Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik talking to Rashmi and Nandini. Akshara says she is very happy seeing them together after many years. Rashmi says yes, we become happy foursome when you joined us. Yash gives food to Sanju and says he did not know what she likes, so he got everything. She says so sweet and eats food. She says its very spicy and he makes her eat sweets. Devyaani and Rajshri have a talk and say functions are making them tired. Rajshri says their age is not like before now. Devyaani says we have to prepare for mehendi today and haldi tomorrow. Bau ji and Vishwamber come and ask then why do they look like they are unhappy with marriage.

Vishwamber asks them not to worry, as this is second marriage. Devyaani says for me, its their first marriage. Naksh drinks and Kunal

makes him drink more. Naks gets drunk and Yash finds him. Naksh comes to Ananya and Sanju. Ananya says Rajshri is finding her. He says why, did she complain, she is very bad. He cries telling about his childhood. Sanju says he is drunk. Naksh says I want my marsh mellows now.

Ananya says what about you, you used to eat my tiffin. He says I want it now. Yash comes and Ananya asks him about Naksh. Sanju says he is drunk too. Ananya asks Yash. Yash says Kunal made us drink. Ananya says what will elders do. Naksh says the same that she is scolding him. Ananya says stop him, else we will get scolding. Ananya says we will make him sleep. Sanju applies perfume on his clothes. Gayu talks to Naira and they see Naksh. Naira calls out Bhai. Naksh says yes sister. Sanju says why did he drink if he can’t handle. He says they are his enemies, and not letting him meet his sister. Ananya says she will handle Naira and sends them.

Naira says Naksh does not have time for me. Ananya says he got cold, so he went to rest. Naksh falls down. Sanju slips and Yash holds her. Ananya says help him in getting up. Jasmeet and Akshara praise the lehenge. Naitik sends a coffee for Akshara with a heart. Naitik smiles seeing her. Jasmeet and Varsha tease her. Akshara says they are troubling her brothers a lot. Varsha says ask them to learn from Naitik. Jasmeet says Anshu does not love me. Akshara says they love but don’t impress.

Jasmeet scolds Nannu and Anshu says he will see Nannu and make him have food. She smiles. Naitik asks the group did they have food. Sanju nods and takes Naksh. Akshara stops Naitik and says she will do something for him, as he has sent coffee for him. They sneeze together and laugh. She says she will get medicine for him and have it too. Bhabhimaa says she will do any work if they suggest, she wants to help. Akshara comes there and the group hides. Sanju makes her busy in talk. Akshara says she danced well. Sanju gives her water and asks her to take care. Akshara leaves.

Jasmeet, Nandini, Varsha and Rashmi talk about Naitik’s shoes, the stealing ritual. They bring Naksh to the room. Akshara says where are the kids. They ask Naira about Naksh. Naira says I don’t know about them. Akshara asks again. Naira says they are in room, Naksh caught cold. Akshara goes to see him. Naksh dances with Sanju. Bhabhimaa and elders also get to know Naksh caught cold. Rajshri says we will make him have haldi milk. Ananya says everyone is coming. Sanju says we will stop them and asks Yash to manage Naksh. They stop the ladies and say Naksh is sleeping.

Akshara and everyone go there and see Naksh in the blanket. Yash says he has cold and shivering. Devyaani says let me see her. Ananya says check my hand and fever first. She says she has given him the tablet and asks them not to worry. The elders leave. Naksh gets up with his mouth tied and beats Yash. Yash says sorry, I did not have any option. Sanju and Ananya laugh. Devyaani asks Bhabhimaa not to worry, its good he is sleeping. Naitik asks Akshara about Naksh, as he has the wallet. She says he is sleeping. He says I will go and take my wallet.

Naitik goes there and sees Naksh drunk. He gets angry and Naksh says Kunal made him drink. Naksh dances that its his dad’s marriage. Naitik scolds him.

Naitik says we will go home, no need to call Naksh, he is sleeping and will come home in morning. Vishwamber asks is everything fine.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Lol but I doubt annanya fon fall for yash otherwise there ll be a love triangle annanya yash n sanju. But guess annanya is elder to yash so my this fear won’t turn true.

    1. Obviously that wont happen you weirdo their brother and sisters!!!

  2. oh ananya and yash r brother nd sister yash calls her ananya didi

  3. annanya didi for long yrs accept their cousins

  4. i convinced with aliya

  5. Though kids grows, Akshara & Naitik are the only romantic pair forever .

  6. stupid drama

  7. ethoke kanan kure madan marum

  8. Stpd drama hota toh abhi tk 30 SPA nhi jeete hote nd hmesha top 10 m nhi rehta

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