Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Naira misses Kartik

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kirti’s doli going, Naira holds Kirti’s hand and sees Kartik. She walks away. Soni chidiya…..plays…. Kartik thinks Naksh is more dear to you, so you have done this with me and Kirti. Naira wishes he stops her, else she will really go. Naira cries and leaves. Kartik sits sad. Manish comes to him. He says I know what you are going through at this time, but I can’t do anything. Kartik cries and hugs Manish. Manish says we are not feeling this for the first time, I regret that Kirti left, but I m in peace that I gave her hand to Naksh. Kartik gets angry. Manish says Kirti will get much happiness. Kartik walks off.

Naksh gives water to Kirti. He sees Naira and thinks there is something, but how to ask her in front of Kirti. Kirti asks Naira

what happened, why is she crying. Naira says nothing, I m senti type, I recalled my bidaai. Naksh asks her not to lie. Naira says I m missing mumma Papa. They reach home. Naksh asks Kirti to come. Devyaani asks him not to do grah pravesh now. Rajshri says Dadi asked us to do a small ritual. They take Kirti. Naksh asks Naira not to lie to him, he is noticing her since long, he couldn’t ask her there, why did she come and leave Kartik alone. She says Kartik has sent me here, don’t worry, responsibilities and expectations got high, once you and Kirti settle, everything will settle. She thinks I can’t run this lie for long, Naksh settle down fast so that Kartik gets sure. Aryan tells servant that its his family. He goes to help Akhilesh. He takes kids to the car. He sees Kartik and offers help. Kartik scolds him angrily. They all look on. Kartik apologizes to Aryan and goes. Aryan thinks its fine, let my time come, you will know. Kartik goes to the car and leaves.

Akhilesh asks why is he so upset. Surekha says he would be missing Kirti. Manish says no, I can feel it, there is something else. Suwarna says even Naira is not here, they think of others first, they won’t say they miss each other, Kartik knows Naira is needed more there. Dadi prays happiness stays, all the children’s jodi stay fine.

The ladies dance. Bhabhimaa wards off bad sight. Devyaani does the aarti. Kirti leaves hand impressions on wall. She thanks Naira as she is seeing this day because of her. Naira says relations are dealt in love. Bhabhimaa asks Devyaani to take Kirti. Naksh says welcome in my life and house Kirti ji. Kirti hits kalash and walks in. She stumbles. Naksh holds her. She leaves her foot impressions. They go inside. Naira thinks you accept or not Kartik, I m sure the step I took is right, it has happiness of both families. She recalls her words to Kartik and comes in. She walks on the white cloth. She sees her feet dirty and turns to see. She sees black foot marks and gets shocked,

She recalls Kartik’s words. She tries to clear the black marks. She says what’s happening to me, why am I restless, this is my house, no this is not my house now, my house is one where my Kartik lives, where I left him. She calls Kartik. She leaves a voicemail for him. She says when a girl leaves her foot marks, floor gets painted, but none sees her husband’s foot marks, the girl knows her husband is always with her, I know you are always with me, like Naksh is with Kirti.

Kartik receives her voicemail. He doesn’t check. He then plays it. He hears Naira and stops it. Naksh and Kirti light the diya and pray near Akshara and other elders’ pic. Naksh apologizes for not fulfilling her wishes before. He says you had many dreams for my marriage, I remember what you told me, its not new bahu’s duty to change, its of entire family and of husband too, I will always remember this, so that you feel proud of me. Naksh cries. Ananya asks him to talk to Naitik.

Naira says I m here. Rajshri asks her to start the rasams. Naira does arrangements. She thinks of Kartik. FB shows Naira telling him that brothers cry when sisters go after marriage. He says I won’t cry. She says I know you will cry. He says yes, but I can go with her being her Nanand’s husband. She says I will also go. He says fine, we both will go together. They say the most imp thing, we will do rasams together. Kartik calls Kirti. He asks her to answer. Kirti calls him back. Naira says its me. He says I have to talk to Kirti and ends call. He gets the call again. Kirti talks to him. She asks how are you, where did you go. Kartik asks are you fine. Kirti says I m fine, Naksh and Naira are with me, you should have come with Naira. He thinks to tell her truth. Bhabhimaa asks Kirti to come. Kirti asks him to talk to Naira and goes. Naira says Kartik…… He ends call.

