Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer giving money to Devyaani. He says its for Rashmi’s ring, you checked my wallet yesterday, its okay, the cards are for the company, I don’t use it for personal things, my sister gave this money, give this to uncle, I know you don’t like or trust me, I m not a bad man, I love Rashmi, I don’t have wrong agenda to marry her. She asks why is he explaining her. He says I understood you will never accept me, I m hurting you which I don’t want, may I know the problem. Devyaani asks why is he proving he is good. He asks what problem she has with his sisters. Akshara comes and sees them arguing.

Devyaani says I can’t have fake masks like you. Sameer says you are elder, it does not mean you are right. Akshara sees Rashmi. Sameer also sees Rashmi

coming and asks Devyaani not to worry, he will take care of her. Akshara asks Rashmi to go with Sameer. Sameer says I will leave. Its getting late. They leave. Akshara and Devyaani have an argument. Akshara requests her to think, marriage is fixed, things will get worse. Devyaani disagrees and says who are we to stop or make marriage done, Lord will manage, you feel you are always right, you always dominate, you don’t think about elders.

She says I know you brought me in this house, but I m your mum in law, not you. Akshara cries. Bau ji and says great. Bhabhimaa and Bau ji hear everything. Bau ji says Devyaani said it, I was surprised, why did you not say this before. He says he did not understand what bahu and saas means to you. Devyaani says its not like that. Bau ji asks am I wrong, fine, are you right….

He says you and your words are not right. Akshara says Devyaani did not mean it. Bau ji says let me say, I know my wife. She says Devyaani reminded well that she is sad, and reminds her that she is Rashmi’s mum also. He says you did not do your duty as a mum right. Bau ji says if Gayatri was alive, she would have done everything for her happiness. Devyaani says I m worried for Rashmi, I know I m not her real mum, but I love her.

She says there is something wrong. Akshara says you felt this for Muskaan too, see she is so happy with Alok, Sameer is very nice, I request you not to bring any chance that I prove you wrong. Bau ji says leave it, I think its no use to explain her now. Sameer and Rashmi spend some time. He says shayari and asks him to smile. She asks what was he saying Devyaani. Sameer says nothing. She says please tell me. Sameer says Devyaani does not like me, it happens, everything will be fine. Rashmi says thanks, you are good. He says I want to hear this from Devyaani.

Akshara gets upset and recalls Devyaani’s words. Naitik comes and asks her where is her focus. He says he is thinking about Sameer, his past is troubling me, are we hurrying. She says no, Rashmi and Sameer love each other, you heard your heart, don’t get doubt, have trust on Sameer, give him a second chance. He says he is worried and goes. Bau ji gets annoyed seeing Devyaani. Rajshri calls Devyaani. Devyaani says everything feels I m wrong, I m a mum, I want to get satisfied. Rajshri says I can understand, but sometimes we have to explain heart, bless Rashmi. Devyaani says I will try and thanks for her support.

Naira and Gayu are on the way from school and are glad to win competition. Gayu calls Rashmi and says she won the competition, and asks Rashmi where is she. Rashmi and Sameer congratulate her. Rashmi and Sameer do not get Gayu’s voice clear as there is less network. Rashmi says she is in garden and Gayu asks driver to take them there. Sameer does not hear Gayu saying she is coming to garden, and says we will buy gifts for our champions and meet them at home.

Rukmani comes to Akshara’s house and asks Bhabhimaa why did Rashmi do this, she did not think about family respect. Devyaani asks what is she saying. Bhabhimaa says Nandini can’t do anything. Rukmani says no, Nandini is like cow, she can never do anything, I m saying about Rashmi and Sameer, they were outside spending time. Naira and Gayu come to the park and send the driver. They look for Sameer and Rashmi. Sameer and Rashmi leave from there. Gayu tells Naira that she told Sameer they are coming here. Sameer and Rashmi leave.

The driver tells Naitik that he dropped Naira and Gayu at garden. Akshara says but Rashmi is not with them, where did they go.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Gayu is a dump girl. Very irritating. Compare to her Naira is a sweet girl and also very intelligent.

  2. Devyani was not compeletely incorrect
    ya she is wrong but she is right in saying ‘you think you are always right’ or ‘it happens as your wish’ or ‘you always dominate’
    rest is absolutely wrong but this ws right
    ns akshra ‘i have to prove you wrong’

  3. happy to know that naksh is getting married

  4. Devyani is absolutely correct. Rashmi has suffered a lot. Second marriage should have been enquired a lot and that too a habitual drunkard. Akshara is too much over. She thinks that always she is right. I hate her. She interferes in each and everyone’s affairs.

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