Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira wishing each other happy valentines. She says I can’t wait for marriage. He says me too, come, we will go somewhere far. She asks where. He says there is a dhaba nearby, we will come back soon. He hugs her and says Lord prepared to make valentines day happy. She asks did you plan anything. He says no, will anyone help me in jungle. She says I thought maybe you did. He asks did you plan anything. She says no.

Kirti drives and cries thinking of Aditya. FB shows Kirti asking Aditya to sit back and let her drive. He says I don’t want to talk to you, get lost. She says I won’t risk my brothers’ life, you come any way. She drives off. FB ends. She sees Naksh on the way and stops the car. He says you here, where is Aditya. She gets sad.

He asks all well. She says yes, actually, Aditya was with me, he had to go for imp work, what happened to your tempo. He says puncture, I thought to reach dhaba soon. She asks him to come with her, and have food as he got tired. He says I have no idea of your haveli. Naksh goes with Kirti.

Kartik says welcome to lovers dhaba, we will celebrate valentines here. Naira asks what’s surprise. He takes her. She smiles seeing the dhaba decorated and asks how did you manage to do all this. He says I m marrying tigress, so had to make relatives in jungle, all this is for you. She says so Ananya and Gayu knew your plan and forced me to wear red clothes. He hugs her. He says dhaba is booked for you. He makes her sit and asks her to just see. Naksh says I can drive if you want. She says no, I love driving. He says me too. She says I like hearing music. He says if you don’t mind, can I play a song. He plays Pal bhar …… agar tum saath ho…. and says I like this song. She says its my fav song.

Ananya waits for Naira and Kartik. Mansi says if anyone knows, there can be problem. Priyanka says they are not kids, they will come. Naira asks what’s this surprise Kartik. Kartik shows their love story by puppet show. She laughs. He tells their lines. Their old moments are seen. Naira happily cries and claps. He says we fought, then we met, this went on and one day we became friends, slowly enmity changed to friendship and then friendship turned to love, but when the guy confessed love, the girl ran away, guy’s heart broke. Naira goes to Kartik and manages puppet. She says girl did not know she is also in love. He says then the tigress and frog’s engagement got fixed. Yeh rishta…..plays…….. They say I love you to each other and hug. Dekho na pyaar pyaar……plays……… They dance.

She says there is a little surrpise. He asks what. Someone comes and hits the stage. She falls down. The men scold them for celebrating valentines. They get shocked. Dadi says we will leave now, we have to see arrangements in haveli. Naksh and Kirti reach there and wake up Lav and Kush. Dadi asks Kirti about Aditya. Kirti says he had imp work. Dadi asks why did you come alone. Kirti says I told him. Manish says he supported you, you should have supported him, if he felt bad, this won’t be good. Naitik asks Naksh how did you come with Kirti. Naksh says tempo punctured and Kirti gave me lift, why is everyone serious. Baisa says they are showing attitude. Naksh asks why, did dhaba not give good service. Naitik says everything is fine. Gayu calls Naira.

Kartik says we are going in our marriage. The men catch Kartik and Naira. Kartik says leave Naira. Gayu says Dadi should not know this, she will be annoyed. Rajshri asks for Naira. Gayu says maybe she is in washroom. Devyaani says she is not there. Naitik asks where is Naira, who is with her. Gayu says she is alone, she will be coming.

Naira shouts Kartik. The man says we will blacken your face and roam you in village, then you will get sense. Naksh comes there and stops the goon. Naitik and everyone come and ask them to stop it. The man says this guy and girl were celebrating valentines, such guys spoil society. Naksh says no, they are going to get married, we stopped at dhaba to have tea. The men argue. Inspector comes and scolds the men. Naira says we are adults and know what’s right and wrong, who are you to interfere. Kartik says we are answerable to family, not you all. Naira asks them to leave. Police takes those men.