Kartik tells Naira to ask Naksh to tell truth to Kirti, else he will tell her. She refuses. He says fine, I will do what I feel right.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ponkuri

    Hi everybody Bro Fenil Sis Kaina Anjana Anjali Raf Sachu Missy Meena TVfan1 Ayesha Aku n all???

    Today episode… Karthik is very self centered.. When he think he is right nothing can change his mind even the one he so called he loves most?? I really really hope Naira pls dun goes back to him unless he apologises? he is too much one moment can be so lovey dovey the next moment he can be so heartless??? dun tell me till now he still dun know Naira wel enough??? Wat he was thinking… He worries Naksh n family r going to ill treat Kirti??? He hve to checks n calls her… Even if Naira answers the call he can always asks her but he hanged up as if some monster answered!!! She is aftr all ur wife u so loves b4!!! Hope Naira dun goes back n dun tell Keesh let Karthik tells Kirti… I dun see the point of him wanting to tell Kirti?? Is he thinking of Kirti happiness?? Does telling make things better??? Is he trying to hurts Kirti or wat??? You want to be right or happy??? Pls think of whether ur going to make this situation better or worst??? another thing he is going to sacrifices his n Naira happiness… Why??? to be right?? Why can’t he gives Naksh a chance to fulfilled his promise to n take care of Kirti?? ??b4 making a conclusion!!!

    1. Fenil

      Hii sis.
      Well today u sjust simply nailed it.
      Aflatoon reviews.agree Naira shouldn’t go to Karthik.
      This time I really want Karthik apologize to Naira.

      1. Ponkuri

        Yes Bro Fenil ? n Thank you ?

    2. Aku

      Heya how are you?

    3. Kaina1

      hi ponkuri di how r u

  2. Ponkuri

    *to love n take care of Kirti*

  3. Fenil

    Hello friends!!
    KEERTI pls stop telling thank you to Naira….pls begging you.
    Naira today tumne bahut badi baat keh di… Singhania Sadan tumhare ghar nahi Haan ab toh Jahan Karthik woh hi tera ghar bahut khub sila diya sabke pyaar ka. …

    1. Fenil

      Wow Naksh and Akshara scenes were aflatoon.❤️❤️❤️❤️??????

    2. Kaina1

      vahi toh bhai akshara never said that maheswari niwas wasnt her house any longer this serial was all about how a newly married girl managed new relation of sasural keeping yup with old relation of mayka and now cvs spoiled the whole essecene of the show i mean 8 yrs they showed us brilliantly that akshara managing both shinghaniya bahu duty and maheswari beti duty and now this ab kya kahu pure 8 saal ki mehenat par paani daal diya in logo ne

    3. Maryam_ishq

      Totally agree !
      Naira has become of goenkas only… she only says to dadi tht both are her houses and herself says tht goenka house is her only house. Her mayka would be tht orphanage in hrishikesh.

      1. Fenil

        Correct Mariam…

  4. Ponkuri

    One more thing… Karthik said Naira… Naksh is more dear to u that u lies to me n Kirti… How abt u Karthik now ur behavior doesn’t it showed tat Kirti is more dear to u than Naira??? Same same la… Stand in Naira shoes n think.. Just like u!! This is human… dun tell me u wishes tat Naira thinks of u more than her own family??? Unless ur not human or ur so selfless tat u only think of others more than ur own family!!! Be logic Karthik!!!

    1. Kaina1

      logic and that too from karthik is like excepting sun to rise from west IMPOSSIBLE

      1. Ponkuri

        Ur right Sis Kaina ?? Impossible!!!

