil keesh moments so now they added shri shri Rajshri to be a part of naira’s dukh bhari story…
    I wish I could just murder CVS…
    simply soft and sweetly keesh scenes were magical as usual can’t stop loving them…

  9. kaina sis waiting for ur long wala comment

  10. Nice episode…. and specially the beginning was so sweet.!!!??
    Hello guys!!!
    A very happy Diwali to all….??????
    Btw… i am commenting for 2nd time….. can I be ur frnd?? My real name is Sagarika….. I had been reading comments over here for a long time now….. almost an year
    And I wanted to say something…..
    Guys I agree u r hating the plot with only kaira and kaira and kaira….. with only a little keesh….
    But its the fact that they are the lead pair and it is difficult for a show to shift the screen focus frm one couple to the other
    In fact even I am dying to see both kaira and keesh as the lead pairs…. but thoda time to lagega na……
    And coming to shivangi joshi’s insecurity….. it’s all fake guys….. Rishi Dev himself replied to a website saying there is not any type of insecurity or competition on the sets of yrkkh…. all the cast and crew is like a family… etc… etc…
    Guys I can very well understand ur anger…. but plzzzzz don’t hate kaira…. u must be remembering when all of u used to love kaira….. referred to their romance as sweet….. cute….. lovely……. so why did u start to hate them???????
    Sorry if I hurt u with my comment….
    But I am really very hurt when I get to see such negative comments abt shivangi mohsin or kairaaa!!!!??????
    I’ll be glad if anyone agrees with me

    Well let’s just hope that the plot gets some improvement….. and plz guys don’t hate kaira…. I love them so much….. in fact I love kaira and keesh equally!!!!????
    Well…. waiting for ur replies guys….. kaina….. fenil….. rahul….. anjana….. ponkuri….and all others…… again sorry if I hurt anyone?
    Again a very hppy Diwali. to all
    May this diwali bring happiness good health prosperity success to ur lives….!!!??????????
    * I don’t know anybody’s age so didn’t add didi or bhaiya to anyone… sorry for that
    Guys plz… I’ll be hppy to join u as a frnd
    Keep loving and keep watching and keep commenting on yrkkh??????

    1. Aku

      Yaar see.. if it had been fake then we wouldn’t be seeing kaira the whole time.. we are seeing them the whole time that’s why we think it’s true.. and why suddenly in keesh wedding naira had to do all the rituals?why suddenly Kartik Manish mom track in keesh wedding? Why fake pregnancy in keesh wedding?and why was the wedding which was supposed to happen in August happened in Oct?tell me why?

      1. Hmm…. I agree… let’s just hope the track gets some….. not some…. much improvement…..
        And thanku soo much for replying!!!! I am glad for that

    2. Hi welcome to our family.thank you for commenting…..yes v also loved kaira once.if they show kaira in genuine way v will definitely appreciate them.

      1. Thanku soooo much!!!! I am really glad to get response???

    3. Aku

      And also you yourself said Rishi Dev said in a comment did your beloved Shivangi and Mohsin said so?did they clarify?no they didn’t and after getting the news what are we served with? 24*7 kaira naira Mahanta gungan.. so how can you expect us to believe this? Sorry but not only I but I guess none of us will believe that Shivangi or Mohsin or both are not insecure.. and I’m sure agar vh insecure Ni hoti th this wedding would have happen in much better way and much before and we would have got more keesh scenes.. Shivangi is just a irritating annoying selfish attention seeker and insecure actor sorry over actor.. and she is the lead actor I agree.. but she is not the only actor.. they are other much better actors than her not only in the show but in the world as well.. she had to get thing right into her small head that at times lead actors have to take a back seat.. and actually naira shouldn’t have been the lead.. it should have been naksh who should be the lead.. cz he is much much much much better than that naira in every sense..

    4. Ponkuri

      Hi Sagarika (YRKKH fan) Happy Diwali to u too?????????????.
      I have said we r not happy wit too much of Kaira spotlight…. but the actor or actress… yes we loved them but the cvs cast them recently wit ridiculous stories that upset us??? tol much of Naira domination…. Anyway its ok… u hve the right to comment wat u feel???ya… Dun be too serious its just dramas hahaha????? hope u enjoy ur holiday??

      1. Ponkuri

        Sorry its *not* the actor or actress???

      2. Thanku so much for ur reply dear ponkuri (didi)
        Yes I agree that it’s just a drama series…. I or we don’t need to get too emotional
        Thanku so much mujhe bohot achha laga….. btw let me tell u that 17th oct wale update par mujhe jisne reply kiya tha….. named RD MK fan…… she is my bestie….. Natasha????
        Hum dono hi yrkkh k pagal fans hai?
        Hope you’ll welcome her as well
        Aaj raat ko comment karenge hum dono
        See u guys then
        Again hppy Diwali to all
        Waiting for the bhaiyas ( Rahul and Fenil) to reply???
        Thanks for the wishes ponkuri dii

    5. Maryam_ishq

      I agree tht i was a fan of kaira… and i liked them a lot. But now they have become so immature and childish tht it’s a waste of time to watch them…. they strt their romance anywhere… on top of a tree or while hanging… like tht’s just plain dumb. Abt shivangi and mohsin’s insecurity… i have no idea abt it so i wouldn’t say anything on tht.
      Keesh wedding happened… but most of the time we got to see kaira in it doin all their rituals again and reminiscing their marriage… ok they can remember their marriage but the main focus should have been keesh and not kaira.
      The cvs have spoiled Kartik’s image a lot… he has become very agressive and impulsive and reaches to conclusions without thinkin prply.

