Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Martha and Akshara arguing over the dress colors. Devyaani says we are not able to think as we are not calm. Akshara says we can mix the colors and make Rose wear in both events. Martha and Rukmani do not agree. Akshare tries to explain them. Naira says mismatch will be good, it will not look boring. Devyaani says yes, it will be new. Karishma says it will be fusion dresses like fusion marriage. Martha and Rukmani agree on Akshara’s saying. Akshara tells Gayu to get stitching aids, we will make the dresses look better.

Rajshri tells Vishwamber that they can hide all these things somewhere where no one doubts. He likes the idea. He gives her all jewelry and they got hide all that. Akshara, Naira and Gayu sit to change the dress designs. It starts thundering.

Rukmani gets relative’s call and talks. Martha hears her. Rukmani says the bride who gets dowry is valued. Martha goes.

Bhabhimaa and Devyaani talk about some tricks to stop the rain. They laugh. Shaurya and Varsha come to Rajshri’s room, and get shocked seeing the items missing in locker. They shout to Vishwamber and Rajshri. Vishwamber says calm down, we have moved all items and kept safe so that no one doubts. They get relieved. Naksh asks Akshara and everyone to leave the work and have food.

Akshara and Naira say its getting done, wait. Mishti says I have an idea, we will feed them. Naksh and Mishti feed them. Naira says its tasty, get more, I m hungry. Kartik feeds her. Naksh comes there and Kartik goes till then. Naira turns to see who has fed samosa to her, and does not see Kartik. Rose apologizes to Martha and Rukmani. Rukmani says its all done now. Rose says I have an idea, after marriage, we will recreate all this by celebrating first month anniversary, I will wear white gown and I will wear red lahenga in second month anniversary. Rukmani says no, wear lahenge in first month. Rose and Martha agree. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa smile. Martha gets emotional and feeds Rose.

Vishwamber asks Rajshri not to be in storeroom, else anyone will get more doubt. She screams seeing the rat. He says I kept all imp papers here, rat can bite that. Kuhu asks them to keep everything in her room, no one will doubt, but if thief has daughter, he will steal my doll house.

Rukmani makes Yash sit and asks him to have food by her hands for the last time, as he will eat food by Rose’s hands. Yash says nothing will change after marriage. Rukmani says I know man becomes wife’s puppet, never forget family. Yash says yes, I won’t forget you. Naksh smiles. Rukmani says you will take me everywhere you go. Yash says fine, and makes excuse to leave. Naksh stops him. Rukmani asks Yash to swear. Yash promises her that Rose can’t take her place in his life, she will always be special. Rukmani smiles.

Akshara gets Naitik’s call and asks did you land so soon, but you said …… She ends call. Everyone ask where is Naitik, is he fine. Akshara says he is not coming, and gets sad. She says there is some problem so he had to stay there. She goes and cries recalling Naitik. Naira thinks of Naitik and cries. Akshara asks why did you go Naitik. Naira misses Naitik and says its not fair Papa, come back soon. Naksh gives tissues to Naira. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai…..plays…………

Rukmani tells Devyaani and Bhabhimaa they will postpone marriage till Naitik comes. Bhabhimaa says no, thanks for thinking this, but we will not postpone it. Rukmani says Akshara got very sad. Bhabhimaa says she is strong and will manage. Devyaani asks Rukmani not to think this and be happy. Rukmani says I m going to get rich after this marriage. Martha gets mistaken and removes her diamond ring.

Dadi and Varsha ask Rajshri why is she crying. Rajshri says I m missing Sunaina. Shaurya tells about theft at neighbor’s house. Vishwamber says yes, time is running bad, being alert is also not helping. Yash asks Naksh not to get sad. Naksh says we were thinking Papa would come, sorry, Naira is here and we wanted Papa here. Yash says I understand. Naksh says if Naitik was here, happiness would have got doubled. Yash hugs him.

Akshara and Naira are sad, and see each other. Naksh looks on. Akshara tries to smile and says I got sad as Naitik is not coming, but why shall we spoil happiness here. Naira says yes, if Papa knows we got upset, he will feel bad. Akshara says we won’t let this happen. Bhabhimaa says we won’t miss Naitik when you and Naira are here. Akshara says its on us to accept things with a smile or with tears. Naira says dupatta is ready and shows to Rose. Rose says this problem is also ready, thanks. Devyaani says don’t know when will rain stops. Rukmani asks how will we get baraat.

Everyone dance in Yash’s baraat on mere yaar ki shaadi hai.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The serial can be named as akshara kind mahima
    Coz only she has to solve all problems.only she has to convince every one. Every time she only ll find solutions n it’s tat in serial only she wants all the focus
    In naksh marriage she looked grand but in yash marriage also she is only looking more grand than nandini
    I feel Tara was right about akshara

    1. Hello kitties

      Well said ! All star plus leading ladies are problem solvers cum interferer in other’s matters! Akshara, gopi , ishita they are the same !!!

  2. hi! i m new here to comment bt i always read update & your comments. i m missing naitik very much.can anyone tell what will happen to his character & who will replace karan mehra? one more question, what is kartik’s reality?

  3. Anika

    Hi Mona.
    Welcome to our YRKKH family.
    Kartik is a rich man MR. Kapoor’s son, who was shown as an important client of Singhania diamonds.
    The reason why Kartik doesn’t stay with his father isn’t revealed yet.
    And don’t know what’s going to happen with Naitik. As Karan Mehra quite the show may be his charecter will be shown as dead 🙁

  4. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey everyone I’m soofia wot is all this bullsiht thst u guys have started about Naitik being dead coz Naitik will come come back to his lovely wife akshara to his lovely kids naira naksh ok so please stop all of this bullsiht coz it’s not true plus if none of u have anything nice to say about the yeh ristha Kya Kehlata hain characters then I would suggest that u guys never ever leave a comment anymore alright

    1. Hello kitties

      Just shut up and get lost !!! Naitik is not coming back to yrkkh!! Karan Mehra himself confirmed that!!! And this site is not ur personal property!!

  5. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia no I won’t shut the f**k up u have no fuvkingn right to tell me wot the f**k to do Naitik aka Karen Mehra f**king coming to yeh ristha Kya Kehlata hain alright so stop all of this fake bullsihting coz I CBA with anyone so shit the f**k up ok

  6. I want more of karthik and naira….. they r amazing together….???
    and pls bring some1 in naksh’s life…. ?

  7. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey everyone I’m soofia I know thst Naitik will be coming back into the drama yeh ristha Kya Kehlata hain for good this time so everyone please just stop all of this bullsihting ok coz I don’t believe in anything u guys have to say plus it’s not upto u guys it’s only upto the directors only

  8. i read updates daily and very excited to know who is new naitik and also eager to know kartik reality

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