Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira showing some shank to tourists. Sandhu taunts the mute girl Pungi. Naira goes and scolds Sandhu. She hugs Sandhu and calculates her earnings. She hears a boy wishing to meet his parents. She recalls her parents and says Ganga Maiyya does not give parents by taking brike. She says I have my Pungi, my everything with me. A coin falls down from her bag and falls in the Ganga river. Akshara misses Naira and says when this day comes, I miss you the most, please come back. Sone chudiya Laut ke kab aayegi…..plays….. Akshara cries.

Kuhu teases Rajshri. Vishwamber tells her that he made the kite and kept in her bag. Kuhu asks them who will login in videochat. Vishwamber says I will do this time. Kuhu calls her mom and dad as she is getting late for school.

Shaurya comes and asks her to have breakfast. Kuhu says I don’t want. Varsha asks Shaurya to agree to Kuhu. She says Shaurya got late in adding fruits in Kuhu’s tiffin. She asks who will give presentation today. Shaurya asks her to do this, as she made presentation. Shaurya asks Rajshri to go in satsang, he will come early. Varsha says I m busy today and will be late. Kuhu asks them to fill picnic form soon, else they won’t get tent booking. Rajshri misses Naira.

Naira tells Pungi that I fool many people, but this money is very less, what is the use of this work, I m earning so less, I m feeling restless, you know money is imp for me. Some guys go for river rafting. One of the guy falls down. Naira says if that man does not know swimming, he will fall down. Another guy falls down. He then goes to save the first one. Life guard saves them. The men thank the savior guy. The guy says its fine if I lose my life in saving my friend. Naira looks on and taunts him. The guy asks what did you say. She says your friends are blind, you are getting praises for nothing, I have seen you, you did not jump, you fell down by mistake. The guy says no, I was just…. His friends ask is this true. The guy runs to Naira and asks who are you, was this necessary to say. Naira says its good life guard reached there. She calls him a frog and goes. The guy says I will change your tar tar to meow meow, else my name is not Kartik.

Naksh asks Akshara to give charity list, I will transfer funds, don’t take stress, else I will complain Gayu. Karishma says Singhania diamonds send charity, its not sent from Krishna. Naksh says yes, Naman and I can’t decide this, Naitik and Akshara decide the figures. Karishma says yes, just send the figures already set here.

Akshara tells Bhabhimaa about some brochure of puja. She says its said if we are finding someone, we will get our loved one back by this puja. Bhabhimaa asks her to go fast and do this puja. Akshara says no, how can I go. Bhabhimaa asks don’t you want Naira to come back. Akshara says who else will want it more than me, but I can’t go. Naksh says you are adamant that you will not go out till Naira comes, you have to go out of house and find her. She says no, last time when I left, I lost my daughter, I don’t want to lose hope.

She asks Naksh not to force her and cries. Naksh says you can go there. Bhabhimaa says enough Naksh, I will go there and get my Naira, Akshara stay here and wait, maybe Naira will come back herself. Akshara says I m getting a feel that we will get our Naira here.

Kuhu and Happy argue. Happy says I will complain to my mumma. Kuhu says I m not afraid. Vishwamber and Rajshri ask Kuhu not to push Happy. Happy complains about Kuhu to his dad. His dad asks him not to get beaten up by a girl, go and beat her. Happy goes and asks Kuhu to wrestle with her. Kuhu says fine, catch me and show. Vishwamber asks Kohli what is he teaching kids. Kuhu laughs on Happy. Happy falls down. Dadi says kids will be healthy by playing, small injuries are fine. He takes Happy. Dadi asks Kuhu to understand, Happy would have got hurt. Rajshri says they are Jasmeet’s relatives and we can’t say anything, but they do limit sometimes.

Akshara goes to her room. Naitik packs his bags and asks is she fine. She says yes, I will help. He says no, I m done. A call comes and call is answered, it gets on speaker. The man says sorry, I did not find Naira, you can talk to police at the place you are going now. Naitik says I m in meeting and ends call. Akshara says I know you go out to find Naira everywhere. He says take care and rest, I will leave out of city after my meeting.

Naksh gives charity organization numbers. Akshara calls on the number. Naira attends call and hears Akshara.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. lol tarr tarr..akshara ko lauta do uski naira.aisa na dekha jata ab.but i must say naira is a mystery n she also hv some cause behind her way of living

  2. Isn’t it same storyline is going on between yhm.n yrkkh?? And thats really boring. ……

  3. Such a cute episode xD
    Pungi and Naira have such a cute relationship and it truly shows how understanding Naira is – she isn’t a bad character; just someone who has crossed the wrong path. The scene with Kartik and Naira was also v pleasant, it’s good to see Nairas character have a shade to her, and she has such a bubbly personality.
    Keep up good show, but please dont add random things that give the show a negative vibe – and please show us the full family and Gayus parents death reason

  4. Nice episode.

  5. What crap storyline it is!!! Out of nowherr naira reaches rishikesh!!! And being educated she is doing wrong work to earn money… No sense … Where the hell goes understanding – if she really loves her parents then she should understand that no parent would think wrong of their child.. Her friend sukanya was so important that she came in her talks and forgot that her mom is her wellwisher!! Its so stupid.. She reached some random place and thinks she can survive!!! Yrrkh was my favourite serial always but now they r just showing crap..

    1. stella martin

      It’s not that but sometimes u feel insecure with ur parents…… she was afraid that akshara will send her to jail and naitik will support akshara…..i know she over reacted and also became rude with akshara……but she thought that akshara doesn’t love her much and will send her to jail… naira didn’t know that Vicky is alive or dead….. and I think naira began to do wrong things bcz by the time she needed her parents support and explanations she was away from them and alone….some manners are taught according to age and when her age came to understand she ran away…….(she shouldn’t have run) but what to do she was afraid

  6. Plz show more scene of naitik akshara and naira in yrkkh and yrkkh is not a boring show

  7. Can’t wait for Karthik-Naira scenes

  8. Jasmeet’s relatives are annoying. Instead show the long list characters like Muskaan.

  9. yeah that couple n their kid is annoying n i m not much enjoying when they show family scenes instead of akshara naitik naira..i m looking forward to kartik-naira scenes.

  10. boring, naira come to family

  11. agar story naira nd katik par foucs hogi toh naitik ko iss show main kyu raha hai abhi tak sab se aachi acting naitik hi kar raha sab koi aapni baat ko express kar rahe hai naira ke liye bt naitik means karan bahiya hi aapni princess ke liye bahut sad hai aur effort kar rahe hai naira ko search kare ke liye agar show main naitik nd akshara ke jayada scene nhi ho ge toh main serial nhi dekugi. wase bhi abhi toh naira naksh se choti hai nd abhi se hi uski olve story start ho gayi its so boring . i really want it ki naira pehale naitik ko hi mile. nd naitik ko bhi rishikesh main shooting kare do. he is the best actor 4 ever.

  12. agar story naitik akshara par focus nhi ki gayi toh yrkkh ki trp low ho jayegi plz humble request to u story ko main lead par focus kare

  13. Yes trp is getting less. This is very bad news for us…

  14. Pls Naira comeback to ur family.

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