Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone worrying for Naksh. Kartik says his injury is not big. Naira says his car was unlocked, he maybe walking on road. They ask why was he worried. Baisa thinks this maybe related to Kirti, he is falling in trouble. She says ward off bad sight, someone’s bad sight affected him. Kartik looks at her. Dadi, Surekha and Kirti come there. Dadi says we came to see Naksh and ward off bad sight. Bhabhimaa says I was doing the same. Dadi says he will get fine soon, we will pray for him. Dadi and Bhabhimaa ward off bad sight. Devyaani thanks Dadi. Dadi says we are one family, Naksh is ours too. Surekha says don’t worry. Naksh will get fine, we got Kirti along. Naira stops them and says I did not tell anyone yet, that you believe in that temple a lot.

Dadi says

fine, I have much devotion in that temple. Bau ji says we will go downstairs, else Naksh’s sleep will get bad. Dadi says you all go, I will sit here and chant mantras, Kirti will be with me, he will get conscious soon. She asks Gayu to take everyone down. Bhabhimaa asks Naira to stay back. Kartik says I will also stay. Naitik asks him to come.

Baisa asks why did they leave Dadi with Naksh. Devyaani says she was insisting. Baisa says I know her love and acting. Devyaani says she is not bad hearted, she supports us always. Baisa says now I have to tell everyone.

Kirti sits by Naksh’s side. He holds her hand in sleep and says Naira, sorry…. He recalls Dadi’s words. He says Kirti…. Dadi smiles. Surekha says see Naira, he just took Kirti’s name in this state, it means she is in his heart, Kartik used to take your name in unconscious name, you also took his name when you got hurt. Dadi says we will see after Naksh gets conscious. Baisa gets angry and keeps the juice glass. Naksh gets conscious. He sees Kirti and leaves her hand.

Surekha says I will go and call everyone. Baisa asks Dadi to leave. Dadi says we are fine here. Naira asks Baisa not to drag the matter, it will be big issue, you know Kartik is much annoyed. Naksh hears them. Naira feeds him water. She asks do you want to say something. He thinks how to say, you don’t know that I know everything. He asks are you fine. Kirti thinks he still worries for others, where do we get such people. Naira says I m fine, tell me are you okay. Everyone comes and sees Naksh. Kartik says its good accident was small, we will go now, take care.

Manish calls Naitik and asks about Naksh. Naitik says he is better now, we can’t tolerate children’s pain. Manish says he will be fine soon. Naitik says thanks, sympathy words are big support. Suwarna thinks Kartik will be there, I will just message Naira. Naira gets her message and replies thank you. Dadi says pandit will do puja on Naksh’s name. Bhabhimaa thanks her.

Baisa asks them to leave now. They all get shocked. Baisa says I mean Naksh is fine now. Dadi says yes we will leave now. Kartik says Naira, tell Baisa not to tell anyone in anger, it will get embarrassing for Kirti. Naira goes with Baisa. She says why are you doing this. Baisa says you find my talk bad, did you see they are so selfish, Naksh is so unwell, they are thinking of Kirti’s alliance, this puja is a drama. Naira says its nothing like that, Dadi really believes in puja. Baisa says how did she see son in law in Naksh and got love, I will not let them use our goodness, go and explain Dadi, she is trapping Naksh. Naira says you are making me worry. Baisa says fine, tell everyone, they will know what’s right and what’s wrong, if I say no, your life will get in problem, if I say yes, Naksh will get trapped.

Naira asks her to stop this. Baisa says this will affect your and Kartik’s relation. She goes. Naira cries. Naksh gets sad hearing them and says I can’t tolerate Naira’s life getting problem because of me. Kartik asks her to come. She asks shall I stay here. He says fine, but nothing wrong should happen. She promises. Dadi asks Naira to stay and talk to Naksh, its not good to delay. Naira says I will talk if I find right. Dadi insists. She says we will leave now. Kartik says Naksh is fine, don’t worry. Naira says I will manage everything. He says yes, but I m tensed. She says yes, even I m tensed. Dadi and others go. Bhabhimaa says I m glad seeing Dadi’s love. Baisa says dadi is acting. Naira asks her not to say anything. Baisa says I will not forget what she did, now don’t talk between us, I will tell them truth. They all worry. Naira says please, I fold hands, don’t say anything. Naitik asks Baisa what’s the matter. Baisa says Dadi wants Kirti to marry Naksh. They all get shocked.

Baisa says ask Naira if you all don’t trust me, Dadi has sent alliance by her. She asks Naira to say truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fenil

    Hello Everyone !!

    Awesome Episode.

    1.Naira should not raise her voice before Baisa…..i can feel rudeness in her tone and Power.

    2.Dadi Goenka is selfish , jate jate bhi naira ka picha nahi chhoda for the alliance.

