Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik telling someone that Kuhu’s truth can risk relations. Naira is upset and tells Akshara that she really wished Naitik was here. Akshara says congrats for award, Naitik got some imp work, that’s why he had to go. Ranveer calls Ananya and says I read your article and liked it, can you forgive me please.

Naitik comes home and sees Kuhu hurt. He panics and asks how did she fell, you all said you will take care of her. Bhabhimaa says its little wound, Mishti got the rooster and Kuhu ran after it, she wanted it in morning. Bau ji asks about Akshara and Naira. Naitik says I had some work and left from there, they will come home. Akshara and Naira come home and see Naitik with Kuhu. Naitik hugs Kuhu. Naira says mumma, you said Papa went for office work.

Naitik asks whose trophy did you get. Naira goes to her room being upset.

Ranveer thanks Ananya for forgiving him. she smiles. He says I read all your blogs, its fantastic. Varsha comes and asks whose call is it. Ananya says Tara’s. Varsha says I will talk and sees call ended. Ananya takes phone back by excuse. Varsha asks her to come downstairs. Akshara tells Naira that Naitik was caring for Kuhu, as she knows just him. She says Kuhu will go tomorrow, her Papa is coming to take her. Naitik gets trophy and sees Naira upset. Naitik convinces Naira and says he will accept all her conditions. She smiles and says Kuhu’s Papa is coming to take her tomorrow right. He nods. Naira goes.

Naitik gets Keshav’s call. Naira calls Naksh there. She asks Naitik not to do work now. They sit to play scrabble. Naitik and Akshara make secret and share. Naksh makes truth…. They hear a tune and smile. Shankari Tai says its so good that Ananya forgot everything soon, I got a good proposal for Ananya this time, she is educated and does job, we will get good proposals. Varsha says I don’t want to hurry this time. Shankari Tai says people will gossip that Ananya is not getting any relation, you know that family. They get puzzled.

Everyone see Kuhu playing the tune. Naira says how does she know this family song mumma. Mishti scolds Kuhu and she cries. Naitik asks her not to cry, you are playing well. Akshara asks who taught you this tune, mumma? Kuhu nods. Bhabhimaa says but how does her mumma know. Naira says maybe from net, Naksh once put this recording on net and we got many likes. Naksh says I remember. Naitik says me too, and takes Kuhu to room.

Shankari Tai tells about Sneha who worked with Naitik in office, and liked Naitik thinking he is unmarried, she is in abroad now, she has 5 year old daughter too, her relative’s grandson is nice guy, tell me after thinking. Fb shows Naitik and Sneha….Varsha says give me some time, I will ask Ananya and then decide. Shaurya comes and greets her. She leaves. Varsha says she got proposal for Ananya, I said we will talk to Ananya and tell then her. He asks who is the guy. She says you remember that girl. He gets Anshu’s call and goes.

Naitik takes care of Kuhu and sleeps. Naksh comes to Akshara and looks on. Akshara says Naitik slept, don’t ask anything now, I told her. Naksh asks what are you saying, I came to ask for mosquito repellent. She goes to get it.

Its morning, Mishti and Naira ask Kuhu about her Papa coming to take her away. Devyaani says I think Kuhu is thinking Naitik is her father. Bhabhimaa says yes, he is taking care of her so much. Mishti and Naira tell many countries/cities names and ask where does her dad stay. Kuhu nods at Udaipur. They all look at Naitik. Naitik says I told her, as she was not coming with me.

Naksh sees work at Krishna. Tara is upset and comes there. Naksh smiles seeing her. She stays annoyed with him and says I m serious. He asks what happened. She cries and says you have no time for me, even I don’t have time, I have to go, get coffee fast. He says sorry, I was busy, even Papa is busy with Kuhu. She says you were busy before too, these days you changed a lot. He says we can talk later, its scene creating infront of customers. She says just this was remaining to say, you changed and leaves.