  5. Aku

    I won’t comment anything today all I want is that this stupidity ends soon.. cz I really can’t handle these two idiotic people any longer.. and naira is talking about relations and love to naksh and Kirti.. huh.. pehle khud ke toh relations Sambhal le uske Baad dusro Ko gyaan de.. idiotic girl

  6. Kaina1

    Hello guys I hope that everyone is going great
    Guys yaar aaj dhanteras ke din mene AK-47 kharred liyi hai cvs ka murder karna hai isliye aap sab khareed lo shayad cvs me sadh duddhi aajaye kyuki guys ab toh puri tarah se serial barbad ho chukka hai guys don’t have any single hope that this serial is going to be back as our yrkkh no way ab toh is serial ki oh my mata hogai hai
    Anyway starting from the first scene well naira get the flashback of her bidaai –bas yeh hi dekhna baki that cvs dear cvs naksh was also moving with doli u could have given us a scene there magar nahi tum logo ko to iss over-acting ki dukan or jewellary ke makan ka rotten-tomatoes hua jaise chehre dikhana hai so dikhalo personally speaking instead of watching this scene guys watch tom-jerry hassi toh aayegi anyways manish is unable to hold the doli so Aryan help guys now if anyone in this world told me that karthik is the best brother then I am telling you throw urself from the near-by cliff dude karthik instead of saying a good-bye to his sister and giving her last dose of happiness from his side instead prefers to stay angry from his liar wife anyways whole of the bidaai gets spoiled becoz of kaira as cvs instead of showing emotional keerti prefers to show us the face or these two spoiled brat and I am banging my head on the wall for thinking ki yeh ab hume keesh scene denge anyways DG get emotional dear cvs ek kaam karo keesh ka honeymoon track se phele inka swarg sidharne ka track le aao in tomorrow episode this dadi goenka was saying jaldi bidai karo mahurat nikal jayega aur aaj ye ro rahi hai seems like hypocrisy runs in blood of goenka family anyways after this you are served with manish and karthik scene well guys I am ready to believe that rahul Gandhi joined BJP but not that suwarna-manish-karthik-aryan share a parents-childeren relation guys kisi angle se bhi parents son ki vibe nahi aati hai in logo me

  7. Kaina1

    anyways now coming too another scene well dear keesh are in their wedding car and guess what naira is also their dear cvs you show goenkas very rich couldn’t you arrange for any other car I mean wedding car me bhi keesh akale nahi hai naira is there with keesh just like a flim poster stick every-where anyways naksh looking at naira understand that something is wrong and his very own sister naira from last 2 months couldn’t see his pain and then she was asking how should she believe naksh?? Dear naira go and believe ISIS becoz u seriously dosent deserve brother like naksh anyways naksh wonders how to ask naira meanwhile he offers water to keerti (Awwwwwwwwwww in his quest to become best brother he didn’t forget his husband duty karthik learn some lesson) anyways keerti sees naira crying and she ask why (dude to me it appear behen meri bidai me bhi footage mat kha) to which she says she is senti (I fell of my chair laughing ) anyways both of them understand that naira is lying (in short to me it appear behen ek baar me saach bol de aur kitni footage khayegi) anyways this time naira crosses all limit of lying and use her parents as cover seriously cvs had kar di dude from childhood we are taught that not to use your parent in your lying it is as bad as bad omen but no naira will (senseless brainless brat) well keesh reach shinghaniya sadan well you will think that they will show keerti reaction no dear cvs first they tell us about naira face (I wish I had rotten egg would have mashed it on her face maybe after that it look beautiful) anyways bhabhimaa tell about rasam (don’t dare to think that you will be shown rasam) well again comes naira but know it is with naksh , naksh tells her to stop lying and tell him everything (and naira was asking how to believe him) and again naira lies again (read it as nahi nahi bhai me abhi aur footage khaungi) anyways naira wishes that keesh settles in their life well not becoz her brother loneliness will go but becoz she wants to prove that she is rite and karthik is wrong ( why don’t I shoot you naira )

