Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aditya recalling Kirti’s words. He gets angry and sees time. Kirti is on the way. Kirti thinks I m not coming as I m scared, I understood I can’t get happiness till I control my fear. Naira sees Kirti going in the car. She tells Kartik. He says you maybe wrong, Kirti is resting at home. They leave for home. Kirti asks why did you stop car. Driver checks the car. Kirti asks why did we come by this route. He says there is jam, we came by this route, give me 2 mins, I will find a mechanic. He goes. Kirti gets surrounded by goons.

Lav and Kush tell Kartik on call that Kirti is not at home. Kartik says Naira was right, where can Kirti go. Naira says maybe Aditya called him, he would have done emotional drama or threatened her. She calls Naira. Goon has her

phone. Kirti says I will pay money. Goon holds her.

Naksh comes there and beats the goons. Naira asks how will we find Kirti. Kartik says keep calling her, we will find her. Naksh beats goons. Goon takes the phone and puts earring in Naksh’s pocket. The goons run away. Kirti cries and holds Naksh.

Kartik and Manish ask Dadi where is Kirti. Dadi says Kirti went to meet her husband. They all get shocked. Kartik asks why did she go. Dadi says I have sent her. Naksh says its okay, they are gone. Kirti thanks him. She asks how did he come. Naksh says I got a call from someone, who wanted to meet me for party catering, but strangely he did not come, I will drop you home, come, I think goons took my phone, we can’t make a call. He checks his car. Goons look on from far. Goon calls Aditya.

Akhilesh asks Dadi why did she send Kirti, without saying anything. Manish says Dadi should have taken advice. Dadi says I would have sent when its imp, every husband and wife have fights, relation should be given a chance, I tried to stop the questions, but fingers will point to Kirti, we have to clear misunderstandings.

Naira asks what do we care about it, we know the truth. Dadi says I have seen the world, people still think the same. Manish says we should just care for Kirti, I would have gone with her. Dadi says just husband and wife can discuss some matters. Suwarna says Aditya can hurt Kirti. Dadi says I m worried for Kirti, this is not easy thing, we have seen Aditya raising hand on Kirti, they should talk, it would be better. Kartik asks what did Aditya say that you got convinced and send Kirti. Naira says we will find Kirti, she is not answering calls, did Aditya…. Aditya comes and says I m here Naira.

Kartik gets angry. Aditya says before Kartik beats me, I will clear everything was true, we don’t know the result of all this, Dadi has sent Kirti to meet me, but she did not come to meet me, she did not answer call.

Aditya says this happened before also, I discussed this with Kirti and tried to explain her with love and anger, when person decides to walk on wrong path, what can husband do in frustration, it was my love, concern and fear. Kartik asks him to get lost. Aditya says I did not say complete truth, your sister and my wife Kirti is having an extra marital affair. They all get shocked.

Naira asks how dare you blame Kirti. Kartik scolds Aditya. Manish says don’t test our patience, leave from here. Kartik asks Aditya to get out and pushes him. Aditya says you could not hold anger hearing this, think of my anger when I saw her with someone else. Kartik and Akhilesh ask him to leave. Aditya asks Kartik to stop Kirti, or ask Naira to stop her brother, who trapped my wife. Dadi cries. Aditya says since Kirti met Naksh, she got away from me, she has an affair with him. They all get shocked.

Aditya asks them to recall with whom Kirti came to dhaba, she was with Naksh in marriage functions. Naira says its a lie, I can’t think you can fall so low, Naksh held your collar once, so you are taking revenge from him by involving your wife. Aditya says its all true. Naira asks is this true, that Kirti has affair with Naksh, are you mad. Aditya asks him to understand. Kartik raises hand and stops seeing a car coming. They all get shocked seeing Naksh and Kirti.

Aditya smiles. He asks them to see proof of his truth. Naksh and Kirti come to everyone. Kartik asks what happened, is everything fine, you did not answer call. Naksh says she won’t be able to say, her car broke down, goons attacked her and took her phone and jewelry, I was waiting for someone there, I saw this and helped her. Kartik asks them are they fine. Naksh says yes. He sees Aditya. He signs Naira to ask. Driver comes.

Kartik scolds him and asks why did he leave Kirti alone when car was damaged. Driver says where did I go, madam asked me to leave, I said I can’t go, but she has sent me. Kirti asks why are you lying, he said car broke down and went to mechanic. He asks why are you saying so, I worked here for much time. She says he said the other route has jam. She cries and asks Kartik to believe her. Kartik says don’t worry I will talk. Kirti asks Naksh to tell everyone about goons. Naksh asks driver why is he lying. Driver says I heard madam talking to you on phone. Naksh asks when did she talk to me, will you say truth or shall I say, he is lying. Kartik asks driver to say truth. Driver says I m saying truth. Aditya smiles and pushes Naksh. He beats Naksh. Kartik and Akhilesh stop Aditya. Aditya gets earring from Naksh’s pocket and pushes him. Dadi sees Kirti’s earring fallen. Dadi sees Kirti and Naksh. Kirti recalls goon pulling her earring off.

Aditya says Kirti cheated me, Kirti is responsible for all this, Manish and you all will come to me and beg, that day will come soon. Manish angrily goes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg?a big trouble is gonna come on Naksh!! Cheapda aaditya. I can’t believe he is doing such wrong things wid his wife…. How can he be such cheap….. Aaditya is villan he’ll not leave yrkkh soon

    Hey sumo di bhaiya’s id is lakhansomani21. His profile contains a frienship band which has two words i.e. LAKHAN & SOMANI . His account is a private account wid 0 posts n he is following 66 members. When u send him d request convey ur id ,dp, no. Of posts on ur account to me ontu. So that i can convey ur info 2 bro.
    Nd i request all d family members 2 be in contact wid my bro on insta. I gave his info above.

    1. Hop dis wil not draaaaagggg…kartik b smart n clear kirti name… driver n he speak truth…its high tim Adity arrogance to com down

    2. Soumya85

      Hello preeti how are u??
      I have send him the request and msg id is soumya_viratholic and my dp is virat

    3. Preeti pls ask him to comment here also na.. Atleast ask him d reason for not commenting here…

    4. How was his exams Preeti?

  2. What a Boring Story. i want that drama will be finish soon. i want to see marriage of Kirti and Naksh.

  3. Soumya85

    Hi my yrkkh family members….How are you all?
    Episode was good this aditya is a cheapster how can he do this with keerti…now keerti and naksh story will start….just hope no one beleaves him.
    I have chated with our captain lakhan bhaiya today he requested everyone to join instagram for talking so pls if u can make a account there.

  4. RAHUL bhaiya,Lasya, sachu di, Sophie di, Fenil bhaiya,Mahima n all others where r u guyz…??

  5. Fenil

    Hrllo everyone!!
    Episode was fantastic.
    Aditya made full proof plan against keerti and Naksh but we can easily break this trap or chal within 2 minutes.

    Hello Raf dii how are u ?.

  6. My god i feel like bashing up that aditya character… Very bad poor keerthi and very poor naksh… I felt really sad yesterday… Hope keesh innocence will be revealed soon… Goenkas please dont believe that aditya’s word… Loved keesh moments in the beginning of the episode.. But the actor playing the role of aditya superb acting man…

  7. Fenil

    Hey Guys …Yrkkh meri har wish puri kar raha hain..

    See they gave new promo….dream of Dance Academy.

    Dadi is against Naira’s dream and karthik will stand with Naira.

    Becoz of this i fell in love wid yrkkh again md again.???????????????????????????????????????

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