Kartik and Naira apologize. Naitik says what sorry, is this our city to do anything by your wish. Naksh says its good Gayu told us on our asking, we felt something is wrong seeing their jeep out. Naitik says atleast you should have told us, do I stop you guys for anything. Naksh says if not Papa, you should have told me, I m of your generation. Naitik says come, everyone will come here to find us. Goenkas looks on. Dadi and Manish act rude. Dadi blames Naira for this. Baisa says children don’t understand. Dadi says Kartik is not like that, maybe Naira told her wish and he got her here. Kartik says no, it was my plan. Dadi says I know you, you can’t do this mistake. Naksh says what mistake Dadi, can’t two people celebrate their love. Dadi says I m not talking to you. Kartik says its those men’s mistake. Dadi says its mistake for bride to go this way, I don’t like it. Kartik says then its my mistake, I m the groom, I got her here to give her surprise. Dadi says I don’t want to argue, come sit in car, we have to reach on time. Naira and Kartik apologize. Goenkas leave.

Manish says this is our ancestral haveli. Devyaani says its beautiful. Mishti gives treasure hunt map. Kartik follows the signs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kem Cho Vrushy dii , Hales dii , Pat Dii , Raf Dii , Rosa Dii , Soumya Dii , Shophi dii , Chanya Dii , Twana Dii , Tanu dii , bff lasiii ,Ponkhuri dii , Rahul bhai,Aniket bhai and all ?

    Jabro Episode hato….keerti nu valan gamyu mane ….Agar tum saath ho…..Kathputli show pan boj saras hato.


    1. Rahul96

      Maja me Cho Fenil Bhai !!! Tu kemcho???

    2. Dear Fenil…can u kindly let me know what is it ur commenting as I don’t read Hindi?
      In fact I don’t understand or can read Hindi??? I understand simple word like Dadi, Dadaji, Bahbhi (sis in law ) Bhabo or Saas ( mother in law ) Bahu ( daughter in law ) Damad ( son in law ) neyhihai – no sumchi – understand…pohor pohor pyaar – love very very much…pertau – tell or said..
      Kiow -ar ( what happen or why )

      Pls correct me if I am wrong??? Sis n Bro???

      1. Rahul96

        Hi Ponkuri dii he is talking in Bengali !!! So do I also talking in Bengali!!,,???

      2. Rahul96

        Rest are correct Ponkuri dii but what are this:-
        neyhihai – no sumchi – understand…pohor pohor pyaar – love very very much…pertau – tell or said..
        Kiow -ar ( what happen or why )
        I think it’s I think

        Bahut (very) bahut( very )pyaar (love)
        – so it becomes love very very much .

        Batao – tell
        Kaho yaa kehna – said
        Kya hua – what happened
        Kyu- why
        Samajh – understand
        Samajhna – To understand
        Mujhe – me/I
        Mujhe samjhao – make me understand ( about anything yaa any topic )
        Nahi hai – Don’t have

      3. Bro Rahul Thank you so so much for ur explanation n translation…??????

        Good night n hve sweet sweet dreams ya???

  2. Shesha

    Hey everyone… How r u all??
    So sorry i have not been commenting lately

    Todays episode was good
    Poor kartik and naira….. Their first valentines day was ruined
    Good to see some naksh and kirti scenes… They should really start their love story
    Same for gayu
    This dadi is too much… She always
    finds faults in others but fails to see the faults in her family

    Rahul bhai I agree with your idea of a yrkkh spinoff
    That show would focus on the other characters love stories

    1. Rahul96

      Thanks Shesha for your support !! And nice to see your comments dear!!!
      Hi Shesha ( please don’t get me wrong dear as we all here love you a lot as you are the youngest member of this beautiful virtual YRKKH family , just like Mishti and think my words as your elder brother words )
      Shesha you are only 11 year old !! And sister you should concentrate on studies more than these love stories . Shesha please don’t get me wrong here . And I am extremely sorry if you have feel hurted !!!