  11. Hi
    Kaina ,I have seen your message doing are reading comments . agreed to each points.happy Diwali

  12. ferdous jahan

    Karthik is so stupied. hate this tack.

    1. Aku

      And I hate Karthik and naira

  13. Ponkuri

    I think our Sis Kaina is enjoying Diwali celebration?????? so taking off to comment hahaha??????hope u enjoy ya???????????????????

  14. Well though of writing to day about this whole Keesh wedding…!!
    Completely in love with Naksh and keerti’s story.. unfortunately YRKKH so called CV did a bid mistake by choosing there lead.. no use of telling it again and again. non going to listen to me..
    I will never forgive CV for destroying Keesh Story… they had a superb story ahead, wonderful 2 character which we get to see in real world.. not on dream world…
    From Keesh Engagement to garparvish, and post wedding Rasam we got to see only Kiara and if there was any space left keesh part was added..Kaira had plan to run over Keesh post marriage rituals also which is really heard to digest!!
    kartik played with Gayu’s emotions didn’t he ever felt guilty for that??
    never saw such a selfish brother like Kartik n never saw a selfless brother as Naksh…
    It’s Kartik’s sister’s marriage but what he thought he can romance his wife on this whole marriage, can’t even think of such a brother… it was her bidaai , instead of standing for her , for him is ego was big.. remembering only one scene when Naksh get to know about Akshar’s death truth how he handled it..on 2500 hawan rajan shahi gave an IV in which he said that all this time Kaira was busy thinking about other’s future track will be kaira centric track… i don’t know how ti react to this guy seriously guys..!
    Sgaai keesh ki; karitk naira ki romance then kaira ki 2nd sgaai
    Sangeet Keesh ki dress drama naira ki aur sarea dance ker beech mein kaira gusaa
    Mehendi Keesh ki whole drama Kaira ki ,aur kaira ki nikah
    Haldi: kya bolo kaira banga ya supper hero, bachchaya sab ko, naira ko agaya idea, usean hi lagai haldi naksh aur keerti ko,
    Shaadi: kya mein boolu?? Kaira ka pura flashback dikaya…!!!!
    Pagdi: Naira badi
    Barath: karira kea waja seai aya
    Swagath: Naira nea kiya
    Varmala; naira permission denakea waja sea huwa
    Peher: 7 peher meain eak bhi sari thra nahi dikaya, sirf pandith ki voie mea patha chala peher hogai
    Sindur daan: math pucho i will never forgive YRKKH team for cutting off Sundur daan scene…!!!! karki ka fullon action and just to show it’s over bas mang mea sindur dikaya,
    Bdaai: Keerti ki do li uti, Kaira ki bidaai dikaya..
    ithana sabkuch dikanea kea baad Rajan shahi keherahia hai abthak kaira centric trakc hi nahai aya…i am getting heart-attach agaya yaar.. kaira ki site story easa tho centric track kya hoga??
    yrkkh ki Oh My Matha sure hai…!! hume kuch karnea ki zarurath nahi hai Kaira hi kardea ga..
    TRP upar ho tho kaira.. TRP necha gai ho to Keesh….!!
    sorry so angry right now with all this drama on the show even i don;t know what i have write down here…just felt like trying..!!

  15. if kartik wanted naksh to tell the truth why don’t he ask naksh to tell the truth or he can be a real man and tell the truth to Keerti??
    phone mea damki kuyn dearahai hai woh bewakooff…!!
    apni benhen ki khushi kea barea mein soch Kartik tumhare ego eak jagapar rak.!!

    1. Aku

      I agree with each and every word of yours..Rajan Shahi b iss over acting and make up ki Dukan ka puppet ban Gaya hai.. vh iss selfish idiot ladki Ko real mei b mahan banane chahta hai.. but let me tell you.. yeh inko jitni importance dega utna log uske chahite Shivangi and Mohsin Ko hate krenge.. especially Shivangi.. pata Ni isko televisions industry mei and kisne diya .. nah acting ati hai and nah hi dance.. aur yeh Shivangi dusre ke track ke bare mei soch Rahi hai th the fir kabhi aur koi dikhega hi Ni.. iss selfish mean idiot attention seeker ke ilava.. and 2500 episodes ka credit goes to Hina and Karan not to this Shivangi and Mohsin

  16. Aku

    Kartik is going slap naksh in upcoming episode.. how can he? I really wish Akshara and Gayatri hoti th sari akal thikane ajati iss Karthik ki naira ki and uski so called high profile mannerlesss fake people Goenka’s ki.. really now the show is spoilt..

  17. Naksh character is the oldest but the actor who is portraying is comparably new .. shivangi n moshin were already on board when rishidev joined. I think the makers would not have sidelined naksh if rohan continued.. since he was senior than kaira. Just my thought guys..

    1. Aku

      Yaar so how does it matter.. they had already started sidelining him.. okay fine.. then tell me Kanchi aka gayi was older than your beloved kaira.. she was son board with Shivangi and Mohsin then why was she sidelined? And Ananya and Yash are older than these two.. and have been on board before them then why are they sidelined?

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