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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani and Bau ji talking about Bhabhimaa. Devyaani says when Bhabhimaa comes, we have to tell her many things, like about Naira and Rose. Gayu says we should get Rose home. Naksh says why is Nandini not agreeing. Naira says we should explain Nandini, this is our problem, we don’t value when we have loved ones, and when the person goes away, we value, I realized this in ashram. Gayu says look around you, one doesn’t value when they have mum, and one who does not have mum….. Naira goes. Akshara asks Gayu not to say this to Naira. Gayu gets a call and goes. Naksh says Maa, you should have not said this to Gayu, she did not say wrong. Akshara says I don’t want Naira to get away from Gayu by this talk. Devyaani says yes, we have to be careful.


comes out and collides with Kuhu. She asks can’t you walk and see. Kartik says sorry and recalls Kohli’s words. He says sorry and goes. She says maybe this guy is from mum and dad’s office. Gayu says I did not say anything wrong, even then…. She smiles and answers Kartik’s call, which gets connected by mistake. He hears her voice and says sorry Gayu, it dialed by mistake, this touchphone, Mishti called me from this number, so it got dialed, sorry to disturb you. She says its fine. Mishti comes and asks were you talking to my BF. Gayu says no, he called by mistake. Mishti says I have seen on tv, boys make this excuse and calls girls. Gayu smiles.

Akshara sees Naira at the door and is happy. yeh darwaze…………plays…………. Akshara gives her the file. Naira turns to go. Akshara presents the dress and ghungroo. Naira takes it and leaves. Akshara gets glad. Naira happily slides down the stairs railing. She falls down and Akshara holds her. Akshara scolds her for trying this kiddish things, if she get hurt then, you scared us. Naksh and Gayu smile seeing this. Akshara says sorry. Naksh says Bhabhimaa called, she is coming home. Gayu says she will be glad seeing Naira. Naira says I have an idea, and tells them.

Yash asks Rose to have food. She refuses. He says everything will be alright, don’t worry. He makes her have food. Rukmani comes and reacts angrily. She says you are spoiling our name by staying in this hotel room. He asks where shall I go, I won’t leave Rose alone, she came here for me. Rukmani asks him to come, else I will give my life. Rose asks Yash to go. Yash says don’t worry Rose, I know her, and gives sharp knife to Rukmani. Rukmani cries. Rose asks Yash to go, I will manage here.

Bhabhimaa is back home and hugs everyone. Naksh says we missed you a lot. Bhabhimaa says I missed you too. She asks Akshara about her yatra. Akshara says it all went well. Bhabhimaa says I wish our Naira comes back. She sees Naira and asks who is that girl. Everyone smile. Naksh and Gayu ask who, there is no one, maybe you are tired. Akshara says there is no one. Bau ji asks whom are you seeing. Bhabhimaa sees Naira gone. Naira then comes and sits beside Bhabhimaa. Everyone smile. Bhabhimaa asks Bau ji to see this girl. Mishti asks who, are you seeing a ghost. Bhabhimaa asks can’t you see this girl. She asks the girl who is she. Naira says I thought you will identify me, it means everyone was lying that you missed me the most, now that I have come infront of you, you are not identifying me, I m your Naira. Bhabhimaa gets shocked and says Naira………. She cries and gets dizzy. Devyaani holds her. Bhabhimaa holds Naira and believes her presence. Naira says I m not a ghost, hug me. Bhabhimaa hugs her and cries. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai……………plays………….. Everyone get emotional seeing them.

Akshara cries and recalls how she got Naira back. Bhabhimaa hugs Naira and says now I won’t let you go anywhere, I can’t believe this Devyaani, this is my Naira, did she become more naughty, did she meet you all like this, why did you all fool me, I will not talk to Naira now. Naira say you did puja for me and will you not talk to me now when I m here. Bhabhimaa asks why did you not come back home. She asks Akshara what happened.

Kartik comes home and Vishwamber stops him. Kartik says you are saying as if this is your house. Vishwamber says yes, its my house. Kartik asks him to stay in his area, and I will stay in my area. He goes. Vishwamber tells Rajshri about Kartik. She says maybe he is Kohli’s relative, come, we have to meet Bhabhimaa.

Bhabhimaa tells Naira that their belief and prayers got her back. She says I know Naira would have run to Akshara seeing her. Bhabhimaa says Akshara gave me happiness, I can die peacefully now. Naira says I will go back if you talk about death. Bhabhimaa says Naira has become mature. Everyone is happy seeing Bhabhimaa’s happiness. Naira takes Bhabhimaa along. Devyaani says I m afraid that Bhabhimaa can know truth. Akshara recalls Naira’s words.

Bhabhimaa asks Naira to show how she felt when she saw Akshara there in Rishikesh. Naira asks Akshara to show everyone, as Akshara has seen her first.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Amrita

    I luv Yash-Rose jodi . Hope Naksh also settles down with someone.

  2. Naksh & gayu may b. ?
    Naira & karthik..?

    Naksh lalla had a riya lalli na..? Wer is she? ?

  3. How can naksh and gayu??? They aresiblings.. Naksh considers gayu as naira… Gayu too vonsiders him as brother.. That is impossible dear

  4. In real life uno naksh and gayu are dating..they are good together??

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