Ranveer and Ananya are on the way and his car stops. She says I told at home that I will come soon. He asks her to take taxi and leave. She says no, its fine, we will see the problem first. She sees the door jammed. Ranveer asks shall I try. She says yes. He bends to check the door, and police inspector knocks on window asking them to come out.

Naitik asks someone to do something, come to take Kuhu or send someone else as Kuhu’s dad, else I have to tell truth to everyone, or atleast Akshara. Akshara holds Naitik and asks why did you get shocked. Naitik says I was calling Kuhu’s Papa, he is not taking call. She says its fine, he will come to take his daughter. He asks her to make tea for him and goes.

Naitik tells Akshara about the guy, who is from Sneha’s family, Sneha who liked Naitik. Kuhu sees Sneha’s pic and cries saying mumma….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanx for fast update amena……i think kuhu is shaurya and sneha’s daughter…..akshara knows sneha…..nd she’ll think that kuhu is naitik and sneha’s daughter

  2. omg sneha is kuhu mother then who is her father may be shaurya

  3. This is the first time iam commenting on this page…I thought it was sneha…something would have happened that made shaurya to marry her….really superb twist

  4. Who is sneha…????

  5. Thank you for the written update ameena.

  6. Aye plz tell me abt sneha? Shaurya loved Varsha since 1st ep now what.? By d way Nice ep

  7. Who is kuhu’s father…….


    1. Shaurya

  8. Naitik is Kuku father I work with the team of yeh rishtha kya kehelata hai backstage so I know, i saw ur comments and since u were so curious I thought to tell u.

  9. I already thought sneha is mom of kuhu,tats y i put my cmnt in previous episode

    1. sarayu (honey)

      yup, i read your comment

  10. I am sure,shaurya is kuhu’s dad,bcas varsha was today ready to infrm about snekha ,bt shaurya just mis the varsha talk due to phone call,if shaurya dont get call,then he know abt snekha

  11. i know sneha who is charu asopa in mere angne mein right now.. i think this went to hong kong not because of buisness because of sneha

  12. When naitik and akshara married, just to make akshara jealous naitik got close to sneha who was an employee of their business……sneha loved naitik and thought he is unmarried……after the truth was out sneha keft the track…..

  13. @Suriyajo

    i saw ur cmnt on that page but the girl u talkd about there is ANTARA not sneha…….antara was naitik’s ex gf and came as naitik’s friend’s fiancee when naksh was around 1……she saw naitik and akshara’s love and thought naitik still loved her so she tried to create differences between them and broke up with sid……after that the family made them patch up on diwali day

  14. Yeah,sry diya,bt i know snekha,she is pity,bcas she thought naitik is unmarried,when she knew naitik is married,she quit he luv

  15. Omg!is naitik is father of kuhu???

    1. no manas shaurya is kuhu’s father and sneha is her mother

  16. No payal u are wrong

    1. sarayu (honey)

      then you say who is kuhu’s father

  17. No Dia, Your reasoning is wrong here! Because Kuhu is hardly 5- 6 year old girl while the Sneha track dates back at least 15 years. Gaytri was alive at that time and Naksh was either a kid or was not born at that time..I cant recall exactly but I guess it was prior to his birth and Now Naksh is around 20 There were leeps in the show so how can Sneha and Natik’s daughter be so small?

    Even if Natik is her dad (Which he is not) then they will have to show that Natik and Sneha got close during their stay in South Africa and that will make sense! (Its not gonna happen)

    Senario 2

    Shaurya and Anshu are mentioned to be in Hongkong for buisness so its likely that Sharya and Sneha came close during his stay in abroad (But I shun this possibility too…)

    I feel Kuhu is neither Shaurya nor Natik’s daughter.
    Shaurya and Natik re just helping Sneha or saving her from her cruel in laws/ scheming boyfriend/extra marital boyfriend/ her grand parents ) May be Shaurya just acted to be Sneha’s dad at Sneha’s request.

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