    1. Ponkuri

      ???Sis Kaina

  8. Kaina1

    anyways then keerti grah-praveh start but wait keerti will thank naira and then naira again and again start her lecture ( where is my fevicol I want to seal her mouth) anyways finally keerti grah-pravesh is done (no background music only tune go to hell cvs) and naksh says “keerti ji welcome in my life and in my house” awwwww naksh you are best defiantly guys you know what keesh scene are “100 sunar ki ek luhar ki” pure time kaira ke scene dekho mann karta hai ki cvs ke ghar atom bomb phod dun aur keesh ka ek scene dekho mann karta sari baalaye utar loon anyways moving ahead keerti keeps her first step at shinghaniya sadan and she slips and naksh holds her hayyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeee me sadke jawan thu thu kisi ki nazar na lage but again naira reaction is shown (my foot ) and again “she start karthik I am rite hope u understand” (guys my shoe number is 7 if someone has a bigger shoe then plz give wanna throw at cvs and kaira) anyways now come the scene in which naira leaves black foot print trail along with keerti red foot print absagun well she does her over acting and send a msg to karthik that wife is that and husband is this ( guys after this I am searching on google “how to make atom bomb”) ignore it guys if ur tv is precious anyways guys remember how in kaira vivah keerti did everything from begging aditya to touching his foot so that nothing goes wrong in kaira vivah and no abshagun happens and yes she was successful but here naira in her full sense does this abshagun and guess what she isn’t worried that she did wrong for keesh but she is worried abt kaira ( I am digging a well so that I can through throw cvs and insecure kaira there and never let them come back) and yes cvs it was necessary for naira to go from the same white cloth that keerti went through she dosent have a basic sense that to step aside and not on cloth that newly-led dulhan has step on and anyways I know it isn’t suppose to be funny but cvs did naira came all the way from goenka villa to shinghaniya sadan bare foot?? Or is it that along with keerti naira also put her slippers off so that she could do the rasam ?? becoz I am unable to find a reason as to why was naira bare foot??

  9. Kaina1

    anyways now comes a scene for which I am writing this analysis AKSHARA-DUGGU SCENE IN WHICH DUGGU SAYS SOORY TO AKSHARA THAT HE IS SORRY HE WASN’T ABLE TO FULFILL HER THIS DREAM IN FRONT OF HER AND TELLS HER HE REMEMBER WHAT SHE TAUGHT HIM AND HE WILL STAND BY HIS WIFE SO THAT WHEN HE FUL-FILLS HIS DUTY AKSHARA IS PROUD OF HIIM (awwwwwwwwww I am so proud of you naksh so so proud of you believe me akshara must be thanking god in heaven for a son like you and guys believe every time in akshara death track naira use to cry I use to be like behen rehne do tumse na ho payega and believe when naksh cries in front of akshara or even makes a sad face #iamcryingoceans guys) GUYS AKSHARA AND DUGGU SCENE #ilovethem #theyaregoals #aksharaduggu #bestmummabestson #mummasboy CVS JUST BECOZ YOU GAVE ME THIS SCENE I AM NOT CRITISING YOU ANY FURTHER warna me abhi puri mahabharat likh sakti hoon anyways guy there is kaira dream sequence (matalab ki keesh ki post wedding rituals ko bhi spoil karne ki puri planning thi in dono ki ) and rajshri ( dear guy I am thinking of rope so that I can tie both rajshri and naira hadd hai rajshri naksh bhi aapki beti ka beta hai kabhi toh uski taraf bhi dekh liya karo) #missingrajshriandchiku well guys keesh talk to naitik but don’t you think that scene will be shown becoz #cvsareobssedwithkaira yash was recording everything (bhai tumhi hume apna mobile dedo kyuki cvs ne pure time kaira ko dikhaya hai hum tumhare mobile me apne keesh ko dekh lenge #nakshandyash #brothergoals

    1. Aku

      I don’t have any words to say after reading your analysis.. these two insecure selfish people have spoiled the show.. you said each and every word that I wanted to say.. and thanks to them for spoiling such an awesome show.. and actually Akshara and Naitik were relationship goals.. I guess every girl after watching Naitik must have wanted a guy like Naitik as her husband…. I’m just done with this show…

    2. Kaina I am absolutely loving your analysis today! ??

  10. Sorry girls kartik is right naira is wrong.
    Naira cares only for.maayka wrong. Once u are married u gotta balance both maayka and sasural. And kartik is being a good brother here instead of his usual feetlicking of naira.
    Love kartik.kirti morw than naira.

