Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira returns home

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surekha asking Kartik not to worry, she will explain Mansi. Naitik calls Kartik. He says you called Naksh, he doesn’t need help now, I m coming back, Naksh and I will manage everything, we are happier the way we are. Naira looks on. Kartik says he is coming back, it means Naira will be alone. Manish comes. Kartik says they are coming back, she will be alone. Manish says sorry, I asked about Mumbai clients. Kartik says everything is sorted. Manish asks why is she alone. Kartik says Naitik is coming back, he sounded upset. Manish says everyone is upset, you both love each other, how can you be so stupid, unbelievable. He goes.

Naira cuts the cake. Everyone claps. Kritika says I will miss you. Naira feeds cake to everyone to Kunal and Tanvi. She says thanks,

I started feeling good staying here, I will miss you all. Kunal says I troubled you a lot, and called you aunty, you won’t miss me. Naira says its okay. Tanvi says lets take a selfie. They take a selfie.

Its morning, Kartik jogs and thinks of Naira. He says why am I so worried for her. Naira sees Kartik inside the joggers park. She passes by in her car. Kartik turns to see and misses. Aahatein…..plays….. Bhabhimaa says this is Naira’s Maayka, I wish she could go to her Sasural. Devyaani says it doesn’t happen as we want. They see Naira coming and smile. Naira hugs them. Naira asks are you not happy that I m back. Bhabhimaa says our happiness lies in yours, are you happy. She does tilak to Naira. Devyaani gives a mirror to Naira and says its a ritual, one should see the mirror and look behind to know if the decision taken was right or wrong, then enter the house with a free mind. Naira sees Kartik in mirror. Naira says I have seen, now can I come in. They ask her to come. Kartik comes home and asks Suwarna how is she, did she take medicine.

She says yes. He asks where is Mansi. She says she is in her room. He says she is upset. She says you said the truth, I spoke to Sharma. He asks who. She says divorce lawyer, he called me for community work, so I told him, did you feel bad, we may need him. He says I know, you need to explain, she asked me for divorce and I m ready to give it, don’t feel guilty. She says inform them as well. He nods. She goes. Kartik calls Naira. He says Sharma is a divorce lawyer, we hired him, he may call you also, did you hire any lawyer. She says no, when I do, i will inform you. She cries. She asks anything else. He says no, you are alone there, Naitik has come back, I mean Kunal and Tanvi are there, but you… I m worried that…

Naira’s phone goes off. She cries. He calls again and hears the notification. He says local message, Naira is in Udaipur, why didn’t anyone tell me. Naira hugs Akshara’s pic. She says I m restless, everyone thinks I did this in ego, you know the truth, I can’t tolerate distance between Kartik and Suwarna, I can’t separate them, did I do the right thing or not. She opens a diary and reads…. no decision is wrong when its taken with a right intention, and wrong intentions can never make a right decision. She keeps her hand on her heart to get answers. Naitik says I checked accounts, you made small mistakes. Naksh says this would have not happened if you were with me. Naitik says you are not a kid to need me always. Naksh says even Naira wasn’t a kid, but you were with her. Naitik says life and work rules aren’t same. Naksh says exactly, sorry, I have hurt you, I m happy that you came back, thanks, you should try to understand me too, and the reason for my mistakes. Kirti looks on.

Anmol comes to Naira and hugs. She asks when did you come from USA, where is aunt. He says I came with Dadi, I want to talk to you. Kartik asks Mansi to talk. Mansi asks what should I say, when you are getting divorced, how can I talk about my relation. Naira asks are you sure about marriage. Anmol says yes. Kartik asks are you joking. Mansi says no. He asks who is that guy. Mansi says I won’t say now. Anmol says mum told me about you and Kartik. Naira says don’t worry. He says I will just tell this to you, you have to talk to family. She says tell me clearly. He says both families listen to you, I need your help. Kartik says its my duty, who is the guy. Mansi says prepare the family to meet their family.

Rukmani asks Naira to manage everything. They come to meet the girl’s family. Goenkas and Singhanias meet and get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh God what is this again dear CVS spear us already Kartik and Naira are having problem it affected kriti now they want to bring Mansi and Anmol together just one thing is certain it will bring both families together but that is not needed must both families get married to each other it was for a better relationship that dadi made naskh marry kriti

  2. Who is Anmol

  3. Anmol nandini 2nd son was born before naira . how didi? He was born on January 1 2015., naira February 9 2015., anmol was seen in akshara baby shower ., no logic cvs

    1. Exactly. I was thinking the same. Anmol is almost of Nairas age because Naksh and Yash are of the same age and Anmol is about 8-10 years younger than Yash. And wasn’t Mansi in some boarding school? What kind of families are these that don’t meet their children for two years? Let alone tell them important things like divorce.

      And what’s wrong with Naira? Why waste two years of your time and career to do nothing? Like what exactly did she doesn’t for two years in Mumbai? And now that she at least got into a graduate course, she left that also and went back to Udaipur. From 2 years she’s been telling she wants to study, wants to fulfill her dreams, and what is she doing? Crying all the time, or acting like a child. I totally second Naksh in this matter. Her dad runs behind her like she’s still some child. For God’s sake, she’s lived away from family for like seven years. She can handle. And the way you guys keep telling her she’s mahan she’s mahan, does she need your support? Who asked her to divorce kartik without even talking to him once? This whole thing is based on one misunderstanding over another without even having the basic sense to talk and sort things out. When she doesn’t have to give her opinion, she HAS to poke her nose in other’s business. But when she has to stand up for herself, she won’t utter a word in her defence. And guess what, she’s a role model, the kind of daughter, sister, wife, daughter in law, everything. Even after such a big blunder that she should inform important things, she didn’t learn her lesson. Always taking decisions on her own. All the time.
      I’m fed up with this serial. I liked it after the leap, cause this naira wouldn’t poke her nose, she became someone who’d mind her own business, but no. Even in her friend’s MMS case, she HAD to do it her way- the aggressive, young blood way. Either she cries or she’s become some badrakali. But she won’t stand up for herself. Heights

  4. Reeta markana


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