      And guys I have think that Shesha is Mishti of the family.
      And Shesha do you know that meaning of Mishti is sweet . ????. And you are also sweet.

    2. Rahul96

      How is your studies going on???

    3. Hi shesha, OML, you are younger than me, so finally I got a younger sister. How’s your study going?

    Hello everyone…
    Guys pls watch Meri Durga. Bcz it is the only show in Star Plus which has reality, I mean in YRKKH they didn’t even show Naira going to college. If she is illiterate then how come she knows English? That’s so illogical if the makers want to show reality then show kids going to school.

    My big questions are…
    •Doesn’t anyone in YRKKH goes to school/college/university (anyone means people like Naira, Karthik, Gayu, Naksh, Mishti, Kuhu, Luv-Kush, Keerti, Mansi and few others.
    •Where are the other members like Shaurya, Jasmeet, Anshu, Omkar, Sunaina, Jasmeet-Anshu’s son (I forgot his name), Nandini, Mohit, Yash, Rose, Rama and others. (I know Rahul bhai asked this question as well)
    BTW, how are you all? Hope you guys are fine?
    This thing is increasing and if someone is bullying/saying wring things about anyone then TU has created a section called “Contact Us” in the menu bar (the one which is white) you can report those comments and TU will remove those.
    A big sorry that I didn’t report those people who said bad things about the YRKKH family. Now you guys know how to do it so I am hoping there won’t be any problems in future.

    1. Rahul96

      Hi Su_16
      Other than Naira . Till now Everyone’s study has been completed !!! They haven’t shown any schooling of naira !!! Because she was only 13-14 year old when she ran away !!!

      And I have already highlighted this point !! But it’s good that now you are also thinking of schooling !!!
      Su_16 read my this comment below :-
      And yes talking about English speaking :-

      When she was child for consecutively 10 years she lived in CAPE TOWN , which I think is English speaking and developed city. And in cape town she was going to an English speaking and highly reputed and high standard school !!! So she started talking fluently in English in cape town only. She was logically 12 year old when she , alongwith her family , returned to India . And in India also she attended a highly reputed , high standard school for 1-2 years ( I guess , not sure about number of years , I think it is 1 year ) .
      So basically Su_16 she has gone to highly educative , English speaking high standard school for 13-14 years . And then she ran away from her home .
      And even in Rishikesh she used to work as guide , to foreign tourists . From there also she has learnt English .
      So , I guess Naira can fluently talk in English , she is not illiterate but yes her studies and schooling has been left incomplete .

      Naksh’s studies is completed , Kartik and Keerthi’s studies is also completed and Gayu’s study is also completed !!!
      And Mishti , luv-kush , Mansi are school going children but in the show they didn’t show that Mishti , luv-kush , Mansi are going to school . Because viewers love to see small small and cute cute children , like Mishti , luv-kush, in the show . ( This is part 1…)

      1. Rahul96

        Sorry the first sentence of 3rd paragraph is wrong and the correct sentence is this
        *When she was a small child , she lived in CAPE TOWN ( for consecutively 10 years) , which I think is a English speaking and a developed city*

    2. Rahul96

      ( … This is part 2….)
      Because viewers love to see small small and cute cute children , like Mishti , luv-kush, in the show .
      And by showing small children in the serial it keeps the show entertaining because of cute cute foolishness acts of children.
      And by showing small children it also keeps the viewers in contact with the serial even when the serial is not in track and is becoming boring.
      And to show the schooling of luv-kush , Mishti they have to keep vanished from serial.

      Now I hope you understand !!!!
      And they are showing luv-kush , Mishti in helping Kartik and Naira for Valentine day .
      That’s weird.
      Luv – Kush against Mishti !!! This is also weird !!! They should show the study of luv-kush , Mishti.
      Sorry for long comment Su_16 .
      But I really appreciate your thinking regarding schooling of luv-kush , Mishti.