    3.Keerti what happened to you when Naksh held your hand in unconscious state you can remove your hand.

    4.Surekha you are unbelievable,Naksh is talking about what he had heard and u presents its as love and care.

    5.Baisa angers worth watching and funny also.

    Missing Ananya,Kaira fan,sofia,sameera,missy…….

    1. Missy came yesterday.naira and Karthik should not raise their voice to baisa. It doesn’t look good.whatevr she tells about dadi s right instead of making baisa understand Karthik should talk to his daadi that she should not rush in this matter.i like nathik very much.when he s angry that time also he gives respect to everyone.his views towards life s awesome.acting s also good.

    2. I agree naira and kartik are really behaving rudely with elders, it is one thing to stand for your opinion but another to force and being impolite with elders who only have good intentions towards you. Just because naira have good thinking doesn’t mean she can interfere in every decision

    3. KAINA

      exactly dude couldnt agree with u more
      lets for sometime guess that situation would have been ooposite
      that means naira a divorcee kirti marrid to naksh and then baisa sees naira adoring karthik and tell kirti to get naira married to karthik
      i swear goenkas would have eaten naira and singhaniyas raw and forget about taunting they woulldnt have talk with singhaniyas regarding this but now that situation is not this and exactly ooposite of it we have goenkas at their behaviourial best
      belive me guys i hate to say this but i am saying it that baisa is CORRECT
      i mean how could goenkas be so selfish here u have a boy for whom ur daughter hav dream (just dreams and not reality) met with accident and in semi consiouses state having head injury and instead of having some genuine sympathy we have surekha commenting on his love for their daughter , guess what dadi agreeing and the girl who exactly knows that the boy is no where near her own feeling is happily having hands in hands moment and our so grt naira is also quiet and then things dont stop here we have our manish ji calling naitaik for that fake concern becoz naksh is their would be son in law i mean did manish ji forget all his insults that he throwed at singhaniyas i mean manish will definatly remember how badly he taunted naitik when singhaniyas came for karthik launch or when he was joining his own company only person whom i like in goenkas is suwarna and a bit sumtimes akhilesh rest ol hav came out of asylum let start with
      karthik – he is worried abt how embarassing it will be for kirti to listen to her own marriage proposal dude imagine the situtation of boy who met with accident and when come up to fully conscious state he is in a situation where he has to choose b/w sister’s happiness or his own happiness
      surekha , manish dadi every1 is praying for naksh to get well soon becoz they want to talk abt kirti proposal and not becoz he is naksh some1 son sum1’s brother
      in short guys
      btw am i the only one who thinks RISHI DEV is much much better as naksh then ROHAN MEHRA as naksh
      i know it would hav been sillly but just an opinion

      1. @kaina.i also like new naksh than old naksh.his acting,all emotions are just perfect.but I like both natik old and new.both are perfect.i agree to your points that suvarna and akhilesh always give respect to naira s family.

      2. WOW Kaina this analysis is good
        I laughed and got another insight into this situation
        I like the swapping of roles ????
        And yes me too I love Suwarna a lot. Dadi ignores her opinions all the time because she knows she makes sense
        And yes Rishi is better as Naksh than Rohan and I love it when he dances.
        Love the mental asylums bit ????? they are what English people say bunkers.

      3. Fenil

        Yaa Kaina agree with u .
        Baisa is always right. I always enjoy when she is on screen.

    4. Hey Fenil
      Spot on with your points
      Kartik is showing his true Goenka image – ARROGANCE
      Naira is proving why parents are skeptical about girls when they marry.

      1. Fenil

        Yaa missy , i feels the same about Karthik.

  2. Hello everyone

    @Missy , your description about each character s true.
    I don’t want naksh to accept this relationship for naira.hs should understand his feelings.
    What Baisa said s true when it was naira s brother he was not good.when dadi started thinking about him as son in low he and his family are best.when it is naira s family it was the worst.manish goenka s behaving well.not rushing on this matter.

    Naira was not a divorce then also dadi has lots of issues with her.naira s family are very modern esp.nathik he won’t consider keerthi as a divorce.he and his family give all respect keerthi if naksh likes this thing is good here that is keerthi is very good.naksh s so lucky to get her.but she s very weak never tell anything to anyone dadi.

    In real life also v can meet two types of families who gives lots of importance and respect to daughter in law and another who never respect daughter in law.all the time find mistake in each and every matter.

    1. Anjana you nailed it true and your last part is so true.

  3. I don’t understand how can kirti fall for naksh so soon, they barley meet in family function and naksh was polite not only to here but with everyone. She had a very bad experience with marriage how can she be ready for another one in such short time and without knowing what is the guy’s heart. I would understand if they would spent time together and fall in love slowly but their situation now seems so forced.
    Baisa may aound harsh but what she said make sence dadi knows naksh will do anything for his sister happiness ( how many time he bow down to goenkas for his sister’s sake) so she is using his weaknesses to tie him with kirti. She has nothing to loose either naksh & singhanias accecpt kirti and dadi regain her respect in society or singhanias feel to keep kirti happy and dadi use it to separate kartik from singhanias and naira. In any way she comes up as winner.

