Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th January 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Scene starts with Everyone on dining table doing their breakfast. Naitik hesitatingly eats Khicdi which is made by Gaytri maa. Gaytri is guity of her doings but feeling hesitation how to Confront Sorry and face Naitik. Both Tries to Adjust themselves.Rajbanna watching them suddenly asks Gaytri to serve him breakfast. Naksh(Duggu) finishes his breakfast and insists Gaytri to drop him school but Akshara Makes excuse by saying that she want to talk to his Teacher regarding Footbaal and meanwhile signals Bhabhimaa by eyes to create situations for Gaytri-Naitik union. Bhabhimaa signals back. Duggu says bye to everyone except Naitik and Naitik gets in pain .
Naksh with Akshara going to School in Car. Akshara asks him why is he numb? He tells “mamma, Papa everytime breaks his Promises”
Naksh is sad but Akshara says lets make it a rule that one who dont do his/her work/promise , we will Not talk to that person. Its includes not doing Homework also. Duggu says sorry but he forgot. Akshara says “boy,papa was sad that he didnt fulfilled his promise due to his ill health” so he goes more sad by ur anger so pls understand boy, duggu nods head.
Naitik reading magazine in hall. Gaytri doing some work around but both dont facing each other. Naitik gets cough and asks her for water. She gives water while he asks sorry but Gaytri also asks sorry. Bhabhimaa goes happy watching them.

Part 2, 3
After patchup duggu comes home says everyone he is selected as rabbit then after a while duggu is practicing as rabbit but not doing properly so Akshara says learn from Dad he ignores then gayatri gets the picture of naitik and duggu ignores then yesterdays precap scene comes then Duggu goes in his room and sees picture and says Dad u just look like me and says please come to school for watching play I want to introduce you with my friends seeing the picture

Vishambhar watches Rajshri but she shyly goes to take tea for him,while he senses something with her doing with Weight machine.
Mohit and Yash comes to meet Naitik. Duggu comes running. Bhabhimaa ask for Nandini from Mohit. Yash tells that we are becoming Animals in Drama! And he just revealing what he is becoming but Naksh closes his mouth and reveals He’s becoming Rabbit . Yash says that he’s becoming Lion. Everybody happy. Mohit cheers duggu while Naitik cheers Yash. Duggu is jealous.Bhabimaa happy that both playing in Drama but Gaytri makes ill faces.Yash teases Naksh for becoming Rabbit but Akshara cheer them up but Naksh forcely pushes Yash to side and goes from there in anger, gaytri runs behind. Naitik is very angry with Naksh’s behaviour and asks sorry to Yash-Mohit but yash says he always do this mamaji and Naitik assures him(aww! Poor Yash, i sometimes HATE Duggu) Akshara goes to see Duggu. Naitik says its high time he’s noticing Naksh and now he have to corrected! (yep, Very gud Naitik go n Slap ur Spoiled Son Duggu made by over pampering of ur Gaytri maa)

PRECAP:- Duggu is crying nd gayatri says to akshara that duggu will do play only if he is king or else no and Naitik says no , its not fair.

Update Credit to: DevvivekAshNI

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