Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi says to Rahshri that as they like. Rajshri says she will send everything she cooked with Naitik, his friends will also like it. She says as Gayatri isn’t here, she will have to look after Naitik as well. Chanda brings a girl along, Varsha asks who is she. Chanda says someone died in her family, where she would stay.
Akshara prepares for Naitik’s things, he keeps smiling at him. He says she must not go to airport, he will go straight to the airport from office. He teases her, and says is she getting jealoused. He says that the flights get late these days. Akshara says sometime ago, he was taking her to US but now isn’t ready to take her to airport. But she only wants him safe and happy. They hug.
Varsha gets Chanda telling the girl to stuff her eatables in pockets.

Jasmeet comes and says they must leave it. Varsha says she will tell maa and kaaki. Jasmeet says it isn’t that big a matter, Varsha says she must not talk in between other’s matters.
Disha comes to Akshara, who was writing 5 letters for five days to Naitik. She says she envies their romance. She gives AKshara the sweets she brought from the nearby bakery. Naksh comes there, she gives him his sugar free cup cakes. Naksh asks Amrita that she must bring the glasses from the same bakery, for the party he is giving to his friends. Akshara says they didn’t talk about it, but Naksh says they did.
CHanda denies that Varsha heard something wrong, she told the girl to fill in the food which she leaves. Varsha says she heard it wrong, she may ask Jasmeet. Jasmeet says that Varsha took the tailor wrong the other day.
Akshara says she won’t listen to anything, Naksh says that it is the first time he will tell his friends about the Chotu baby. Akshara agrees, but says that he will get punishment later. They all discuss about preparations, when Naksh’s nani also come there to help.
Naitik discuss with manager, the to do list. He asks Avastri group to meet them at home. Manager asks is he going home, as the suitcase is in his bag.
The children ask Akshara if the baby is in her tummy, they then sing a song for the baby. Naitik comes there, they say thankyou to them. Yash says at his home a baby is also coming, but he didn’t give a party. Is he a bad boy, Naitik and Akshara tells him that he must tell baby how much he loves.
Nandini hears Rukmani talks to Sushma that she is thinking about sending Yash to village.
Diviani appreciates Naksh, Bhabi maa says it was goad bharai, which Naksh did.
Naitik tells Akshara that he called Alok here. Raheshwari takes a leave, and tells him she brought her favorites to eat. She is fond of cooking, as a few people have. The all head to their works, Akshara says she got a chance to spend some time. Naitik gets a text, and takes a leave. She stops him, but he doesn’t.
Karishma calls Numal, Deviani takes the call. Karishma says she must talk to her directly, why is she involving Namal in between.
ALok comes home, and calls Mrs. Singhania. Akshara is shocked to see him. He knew her from before marriage, and wanted to be friends with her. Alok says life is strange, one cant say when and where one meet. Akshara offers him a seat, he asks her to sit too. He asks about Naitik, AKshara calls him saying he must be coming. Naitik was just on the doorway, and meets Alok. Akshara tells him about the details, ALok appreciated the presentation and thanks her. He says to Naitik that his wife is good. Naitik says he is a good man, while Akshara is worried.

PRECAP: Akshara tries to talk to Naitik and fears that he takes her wrong. She tells him that ALok is the one, whom Shoray caught in college.

Update Credit to: Sona

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