    1. Nina you are right
      That’s why she is after him, knowing full well that Naksh will do anything for his sister – such emotional blackmail.
      I can’t stand Dadi Goenka – off all the elders on Starplus at the moment she is the one I hate to see in screen.
      And Nina it is realistic for Kirti to feel deeply for Naksh because for the first time some one cares for her feelings, her thinking and her welfare. Kirti has been treated so badly by Aditya so every small kindness from Naksh makes her feel good – so it is normal for her to feel such but whether it’s love – she should have been given the opportunity to find out. And I agree with you she is weak – allowing them to push her around. Could you imagine growing up in the Goenka house

  4. Naira at times is very annoying.. earlier she was like I hate you Mumma and then suddenly I love you Mumma and her dreams became her priority.. and same in the case of Kartik.. she just wants to prove herself superior.. than others..

  5. Hey all
    WOW the Goenkas are at it again showing their arrogance including Kartik
    Yes Kartik you so love your sister but you made yourself away from her for years. You could not tell she was in problem when she was being abused by Aditya. Kartik is showing true Goenka image arrogance and obstinacy. He is too much now so far from the earlier character of Kartik that we came to love and adore.
    Kaira thinks too much of themselves – they need to calm down
    Baisa is awesome I am so with Her on this issue – every thing she said is right
    I hope the Singhanias come together and use sense in this
    As for Naksh even now I am thinking that he should not accept Kirti because of Naira. I feel for Naksh – it is times like this I miss Akshara.
    As for Surekha she has always been horrible and I never liked her.
    Dadi Goenka is so used to getting things her way and bullying all and here she is doing it to the Singhanias
    You hated their family always looking for ways to humiliate them or put them in their place according to her and now they are the best family. This is all wrong and I agree this coming along like forced marriage.
    I love Kirti she is beautiful and she reminds me of Akshara but she is too weak. I was looking forward to her marrying into the Singhania family and experiencing love but not so sure now.
    I wanted this pairing and was looking forward to this Jodi uniting but not like this. This is too much.
    Kirti speak up and let your grandma knows that she shouldn’t rush things.
    As for Naira, yes you are married to the Goenkas but don’t forget your mayaaka’s goodness. You are becoming pushy just like your Goenkas.
    I am looking forward to how all this will turn out – Baisa might return to the village and not attend the wedding. And knowing Dadi Goenka she will want to do it big and full of pomp.
    And what does Kartik mean by nothing wrong should happen. When he liked Naira but Gayu liked him. Did the Singhanias forced him to marry Gayu. Kartik is too big for his boots
    Suwarna is so stuck – can’t speak on the matter as Dadi G has shut her down. And she is the sensible one in that family.

    1. I am glad someone pointed that out kartik for years never bothered himself with his sister’s happiness, in fact even when she was infront of him he couldn’t see her sadness and misery. If anyone can be called a good brother is naksh He never failed to be there when his sisters needed him. I feel like kaira are being too much dominating nowdays always forcing their decisions on others , behaving like head of family and sometimes arguing with elders when they can just shout their mouth and let the parents decide. It would have been better to show their journey as individuals and married couple than problems solver of the family. Naira won the dance competition but all she does is make breakfast & tea and interfere in everyone’s life. I would like to see characters development for the leads instead of just showing their extra mature for their age, solving household issues and taking responsibilities for things they don’t have too, just normal youngsters who does mistakes, fail sometimes but learn from it would make the characters more relatable

  6. U girls talk as if naksh us first hand.he is second hand too. Baisa the witch ruined his first wedding my badmouthing tara leading to tara running away from mandap.

    K dadi is realistic .singhaniyas aren’t.

    Bua dadi is wrong . Naira is rude to both bua dadi and k dadi all the time interfering in elders talk.
    But kartik was not rude to.bua dadi. He is right . U all want kartik to.lick singhaniyas feet . But only a na-mard would not.stand up for his sister when she is being badmouthed by someone whom.h3 considers more than.his own family.

    1. Fenil

      hey you , I m boy.
      And i m not agree with u.
      We didn’t mean that Karthik should lick Singhania’s feet and all that.
      just we are trying to say what should be there instead of present. we are not satisfied with kaira’s behavior now a days specially keerti’s talks came in light.

      We are just waiting what CV’s have in their pocket to serves us.hope forced marriage won’t happened here in YRKKH.

  7. Fenil

    All the above comments are right and i agrree with u guys.

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