Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira decides to return Udaipur

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira crying. Kartik is on the way and stays sad. Yeh rishta kya….plays… Lav and Kush play and wait for everyone. Kartik comes. They hug Kartik. They ask will Naira come later. Kartik says go and play, we all are tired, we will rest. They say none loves us here, send us back to the hostel. They run inside. Suwarna says I will explain them. Manish says they aren’t the ones who need to understand. Kartik stops Manish. He says I want to tell you all something. Naira and I have mutually got separated, its our decision, nobody is responsible for this, no one should be blamed for this, this is my request and wish too.

Kirti talks to Devyaani and Bhabhimaa on video chat. Kirti says Naksh could have explained her, but he didn’t. Naksh says none can

understand this situation better than Naira, just support her. Bhabhimaa says its a big thing for her, it was a different thing to stay away, but now she is separated. He says we all are with her. Devyaani and Kirti say its not easy. Kirti says it won’t be easy for them, as they have love and understanding between them, Naira can’t come out of this. Naira comes and sees everyone sad. Naira says you all always supported me, support me again, I can fight with the biggest problems, I m sorry, forgive me, don’t ask me to change my decision, a relation dies when there is no hope left, I lost my hope before I lost love, its not possible to patch up, there can’t be anything between us, Kartik also feels so, he told me so, what’s the point of having such a relation, its better we move on. Naitik looks on.

Manish and Akhilesh discuss work. Kartik says I will attend a meeting, sorry you all had to take stress because of me, I m back now, I have run a lot, I will not let other lives get spoiled because of one relation. Naira serves food and says next time, I will cook everything. She sees kachoris and thinks of Kartik. Lav says I want to have kachori. Kartik says fine, ask the staff to prepare. He thinks I won’t let them get affected now. She thinks they all got troubled because of me, but not anymore. The family members look at them. Naira sees the empty chair beside. Kartik too looks beside. He sees her. She sees him. Phir bhi khamoshiyan…plays…. Naira cries. Her imagination ends. Kartik wipes his tear. Suwarna asks him to have food, she has prepared it for him. She asks him to answer call later. He says its Mr. Pinto’s call, I will talk to him and come. He goes. Suwarna says I think he is more relaxed as the decision got certain. Manish says is this the silence before storm or after storm, time shall show it. He goes.

At office, Kartik hears about Naksh’s cheque. He asks Sudhir about it. Sudhir says its for Naksh’s resort funding, he refused first and then accepted it from Manish. Kartik says fine, make the cheque ready, I will talk to Naksh.

Naitik gets ticket printouts. Naksh says its not needed. Naitik says its pointless to tell anything to children these days. Naksh says even elders don’t listen at all some times. He gets Kartik’s call. Kartik says the amount you mention in funding file, I think you should increase it. Naksh says no, thanks. Kartik says you and Kirti are family, and will always be. Naksh says no, its okay. Kartik says let me know when you reach Udaipur, I will send the cheque. Naitik asks was it Kartik’s call, did he ask about Naira. Naksh says no. Naitik says is there any hope in their relation, what do you think. Naksh says everything is not about Naira, Kartik didn’t ask about her, there are other personal things too, my problems, like Manish helping me.

Naitik asks are you taking help from Manish, you didn’t tell me. Naksh says you were busy with Naira, you didn’t take out time for me, you were just worried for me, you weren’t there for me, you didn’t worry for me. Naira looks on. Kartik comes and asks why did you call me this time. Suwarna says I told you, he will be worried. Surekha says its fine, he will be glad. She asks him to see who is standing behind. Kartik smiles and says Mansi… he hugs her. She says I was missing you all a lot, so I came home. He says I also miss you. She says why will you miss us when you have Naira to give you company, anyways where is Naira, tell me. He says you can talk to me. She says I have to talk something imp, she will understand better. Lav and Kush ask shall we go and have icecream. She says yes, I will come. Kartik says talk to me, Naira won’t come back here, we decided to get divorced. She gets shocked. Kirti says you should have thought before saying, Naitik got hurt. Naksh says I m also feeling bad. Naksh sees Chitti getting bag and says this is not ours.