    3. Rahul96

      Yess I agree My Durga is also a good serial and realistic serial . Durga is good in sports , but her father wants her to become IAS and IPS , and her family is against daughter education !!! I have watched few episodes of this serial. Nowadays I am free but after couple of days I will get busy again !!! And Now I watch :-
      Dil bole oberoi , ishqbaaaz , YRKKH , may I come in madam ( comedy ) , Mr bean ( comedy ) , Sarabhai vs Sarabhai ( comedy )
      And earlier I used to watch
      YHM , IPKND ( ended ) , Bahu Humari rajnikant ( comedy – ended ) , Badi dooor se aaye hai ( comedy – ended ) , Dill mill Gaye ( ended ) , ek Hasina thi ( ended )
      And the name of Anshuman and jasmeet is nannu and I don’t think that the characters mentioned in your name will ever return . And in future I guess Maheshwaris will also get disappear !!!

  4. Rahul96

    A big hii my new , big and expanding YRKKH family Pat di(elder sister ) , Sachu di , Sindhu di , Sophie di , Swara di , LinTzeLing dii ( Ponkuri dii ) , Fenil Bhaiya , Aniket , Shilpa, Soumya , Aliya Khan, Pawan, Adi , Vrushy, Trisha, Riya, , Jas , Ridz , Raven, Ishika , trishi , Paakhi , Nikhil , Chanya , Shesha , Amalina , TV Fan1 , Lasyashree.10 , Pari , Trusna , Ishu (Ishwarya) , Twana , Khushi ,Claire , riyasmiles , sweetsara , irum , Raf , Tanu , 123 , Su_16 ( Suha ) , Dona , Rosa 18 , Chanpreet ( Preet ) , Reyaa , Ranu , Hales , Dhanvi , Sruthi and all other YRKKH fan
    and silent comment readers and new comers

    How are you guys????

    Thanks amena dii for your update !!!

    Coming to the episode !!!
    It was good today !!!
    Kartik’s puppet show was awesome !!!! And then Naira ending the puppet show was super!!
    And this aditya is bad man !! He didn’t ever think of luv-kush , while drinking and driving!!
    When keerthi was driving , she was so relaxed and happy !!! She was happy with naksh !!!! I just hope that the two should starts developing love , feelings and understanding with each other !!!;

    1. Rahul96

      Guys I think that long driving gives the humans a sense of freedom and it’s the best moments of life.

      Now waiting for keerthi to take a stand for herself !!!! I bet until she we will not stand , dadi will never trust naira !!
      And I totally disagree with Manish’s word “if aditya has not come then keerthi should also stay with him ” it’s wrong , and this should be Keerthi’s choice and not compulsory !!

      And guys I think that just like Ishqbaaaz , YRKKH should also create a spin off serial , to concentrate on love stories of gayu , naksh , keerthi . What you guys think ???

  5. Khushi1707

    Missed the epi…But surely I will watch online…the puppet scenes look cute…Hello everyone, I have joined this page some few days ago …I never read Yrkkh written updates, cause I always watched it…and I just love Kaira…

  6. Vrushy

    Hello Everyone.
    How are you all ?!! Hope Everyone is fine.

    Watching Kartik recreate their beautiful love story was a lovely experience. He was battling the waters of the Ganges with his friends and she was on the shore. A friend fell in and Kartik got pushed out, everyone thought he had jumped in to save his friend and Kartik didn’t clear the misconception. She saw that he’d been thrown overboard and not jumped off his own and exposed him in front of his friends.

    There began the story of a mendak and a sherni. They went from constantly arguing with each other to eventually becoming friends, Jai-Veeru they called themselves. And then, he fell head over heels for her and she was in denial. How could she be in love with him ?!! But she was. And she would always be. And now, their love was going to bound by the sacred bond of marriage.

    It was lovely watching that puppet show with flashbacks to the beginning of the Kaira story. It shows us how much Karthik and Naira have grown as individuals.The misunderstandings have only made them more mature and their love stronger.