  11. In this the Case of naksh truth, this time kartik is wrong and naira is right. How can kartik do this with naira. How can kartik say this word to naira that she loves naksh more then kirti, that she cares and wants happiness of naksh more then kirti, how could kartik do this with naira. I know that kartik is also right in place and he is nice person, he is perfect and best for naira, but how could kartik do this with naira, how could. Did kartik forget that saved both his sisters. One from jail, and one from aditya, then how could. And also how could kartik say this word also to naira that he not want to see the face of naira. How could. And did kartik forget that in the Case of akshara naksh understood kartik and also supported kartik. Then how could kartik do this with naira and naksh both. I know that kartik is also right in his place, and I know that naksh hide this Truth from everyone, but I have seen that seriously naksh cares for kirti, keeps kirti happy, naksh is also right in his place, naksh is not like aditya, then why kartik is not understanding naksh and not believing naira. How could kartik blame naira for all this, if kartik will not understand naksh and not believe naira then it is not good. Kartik should understand naksh and should believe naira. And one I am feeling that this time naira did not forgive kartik easily, and this time naira has right to do this, because this time kartik wrong and naira is right. But please please make sure that like always this time also kartik naira should patch up soon. If not, then it is not good. Because In the yeh rishta kya kehlata hai serial, I always hate the fight of couples, like naitik akshara, naksh kirti and especially kartik naira. I only and only want kartik naira always be happy and always be together with each other. Please please. And also yes naira should take stand for her self respect. Please please.

  12. Kaina1

    guys i am hearing that after knowing the truth DG will slap naksh and manish and karthik will be after naksh giving him slap and then naksh will tell truth

    #heybhagwancvskouthalo #noway #ifnakshisslappedthenimnotwatching #cvsdotohell

    1. Oh God already I can’t explain how much I am irritated.please CVs don’t spoil have already spoiled keesh weeding.comeon guys Naira holding keerthi hand at the time of bidaai and in their car ha shown kaarthk anger only to show Naira as a victim.if you want to show only kaira.then do need to show keesh then for sure v will stop watching the show.


    2. Kaina1

      HI ANJANA long time girl how are you i hope that you are going grt behen mene toh ummed cho di hai tum bhi chod do ye serial tohh gaya

  13. Aarti32

    Kartik ka emotion kuch bhi ho, expression ek hi rehta h?
    Naira kyu itta mar rhi h kartik k liye.. let him rot in hell ?

    1. Kaina1

      kyuki uski biwi over-acting karti hai arre yaar naira nahi maregi toh cvs humme kaise irritate karenge

  14. Aarti32

    Kaina, behen tumhare comments padhke sukoon sa milta h dil ko
    Kya dhaasu comments krti ho?..sarcastic bhi funny bhi

    1. Kaina1

      thanks aarti thanku so much you dont know of much appericiation matter to me so thanks a million time

    2. Kaina1

      and yes a hug from side for the positivity my morings are better all becoz of these positive comments so thanksssss

  15. Kaina1

    welcome to shinghaniya sadan MR AND MRS SHINGHANIYA hayyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee kisi ki nazar na lage thu thu tum log next nakshara bano (cvs ki nazar aur kaira ki insecurity se bache rhena)
    guys wish u all a very happy dhanteras

  16. Guys plzzz….. I am commenting 4 d 1st time…
    I must tell u that 17th oct was our hero’s…… our Rishi Dev’s bday…. maybe some of u knew it…… well
    A Very Happiieee birthday to my favorite…
    Rishi Dev!!!????????????

    1. Kaina1

      yup HBD rishi dev u r slaying as naksh

    2. happy belated birthday Rishi Dev!! you are my hero!! love uh

  17. hahaha kaina when I read ur 2nd and third comment seriously I was almost going fall from the corner of my bed just amazing sahi kaha kisine sukoon milta hai tumhare comments parhke
    and the last comment of duggu and akshara I was so emotional…

    1. Kaina1

      thanks ayesha thanku so much appericiation is most precious diamond to me and believe when in morning i read ur comments like these my whole day becomes a bliss for i am smiling whole day becoz of the positivity u share so thanks a million time dear

  18. **going to fall**

  19. I just want to give u a hug after reading ur comments kaina sis

    1. Kaina1

      AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even a hug from my side too dear thanks for the positiveity

