Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone asking Akshara about Rose. Rose says I m not a ghost and shows her face. She introduces herself. Naira says mumma, she is Yash’s GF right. Akshara smiles hearing mumma. Yash tells Naksh that I think Rose loves me as I m Indian, I m seeing her in this Indian avatar for the first time. Devyaani asks when did they come. Akshara says at night, I did not send them. Rose touches Devyaani’s feet and says I learnt all this from bollywood. They smile. Akshara sends Rose. Karishma asks Yash how could he get Rose here. Bau ji says it will be big problem if Rukmani knows this. Rukmani comes there and says so you have hidden them here.

Varsha tells Ananya about her friend inviting her in reunion, she asked to deposit 3000rs. Ananya says I don’t want to

go. Varsha asks her to go out and meet friends. Kuhu is finding how Kohli gave the rent. Shaurya and everyone laugh. Kartik meets Kohli. Kohli asks him to go by back door. Kuhu says to whom is Kohli talking. Varsha asks her to stop spying and finish homework. Rukmani says Akshara always does what she thinks and never respects elders. Nandini and Mohit come there and greet them. Rukmani asks them to see Yash, he came here with Rose. Mohit asks Rukmani not to make an issue. Nandini says Rukmani is right, and asks Akshara not to support Yash. Naira asks why, even Akshara has right to support Yash. She says Rukmani blamed Akshara without thinking anything, Akshara did not get Yash, he came here at night. Yash says yes, I came here with Rose. Akshara asks Yash to do what his family says. Yash says I agreed to Rukmani always, now its time she thinks of others. Akshara asks Yash to apologize. Naira asks why, he did not say anything wrong.

Rukmani asks Nandini to see, how will Yash change after marrying Rose, I will go Haridwar, but not accept her as my bahu, she is not like us, she has no good values. She coughs. Rose gets water for her. Rukmani gets shocked seeing her. Yash smiles. Rose touches Rukmani’s feet. Naksh asks Rukmani to bless Rose. Rukmani says yes, bless you, get up. Rose thanks her. Everyone smile.

Rose touches Mohit and Nandini’s feet and takes blessings. Karishma says Rose did good homework. Akshara says this is proof that she loves Yash truly. Varsha asks Ananya about writing talent. Ananya says I got busy in married life commitments, I did not realize I did big mistake. Varsha asks is there any problem. Ananya says no, I did mistake to stop writing, I got out of practice.

Mohit says I don’t have any problem with this relation. Akshara says Yash loves her. Yash says Rose is Indian by heart. Rukmani says you would cry after some time, ask her will she adjust with us, will she not eat non veg. Rose says I m vegetarian. Mohit asks Rukmani to say now. Rose says I learnt cooking food, I like joint families, I like to dance. Akshara says even Naira likes to dance, right Naira. Naira nods and smiles.

Rose’s saree gets loose. Gayu and Naira cover it up. Rukmani asks was this necessary to see. Mishti says she is wearing jeans inside. Rose goes. Akshara asks Nandini to listen to Yash, he loves Rose. Nandini asks what about us, there should be equality, I have no problem with love marriage, how can you think to unite two cultures. Akshara says I feel they will keep each other happy. Nandini says Yash is innocent, when Sanju left him, he was depressed, I m against this marriage. Rukmani says me too….. I did not know Yash will show us this day, we gave him love and tried to make him ours. Mohit says don’t bring that in between. He says I will explain Maa. Mohit, Nandini and Rukmani leave. Naksh asks elders to help Yash, I have gone through this pain. He gets sad.

Gayu and Naira talk to Rose. Rose says Yash told me that you both used to dance in childhood, show me some dance steps, I want to learn. Mishti plays music. Naira dances on Dil se bandhi ek dor……………………. Naira makes all of them dance. Rose compliments Naira. Gayu says I don’t dance now. Naira says I felt you would join me in dance academy. Yash comes and asks Rose to come. Rose says give them some more time. She hugs Naira, Mishti and Gayu. She goes with Yash. Naira says you were right Papa, I really love dancing.

Akshara apologizes to Rose and gives her some gifts. Rose and Yash thank her. Akshara blesses them. Naira talks to Pungi and tells her about the song they would to dance on. she plays the song and dances happily. Pungi also dances hearing the song on phone. Akshara looks on and thinks Naira used to dance on this song in Rishikesh, she was away and was connected to us. She smiles seeing Naira dancing. She says maybe Naira will come close to me when this academy forms.

Bhabhimaa asks who is that girl. Everyone ask her whom is she seeing. They all tease Bhabhimaa, and want to surprise about Naira.

Update Credit to: Amena

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