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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jasmeet’s parents and relatives coming to meet Jasmeet. They ask did she make any sweet. Dadi says yes, she made good Gulgules. Pammi says did she make good. Kaki says yes, she is my bahu. Jasmeet gives the sweet to everyone. Pammi is glad. Sethi asks Vishwamber about patphere rasam. Pammi says we will take Jasmeet today and will send her tomorrow morning. The relatives say we wanted to spend some time with her. Dhanlaxmi says even I m going tomorrow, I have a right on her too. She starts the drama again. They say its just a request. Dadi says as you say and they become happy.

Anshu meets Jasmeet and asks will she miss her. She says you won’t understand and you did not leave your home. He gets upset as she is going. She says I m come tomorrow, its matter

of one day. Akshara comes to Jasmeet. Jasmeet asks shall I go in this saree and jewellery. Akshara says no, you are looking good. I understand what you and Anshu are feeling now. She says we women have to balance out relations between Mayka and Sasuraal.

She gets Naitik’s call and says I will call you later. Naman is upset. Bhabhi asks what happened to him, is he fine. Devyaani says don’t know. Naman sees Karishma’s pic and she walks in. She greets Devyaani and Bhabhimaa. Naman gets happy seeing her. Muskaan teases Naman seeing her. Karishma says I came to take some items left here. Bhabhimaa asks them to sit and they will bring the items. Muskaan leaves them alone and Naman is eager to send her.

Muskaan teases him. Naman thanks Karishma for coming. She says I did not come here for you, but for items. He says you are looking good. She sees her pics on his table and is so glad. She says wow.Akshara comes home with Naksh. Karishma says I want this pics. Naman says take it for free. She says I don’t take anything for free. He says I gave you yesterday, on your cheek. She blushes. Naksh says I missed Papa a lot. Karishma returns the kiss on his cheek. Naksh comes and they get tensed. Akshara greets her. Karishma says I will go now. Akshara says yes, wait. Naksh asks what were they doing yesterday. I saw you, but I won’t tell. Naman asks what did you see. Naksh says what you did, kiss on her cheek, now I will tell everyone. Naman says no, you are my best friend. Naksh says then gift me something. Naman asks what do you want. Naksh says promise me you will do my work when I say.

Akshara hugs Bhabhimaa and Devyaani. Naksh gets annoyed as no one is loving him. Everyone say they love him a lot.Rajshri and Kaki talk about Jasmeet. Kaki says you taught everything to Varsha so well and Bhabhimaa and Gayatri taught Akshara, don’t know I will be able to teach Jasmeet or not. Rajshri says don’t worry, she is smart and she will manage, give her some time. Kaki says yes, she needs time, even I want some time. Karishma says now I will go. Akshara says Jasmeet went her home so she is running. Devyaani asks her to keep coming.

She leaves. Naman is struck by love. Naksh says so many flowers. Akshara says yes, flowers look good at home. Naksh asks shall I take some, I have to do something. Bhabhimaa says yes, take it. Akshara comes to her room and is glad to be back in her room and bed. She rests to her bed and says Dadi is right, this home looks mine after marriage. He calls Naitik and talks to him. She says we all are together. He does not let her say where is she. He asks when shall I come to take you. She jokes and says come after two days, I have work.

He hears a fight in office and holds the call. The manager says this Juhi, does not do anything well. Naitik says give her some time, she will learn. Juhi says yes Sir I promise. Naitik tells this to Akshara and she agrees with him. She says I will come later. He says I m angry on you. She laughs. He says you left husband alone and went there. He ends the call. She says I could not meet you when I went but now I will give you surprise.

Anshu is missing Jasmeet. Vishwamber comes to him and says I understand, even I was like this when Rajshri, we men are like this. He says think about them, they came to us leaving their families, and we leave them alone going to office, and they manage our home and children without complaining. He explains him to do his duty and think and understand their feelings, they want love and respect from us, you started your life now. Naitik comes to them to meet Akshara. Varsha says Akshara went then why did he come. Shaurya says maybe some work. Naitik looks for Akshara.

Rajshri asks why did he come, did he forget anything. He says no, I……… Dhanlaxmi says its good you came, I was eager to meet you again. Naitik says yes, I came to meet her, as she is going today. Varrsha tells Shaurya that there is some misunderstanding, he came here for Akshara. Naitik says I will have dinner. Shaurya says Dhanlaxmi will cook him up with her talk now. Akshara waits for Naitik.

Dhanlaxmi says I will have food and go. She says Naitik will dine with me. He says yes, I m hungry aand will have food. He messages Akshara to come, as he is waiting down. She gets the message and comes in hall to see where is he. She says when did he come home. She calls him and he says yes manager, say. She says I m Akshara. She asks where are you. He says I m also at home. He says he is at her home. She says what, I m at Singhania house. The scene is funny. He says what. She says yes and smiles.

Dhanlaxmi asks Naitik to talk to her for two hours, as he train is late. Naitik says I m gone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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