Naira says its yours, I m sorry, I didn’t understand that you also need dad as much as I do, I wonder when I became so much selfish, sorrt, don’t blame Naitik or yourself, Naitik loves you a lot, he thinks of you a lot, he worries for me more as I m stubborn and stupid, I m not selfish, I love my family, I was stupid to come here, I realized my mistake, one’s happiness lies in living with family, I m coming with you, not just me, Naitik and I are coming along. Naksh hugs her and cries. She says Mumbai didn’t suit me, lets go back to Udaipur. Naitik asks can we come. He gets his bag. Naksh, Kirti and Naira hug him. Kirti asks and your college. Naira says I will take admission in college there, dean said he will help me. Naitik says I m sure if we stay together, we will solve everything.

Kartik says we hired Sharma, did you hire any divorce lawyer. Naira says no, we shall inform when we do. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fedup of Meaningless drama

    This stupid Surwarna should be taught a lesson…..and that crazy egoistic Dadi as well. Kirti should be sent back home so that Surwarna the pig will understand that wht she is doing only step mothers do….She proved that she is not the real mother and can never be…This is why elders say that one should never marry 2 siblings in one house as all relations get questioned if one fails.

    1. I second you on that. Suwarna is not even the real mother of Karthik. And Karthik is the real culprit who is blaming Naira for everything and supporting this b*t*h Suwarna. Manish should also divorce her so that she knows how that feels. All Goenkas except Manish are disgusting. Mansi actually killed Akshara yet Naira forgave her & Naira has killed no one, still she is blamed.

    2. Wow you are so spot on!!! Fedup of Meaningless Drama., I agreed with what you have said!! totally!!! A step mother is always a step mother!!! She will never treats her step son as good as her own son!!! what she is doing now is not love but obsession !!! She is afraid to lost Karthik to Naira because she cannot see Karthik loves Naira !!! and Karthik got no guts!!! he knows very well Naira is not at fault at all but still want to force himself to blames Naira and think that Naira is heartless to divorces him!! but he is the heartless one!! before he hates Surwarna so much never even takes her name! but now suddenly so attached to her even if she is wrong!!And this is what the script writer is trying to tell the fans of this drama., a step mother is forever a step mother !!!!!

      Tehreem you are right too Naira killed no one and is blamed so severly by the Goenkas family except Kirti n Manish!!! The Goenkas family none of them especially Dadi n Surwarna deserve to have relationship with the Singhanias!!!

  2. Here comes naira jaap naira mahaan atlst u realised ur nt d 1lu child fr ur dad. Evn ur brother needs bcz o f ur stupidity nd stubborness evryone s suffering.
    Nd wat a chamelion ur .ur d 11 who gave divorce nd regretted later nw saying evn karthik s intrested n divorce
    U always proved dat ur a mean selfish character who just do watevr u want nd poke ur nose nd push evry1 to accept ur decision if nt u make a big drama nd seeks attention
    Such a low life
    Nd dis kirti s so dumb nw a days hurting naksh fr dat mahaan naira
    Dont frgt naksh s d one who s der wit u nt naira
    Afterall evn she s goenka so brain wl nt b there
    Nd natik s scolding naksh as if he doesnt evn realise dat bcz of his so called princess her bhai s gtn affected
    Both singhaniyas nd goenkas r total mental family

    1. ???.I agree with you dear

    2. Priya I DON’T AGREED WITH YOU AT ALL., please re read what you have written!!! Is it true???

  3. Sejsmiles

    Mansi should remind goenkas that she killed akshara n has been forgiven by singhanias.. So easily they forget own wrong. Also what great motherhood is suwarna talking of while she’s d one who abandoned shubham n now cries for him n ruining whole family’s lives.

    1. Sejsmiles so true !!! I do hope too that Mansi must remind the family what Singhanias have done for her n family!! Its a life she had made a family lost their mothers, wife n daughter in law !!! Surwarna is just ruining Karthik n the family she thought she had sacrificed for before!! I agreed that Manish should divorces Surwarna because she is a home breaker!!!

  4. Pratina

    I think the reason for the entry of Mansi is to make them realize Goenkas mistake of not forgiving Naira ….wen Mansi had hit Akshara which led to her death, the singhanias had forgiven her…

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