    Also loved the Keerti and Naksh scene. They really do look great together. Can’t wait for their love story to start. Anyway its high time for Keerti to stand up for herself and oppose the wrong that’s happening with her.

    1. Rahul96

      Hi Vrushy glad to see your comments !!
      How is your health now??? Have you started walking dear??

  7. Vrushy

    I could go on listening to Kartik’s tar tar and Naira’s bad bad forever. For both of them, that tar tar and bad bad is now music to their ears. They can’t even imagine a day without listening to the other speak. And sometimes, when words fail either of them, their silence is so comforting, so homely, so satisfying. Words or no words, they’ve established a deep understanding.

    The most symbolic part of the episode for me was when Kartik was talking about his proposal to Naira in Switzerland. He was crushed when she ran away and his heart had broken into a million pieces. Even though Kartik knew their story had gotten a happy ending, he still wasn’t able to muster up words to continue his puppet show. Naira took the strings from him and started narrating her side of the story, how she was unaware of the deepest feelings in her heart, how she was trying to escape her feelings and how she’d eventually been led back to him. This small scene held a lot of meaning for me.

    I won’t talk about the rest of the episode as it would just spoil my mood. Well everything that happens in our life is not all goody goody and the same is in case of Yrkkh !! I know the CV’s need to show some drama for the sake of TRP so I don’t want to blame anyone or say bad about something.

    I love Yrkkh as it is so just apreciating the good things and letting the flaws go to hell. Can’t wait for mondays episode to see the haveli. And also Naira’s arrangement for Karthik on valentines !! Excited !!

    1. Hey Vrushy
      Glad you are doing well
      I totally agree with all your points

  8. Hello everyone plz dont get confused
    I am ua old friend only
    I am lakhan
    my name is not Aniket
    actually the name aniket contains initials of my mom and dad so I love yo introduce using that name
    Not only to u ppl but also in my real life I keep on introducing as aniket only
    I also have my gmail account by that name but few days ago I learnt it from my mom that its an unlicky name and so that made me to tell u all my real name
    Its not that I dont like the name Lakhan its just that I like Aniket more than Lakhan
    If u want a proof that I am ua old friend then I will give it
    hi pat di ifi am not wrong then I will tell u that I sent me an email on 6 dec saying about u living in london and abot ua love for bollywood and then finally u said its enough about me tell about uand to ua email I replied wothin a week saying about myself and asking u t visit india
    Other proof isRahul bhai u also sent me an email saiyng abot u andhen I replied 2 days later.
    Very same evening u replied to my email.
    if u both remember this then its ohkk or I have some more proofs to tell u all thats I am ua old friend only

    hi sophie dii
    Y were u thanking all of us
    we r damily and its oua duty to take a stand for oua members
    Its our Farzz

    Hi pat dii and vrushy I hope u both r recovering soon

    Hi fenil bro idea of quiz is amazing
    Continue it

    Adi beo congo 4 ua success

    Twana soumya raf pawan lasya aaliya and all exam going students all the best
    Rock ua exams

    Hi sachu di u have ight to scold me but I was nt wrong to take a stand for u.
    Plz dont scold me for gertongy levels down to take a stand forany of my family member that includes u also

    Hi rahul bro
    Its good that u remember u r a marine engineer. I thot being gajni the second u forgot that also lol.

    I know the cover page of YRKKH has changed from naitik naira akshara naksh to kartok and naira
    But ehat is its tiltle
    I mean is it YRKKH part two or the same old one

    And I sont want any spin off for yrkkh bcoz its a family and they will show nakshs and gayus love story in a short time
    a family is family that takes care for everyone
    so yhey ill sontart their track in the same show

    Also let me know if YRKKH is going o endafter kairas marriage or not.

    By by everyone.
    Till I return miss me all.

    Urs brother from other mother
    captain of the crew
    Captain dilwale
    Family maker
    Naming priest
    and ua brother- Lakhan.