  20. i mean i really needed some place to scream at the screen writers. what were they thinking when they were making this episode?
    dude this is keesh’s wedding, they should be the highlight and not NAIRA. understand that simple equation. And naira and kartik had their perfect dreamy wedding but they just can’t get happy with that,they’ll have to ruin everyone else’s and then they’ll finally may be happy. HOW DARE NAIRA DESTROY THE FOORPRINTS of kirti, kirti didn’t destroyed her. It’s keesh wedding sequence, we should see them and not naira and kartiks flashbacks,we need to see the rashams and their emotions and expressions. we’re tired of kaira’s melodrama and attention seeking behavior. this show is just getting on my nerves. cannot take this anymore.

    p.s- naira is one shit of a sister,all of she can think is her perfect little life and romance with kartik,i mean how can she not sense naksh’s hesitation all these days,well i know why? because she was busy ROMANCING kartik and getting FAKE PREGNANT to steal the limelight. this is what they do.

    pss- naksh is the ideal brother and husband, who deal with every situation logically and do not let emotions overflow him. he and kirti should’ve been lead,kirti is much stronger than naira,she has been through lot on her own.
    i mean they had equal chances to be lead right? naksh is also akshara and naitik’s son for crying out loud. 4 of them should be lead of naksh Nd kirti. we have enough of kartik amd naira’s dumbness

    1. Yes dear v all need some place to scream
      It’s the hypocrisy karthik hurting naksh sister and blaming naksh and asking keerthi are you fine.
      After goenka entry there are lots of hypocrisy

    2. Aku

      I totally agree with you.. there is an article on India forums where they are comparing this idiotic dumb selfish overacting ki Dukan and attention seeker naira with Akshara.. please do go and comment there and also on the article with the heading yrkkh is the longest running show.. if we all comment there I guess they will do something which I have a very big doubt on cz of this jealous and insecure Shivangi joshi

    3. Kaina1

      coumi even i am with you cvs bhi samajh jayen bas

      1. Kaina1

        sorry soumi

  21. @people who is telling us to stop watching the show, only because of small keesh scene v r watching the show.Moreover who are you to decide what v should watch and what v should and write about the serial not about are not paying our bills.

  22. Whatever, but this time in the Case of naksh truth, this time naira has right to do this to not forgive kartik easily, because this time naira is right and kartik is wrong. I know that kartik and kirti is brother sister, but, is kirti is more important, more dear to kartik that kartik will not listen to naira that what naira has to say, is kirti is more important, more dear to kartik that kartik will say to naira that naksh is more dear you more then kirti, that you want happiness only of naksh more then kirti, you loves naksh more then kirti. Then not the face of naira, this is very very wrong, kartik should once listen to naira that what naira has to say, and kartik should once believe to naira, and kartik should once understand naksh, because earlier in the Case of akshara naksh has always understood kartik and also supported kartik, did kartik forget this. And did kartik also forget this that earlier naira saved both his sisters, one from jail and one from aditya, did kartik forget this also, so, this is very very wrong. If kartik will not understand naksh, believe and trust naira. And also not listen to naira, and also blame naira for all this, for no reason, then I think that this time naira will not forgive kartik easily and this is, it is not good for kartik. Kartik should once understand naksh, believe and trust naira, he should. Because in the yeah rishta kya kehlata hai I always and always hate the fight of couples like naitik akshara, naksh kirti, and especially kartik naira. Because after naitik akshara the main lead couples is kartik naira. So please. Because I only and only want kartik naira to always be together and be happy with each other. Because kartik naira is best.

  23. I honestly did not like this episode or the ones before. This is a continuous cycle of naira and karthik. He is very stubborn. I understand that it’s his sister and Naksh said he does not love kirti but I think he is starting to fall for her. Karthik is just going to complicate the matter when there’s no need to do that. Naira only cries and Karthik is very self centered and it’s so annoying. Naira always runs when they argue I know he was beyond upset and he broke something in anger but she should have rather not gone and tried to make this dumb Karthik understand that Naksh does like Kirti

    We are suppose to watch series to relax or get excited for the characters and their story lines. But instead it’s frustrating and very irritating

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