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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara giving her speech in independence day function. She says we got freed by our mindset and became independent. She says our girls are coming to present a dance program. Naira, Gayu and Mishti dance on the song Desh hai mera rangeela. Rajshri and everyone clap for the girls. Naitik asks Naksh to hurry up, program is ending. Naksh keeps the car keys there. They load the food boxes in the car. Naitik tells Akshara that they are leaving now. They go to get some imp papers. The sardars see the keys. Akshara tells Devyaani that Naitik is coming soon.

Naksh finds the car locked, and asks how did it get locked. They see the keys inside. Naitik asks whats this. Naksh says I m sure I kept the keys outside. Naitik says maybe you did not remember, try to open

the doors. Akshara says this is last program for today, and calls the woman on stage who started working. Rajshri asks her about Naitik. Everyone try to open the car. Akshara calls Naitik and asks him to come, kids are hungry. Naitik says its small problem, car is locked and food boxes are inside, we will come soon. Naksh says we are trying.

Kamla asks Akshara for food. Akshara says its just coming. Rukmani says kids are hungry, how can we stop them, you should have thought. Karishma says if you knew this, you should have got food. Akshara says shall we order anything. Varsha says that made food will get waste. Bhabhimaa says Naitik did mistake, he should have come. Rukmani goes and buys some samosas and snacks. Bhabhimaa says we will get some snacks and fruits. Akshara says yes and they see Rukmani giving the snacks to the kids.

Rukmani says I was afraid that this could happen, so I made all the food before, Nandini was sleeping and I made this in morning. She taunts Akshara and asks everyone to see the result. Akshara says we made the food, and it did not reach kids, they are hungry. Bhabhimaa asks her to call Naitik and ask. Naksh is breaking the glass. Naitik stops him. Naksh says chill, its not old glass. He smiles seeing the old time and says once you got locked in car, and we could not break the glass. Naksh says I heard this story many times. Naitik says don’t act smart. Naksh says help me. They break the glass to take the items.

The man tells the sardars to see, they can’t reach on time today. Naksh could not start the car and tells Naitik. Naitik tries to start the car. The sardars get glad and tells the man that he does not feel winning bet like this. The man says everything is fair in love and war. Akshara asks Naitik to reach soon, kids are hungry. Bhabhimaa asks her not to worry. Rukmani taunts them for not doing the responsibilities. They still support Akshara as this happens sometimes.

Naitik says we can’t get taxi now. Naksh says I doubt the sardars have done this. Naitik asks him to find some solution soon. Naksh gets an idea and smiles. He says the car is on slope, we can push it, it can start and we can find mechanic ahead. Naitik says genius. Naksh says say again. Naitik says shut up, push the car. Naksh pushes the car and they leave. The sardars say he is very smart, mechanic is there ahead, its tough to win. The man says see how I made their day memorable.

The women say we will leave now, kids are hungry. Rukmani says I should have arranged food easily. Rajshri and Bhabhimaa request them to wait. Rukmani creates problems. Naksh and Naitik bring the food and apologize to everyone. Bhabhimaa asks why did they get late. Naksh says we will tell later, thank Lord we came. Naitik says we will serve you. Naksh says I will make old lady eat by my hands and hugs her. They all smile.

They serve the food. Rukmani sees her plan failed and throws the food boxes in the garbage. Akshara comes there. Rukmani says I m giving this to kids. She silently throws it. The dogs eat the food. Akshara asks Naitik about the stain on his shirt. Naksh says I will wash it. The lady says the food boxes got over. Akshara asks what, how can this happen. Jasmeet says there were many boxes. Rukmani says men don’t know the quantities and creates scene.

Naitik and Naksh come back and ask what happened. Akshara says food is over. Naitik says what, we got enough food. Rukmani asks Akshara to apologize to them, and give them money, as food can’t come so soon. Naitik says no need, we will just come. Naksh says we have learnt this, as kept extra food in the car. They all smile. Kamla says he did great. Mishti comes and tells something to Akshara. Akshara is shocked and asks is she sure

Gayu coughs. Naitik cares for her. Naira looks on. The ladies think Gayu is his daughter. Naira hugs Naitik and says love you Papa. Naitik asks Gayu to come along. Akshara talks to Rukmani and scolds her for disrespecting the food. She says Mishti was playing hide and seek with her friends, where you have thrown the food. She says you are elder and our relative, you have problem with me, I became head against you, don’t spread news about Naitik, Naksh and Krishna, I won’t let this happen, Krishna is Naitik’s dream. Naksh has worked hard, if anyone points on their honesty and hardwork, I will not keep quiet.

Naira throws the things. Gayu asks what did she do. Naira says you are coming between me and my dad, you always make him busy, everyone thinks you are his daughter, not me. The elders look at their arguments being shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Please this serial needs to stop. It is dragging.. No story line at all.

    1. No i love this show and it you donot like so u better stop watching but keep your openion to your self because no one need it .

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