    1. Rahul96

      Hi Aniket aka Lakhan
      I am confused bro !!! But why you didn’t tell us your name earlier ??? See Lakhan in also nice name. You should have told us earlier . You are the captain of crew , so that’s why it’s getting a little bit uncomfortable .
      Even earlier I was little bit uncomfortable about my name , but later on I told you guys naa about my real name !!
      And yes yaar your writing is so similar to Raf !!! This was also earlier noticed by Pat dii and Sophie dii and Sachu dii . And now I am also noticing it !!!

      Hi guys is anymore surprises waiting for us regarding this name issue ???

      1. Soumya85

        Even I’m very much confused?

      2. Hi Rahul bhaiya…
        Lakhan is Aniket only-Ua naming priest!! Don’t get confused bhaiya..Bcoz once he commented from that green color DP u remember?

        Soumya, u too don’t b confused. I’m sure he is Aniket…

        Rahul bhaiya, Pat di, Aniket, Twana, Soumya-Thanx for ua wishes..
        sorry guyz don’t have time for a long comment…

        All the very best Aniket aka Lakhan, Twana, lasya, Soumya, Rosa, Chanya, pawan, Aliyaa for ua exams..

    2. Rahul96

      And I don’t think that YRKKH is going to end !!!
      Naksh-keerthi wedding is waiting , Gayu’s love story is also waiting .
      And I am telling YRKKH as YRKKH part 2 because in part 1 it was Akshara-Naitik and in part 2 it is Naira-kartik and also suvarna which I guess will play the role of akshara .

    3. Rahul96

      How is your practical exam going on???

    4. Hey Lakhan/Aniket
      You do know how to make an entrance bro
      I will check my junk mail – sometimes if the email is new it goes to the junk folder.
      We miss you but we also want you to do well – so study hard

  9. Soumya85

    Hii my yrkkh family r u all??sorry I was not able to comment becoz of my exams it will end tommorow then again preparation will start for boards..
    Why so less comments these days..seems everyone is busy but atleast comment on weakened pls..
    Episode was the puppet show by karthik..keerti and naksh together looks really good waiting for there love story to start…and when gayu’s love interest will enter??waiting for it..these goekas r really backward..
    Only rahul bhaiya is commenting everyday which is r u bhaiya??
    I can’t participate in quiz..i will surely participate after my exams..
    Hii shesha and suha happy to see ur comments..
    Vrushy di,lasya di,pat di and sachu di how r u all??get well soon
    I’m really confuse about aniket bhaiya’s’s that u only bhiaya-lakhan??uff can anybody clears it
    Aniket bhaiya,twana di, lasya di ,alliya di, rosa, chanpreet di and pawan best of luck for boards exam.

    1. Rahul96

      Yaa now a days I am feeling like Virat Kohli . Only I am commenting !! ?????

      1. Soumya85

        Ya bhaiya??
        In criket only he is playing well and here only u r commenting

  10. Rahul96

    Hii guys now coming to my family members!!!
    How are you guys????
    No one commenting !!! Why ??? Looklike Everyone is busy except me !!

    So guys !!! How are your valentine week and who was your valentine guys ?!! Those who have exams don’t think about my question !!!!
    My valentine was my all time love BED . ???????

    1. Hey Rahul
      I don’t make a big deal about Valentine’s Day as I believe if in love everyday or other day should be Valentine’s Day. We do wish happy Valentine’s but love is celebrated every day in my home ???
      My advice to singles that Valentine’s Day should not make you sad
      My advice to married couples is that don’t wait until one day in the year to celebrate your love – do it all the time. Have date night during the week or keep weekends free for your love.
      And partners if your partner forgot to do something special on Valentine’s Day don’t beat (in the literary sense) them up over it.
      So make every day a Valentine’s Day in your life – share your love to the ones you care for.

