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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik getting shocked and say but light… Akshara calls out Girja, asking her to get candles. They all get shocked. Akshara asks kids to hold each other’s hands in darkness. She asks Naitik to call once. Everyone look at her. Naitik asks Akshara what is she saying, lights have come. Akshara says what, but I can’t see anything. They all get shocked.

Sangram tells Dada ji that Naitik knows this, and they are still quiet. Dada ji says they are very good people. Sangram says you are stupid to trust them, I know they are making some big plan. Nannu says Akshara is fooling her. Naira says yes, Nannu fooled he got hurt and Akshara is taking revenge. They all smile and say Akshara shocked them.

Rajshri asks Akshara not to joke like this ever. They

all think she joked. Naman says leave all this, we will play some game. Naitik says Akshara, you have joked very badly. She holds her hand. He asks her what happened. She says come to a corner. He asks is she fine. She says please….. He worries and takes her. He asks what is the matter. She asks is there anyone here. He says no. she rubs her eyes and tries to see. He asks her to say. She says I m unable to see anything. He gets shocked. She cries.

He asks is she joking, she says no, I m serious, I can’t see anything, this happened before, darkness got well in 2-3 seconds, but this time my vision is lost. He says we will go to doctor. She says yes, but don’t tell anyone, I don’t want their happiness to get less, maybe this will be fine in some time. He says come. She can’t walk. He says sorry, and takes her. Devyaani stops her.

Dada ji says you are blind Sangram, they did not tell Naksh as they don’t want to break Naksh’s heart, think what will Naksh go through, you have to accept truth. Sangram says fine, if anything happens then you will be responsible. Naksh will break relation with Tara. Devyaani asks Naitik and Akshara where are they going. Naitik says we planned surprise for Vishwamber and Rajshri. Devyaani says fine, let Akshara be here. Akshara says no, I will go with him, I know the shop. Devyaani says I understand, you want excuse to spend time together, come back soon. Naitik takes Akshara and asks her to be careful. She cries and says she fears to go out, last time her accident happened, this time don’t know what news I will get. He consoles her. He goes to get car and asks her to stop.

He gets car and makes her sit. She tries to get seat belt. He gets sad seeing her and ties seat belt. She cries and he gets teary eyed seeing her. The car does not start. She asks are you fine. He says yes, its fine, we will go to doctor. They leave. Dada ji and Sangram see them leaving.

Tara asks Aditya about Dada ji and Sangram. Naksh stops her and says I will go and see them. Sangram says Tara will be punished in this, I swear I did not do this intentionally, I went to talk for you and Tara, I did not know this accident will happen. They see Naksh behind them. Naksh comes to them and picks Sangram’s wine bottle. He says I would have arranged something for you, no one drinks in our house Sangram. Sangram says sorry. Naksh says family won’t like knowing this. Dada ji says I was also explaining him. He asks Sangram to freshen up and sit with everyone. Naksh asks Dada ji to come, everyone is worried. Naitik worries. Akshara is tensed and says maybe its medicine’s side effect, or maybe I will get fine. He says yes, you will get fine, don’t worry.

She says I will close eyes for some time, maybe eyes need rest and when I open eyes, I can get fine. He says yes, rest. She closes eyes. He cries. Dada ji tells Bau ji that they will leave now. Bau ji says why so soon. Devyaani asks him to have food. Dada ji asks Naksh where is his parents. Bau ji asks where are they. Devyaani says now I have to say, Naitik and Akshara kept another surprise for Rajshri and Vishwamber, which they forgot, so they went to get it. Rajshri says she is already unwell. Devyaani says you all stay, maybe they really have some big surprise. Dada ji says fine and laughs.

Naitik and Akshara reach hospital. She gets down the car and a speeding car passed by. He scolds Akshara saying can’t you see, are you blind. Naitik takes Akshara.

The doctor checks Akshara’s eyes. The doctor asks Naitik to come and talk to him. Naitik makes Akshara sit and asks her to be here, he will just come. She says no, don’t go anywhere, be with me, I will be alone, I m scared. He says I m not going anywhere, where can I go, nothing will happen, don’t be afraid, doctor will come and put eyedrops, I m going to sign papers. She asks what did doctor say, why did this happen, are you hiding anything. He says nothing will happen, I will come, sit here. He goes to doctor and asks what happened to Akshara, will she get fine. The doctor talks to him. (Muted) Naitik gets shocked and cries. The doctor says you have to take care of her now, be strong. Naitik sees Akshara and cries.

Akshara asks what did doctor say. Naitik cries and says maybe because you did took good rest. She asks him to just say it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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