Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baisa getting annoyed that Tara did not come yet. She says even Karishma came late in her engagement, I don’t like this family too, they are strange and pretending, they say about mahurat and look different within. Naitik asks Sangram about Tara, which parlor did she go, we will bring her. Akshara says Naitik, Tara….. Naitik asks what happened. Sangram and Dada ji worry. Tara sees the time and is worried. She says Aditya would be lying there to cover up my lie, I missed out my big day and gets tensed. She tells Preeti that don’t know what would be happening there. Preeti asks her not to think this, just think about winning the match, all the best.

Baisa says we heard a new thing, we all are waiting for the girl and she went to play hockey, what

are her values to lie, don’t know girl lied to us or her family is lying to us. Naksh says its not like that. Baisa asks did you know this, Tara did not tell anyone and went silently by her wish, there is no shame and respect about anyone. Rukmani says Shaurya was not there in Ananya’s engagement, and today Tara is not here in Naksh’s engagement. Naksh says Tara should have told me once. Ananya tells Naksh that maybe Tara did not say thinking you will get worried. Tara says just 12 mins for mahurat. Akshara says leave this, we can’t change it now, Tara can’t come leaving match and its true that if mahurat passes out, engagement can’t happen. Coach asks Tara to play well. Everyone cheer for her.

Tara recalls Dada ji’s words. She drops the hockey stick and cries. Coach looks on shocked. Preeti runs to Tara and asks her to come to senses, you are in ground, Sir has hope from us, focus. Tara says I can’t do this and cries. Preeti says you have to make this goal. Tara says I can’t. Akshara says go Tara, everyone is waiting. Tara turns to see. She smiles seeing the families. Naksh, Dada ji and everyone ask her to play. They all cheer for her. Tara gets glad. She goes to play the penalty shot.

Everyone look on. Tara makes the goal. Everyone get glad and clap for Tara. They all hug each other happily. Akshara sees the time and says just 1 min left for engagement mahurat. She goes to announce. She says I know its happy time, I want a minute, I want to say something, its Tara and my son’s engagement today, mahurat has just one mine, can you delay prize ceremony for 2mins. Tara is true sportsperson, she gave priority to match than her family’s happiness. She asks Naksh to run fast, he has few seconds left now. Naksh runs to Tara. Everyone clap.

Naksh sits on his knees and proposes Tara asking will you marry me. Everyone smile seeing them. He makes Tara wear the ring. Tara also makes him wear the ring. They hug and everyone smile. Usne baat ki kuch aise………….plays…………… Naksh and Tara hug Akshara. Akshara blesses them. Tara says I knew, just you can do this. Naksht thanks Akshara. Everyone bless Naksh and Tara. Baisa is annoyed. Dada ji asks Baisa to forgive Tara. Baisa argues with him and says you are saying this because Tara is your grand daughter, if she was your bahu, what would you say, we know our house. I thought girl will have good values, but she is something else, you are sending girl to play without thinking anything. Dada ji says you are crossing your limits, Chandrabhaan Singh Shekhawat’s respect in this city is much, I don’t need to say, all girls are wearing same costume. Baisa says will they follow others.

Dada ji says your bahu permitted Tara to play, ask her. Akshara says yes, I told her to play. Baisa says I will talk to Akshara later. Dada ji says why are you after me. Tara says don’t fight because of me, I m sorry. Naksh hugs Baisa and says Tara is my choice, don’t be mistaken, just stay chill. Baisa scolds him. Naksh asks her not to sadden others. She gets annoyed and says I will apologize to them as well. I thought its my right to say, so I said, and leaves. Everyone get worried. Tara says we said sorry, still she… Akshara says its fine, elders are emotional, they will be fine, why did you lie that you are going parlor. Tara says sorry, I was scared, I thought no one will permit me, I felt I will manage and come on time. Akshara says fine, come.

Baisa packs her bags. Akshara comes and asks what are you doing, please don’t do this, you can scold us and beat me. Baisa asks who am I to scold you. Akshara says don’t say this, you are our elder, I know you felt bad. Baisa says I will do what I want. Akshara apologizes to her. Baisa says the girl was wearing short clothes and running infront of the crowd, what did you do there, to tell everyone about Naksh’s love, does respectable people do this, let me go, I can’t see all this. Akshara says no Bua ji. Naksh says bye everyone, I m leaving home. Bau ji asks where is he going. Naksh reminds that when he was leaving home in childhood, that time Baisa convinced him to stay. Baisa says don’t try to stop me today, I won’t stay. Naksh says listen to me first, I will come with you. Baisa says no need, stay here. He says no I will come with you. Everyone smile.

He says I thought Bua Dadi will come and bless me, but it all went round, till you bless me and Tara, I won’t let you go. She says let me go. He stops her and teases her. She says don’t trouble me, let me go. He says fine, go if you want and lies down on the floor asking her to go stepping on his dead body. Baisa pulls his ear and says no one should say this, I will slap you, why are you troubling me. He asks her to stay. She hugs him. Everyone smile.

Baisa asks Bhabhimaa if village knows about Tara, we will lose name. Tara comes there and hears them. Bhabhimaa and Dadi say once Tara gets married in this house, she won’t play hockey. Tara gets sad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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