  11. About this epi, I think Keerti should report Aditya’s behaviour to Women NGO thingy about domestic violence, butt the prob is that witch Dadi, she will not give shelter to Keerti though. I hope something goes wrong in their Haldi, like the Haldi causes Karthik to have rash/allergy/irritation, it will be fun to watch when Goenka’s arrogance will break in to pieces.

    And that wicked witch Dadi, always badmouthing Naira, I think she does that bcz Naira wasn’t the person Dadi chose, so if Naira has every qualities still Dadi will say she has a quality missing. She thinks Karthik is very sensible (I know he is) and never makes a mistake. Arrey… we are humans and every human makes mistakes.

  12. Rahul96

    Hii guys now coming to my family members!!!
    How are you guys????
    No one commenting !!! Why ??? Looklike Everyone is busy except me !!

    So guys !!! How are your valentine week and who was your valentine guys ?!! Those who have exams don’t think about my question !!!!
    My valentine was my all time love BED . ???????. I love my bed so much . So in Valentine day I dedicated my whole time to my bed ????.

    Hi guys thank you so much for praising my comment regarding women empowerment on tellyupdates of 14 the February . Thank you so much guys !! It’s truly my pov
    Actually when I was in class 6 a priest told me that I will get married twice . And for this I will betray my 1st wife. ?????.

    And suddenly guess what happened I was watching a short horror film on YouTube and I was alone in the room . The horror film was basically showing about a boy living alone and suddenly door get closed . And same thing happened to me , door get closed , I get up and opened the door . No-one was outside….. I guess someone must have done the prank or maybe due to wind !!!

    1. You know who my V was. ?

      1. Rahul96

        I know dii ???. It must have been special day 4 u .
        My V was my bed ????

    2. Hey Rahul
      You really are funny
      I am in stitches about the priest prediction – that makes me laugh as the reason you turned down Ishika so she won’t be the first wife and you have to leave her. ???????????????????
      I am laughing so hard.
      Don’t mind me only joking with you.
      Rahul, sometimes those predictions are meant as precautionary measures. Just be careful how you choose a bride or fall in love.

  13. Rahul96

    Now guys coming to my family members !!!!

    How are you guys ????

    Hi Rosa18
    How are you ??? Are you also having exam dear ???

    Hi lasii , chanya , Chanpreet how are you guys ??? And how is studies of you guys are going on ???

    Hi Aniket , Twana , Raf , Rosa18 , Aliyaa , Pawan , Ishika , lasii , Chanya , Adi bro , Shilpa , Soumya , chanya and to everyone those who are having exams and practical exam ( sorry if I missed anyones name ) . All the best guys .
    And guys if get chance in between then please keep us updated that how your exams are going ???
    And you guys are not commenting !!!! That’s good !!!! Studying seriously !!!! Awesome!!

    Hi Trisha , Riya , Jas , Trishi , Paakhi , Shesha , Amalina , TV Fan 1 , Pari , Trusna , Claire , Ishu , Khushi , Claire , Riyasmiles , sweetsara , irium , Dona how are you guys ???! Not commenting from a long time !!!.

    Hi Sophie dii
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    1. Rahul96

      Yess Ponkuri dii
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      Actually this is point of discussion in India .

      Today YRKKH have picked up a right topic but I feel that they have fail to some extent in describing situation .

      Because YRKKH doesn’t want to hurt the sentiments of religious groups and love couples of new generation !!!!

      But however I really appreciate YRKKH team for taking up this topic !!!

    2. It means ‘what is this relationship called’

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    As for Mishti – she is close in age to Naira remember when Naira was a baby, then Karishma announced her pregnancy and Naira and her family moved to Cape Town during which Mishti was born. So Naira could be a year or two older than Mishti but she has a growth defects and she is not growing according to her age.
    Kuhu is the youngest child in the family.
    As for Naira’s proficiency in English.
    She was living in Cape Town (she started talking in Cape Town) and English is the official language there and when they came back to India she attended a very good school and she is very intelligent. English is easy to learn when you are young.
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