Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dada ji asking Tara what is she taking in the bag, is it hockey sticks. Tara shows the other things she is taking to parlor. He says fine, don’t get angry, come back soon. Aditya wishes Tara all the best for the match. Tara leaves. Akshara slips and Naitik holds her. He says I will do your work, I m worried, you are not asking me. She asks why. He says same thing. She says oh, I remember you want to get engaged as well. He says yes, you know I don’t leave any chance to make my relation more strong, give me some idea. She says you do your work. Varsha smiles seeing them. Naitik says I m really going and kisses Akshara. She laughs. Varsha laughs and says you both won’t change. Akshara says you will also not change, you always hide and hear our talk.


friend Preeti thanks Tara for coming for match. Tara says I m worried. Preeti says I know, but you took big risk for the team. Tara says I lied to everyone. Preeti says don’t worry, we will reach there on time, match will end soon and you can go parlor as well. Tara prays and says I have to win match and my relation as well. Coach says match will start late. Tara gets worried.

Vishwamber says sorry, we came early. Bau ji says its okay, I was alone with the ladies team. Mohit flirts with Baisa and she asks him to stop being naughty kid, he will never change. Everyone laugh. Tara is tensed and waits for match to start. She messages Aditya. Dada ji asks Sangram to call Tara. Sangram says I will go and bring her. Aditya says no, I will call her. He calls Tara and asks how much more time will you take, oh fine. He tells Dada ji that Tara will need more time, there is rush at parlor. Dada ji says we will get late. Aditya says she asked us to leave, she will come there. Dada ji says it won’t look good. Sangram says no use to wait here, we will go there. Dada ji tells Aditya to call Tara and ask her to reach there on time. Aditya worries.

Coach asks the team to get ready, selectors have come, match is going to start. Tara says thank God, everything will be done on time. Akshara says Tara’s family will come anytime. Baisa says why will groom’s family welcome girl’s family. Bau ji says they are our guests, so we have to welcome them. Devyaani says we did all arrangements. Jasmeet says strange to see kids’ engagement. Akshara tells Naitik that Naksh will get engaged in some time.

Tara prays and coin is tossed. The game starts. Everyone welcome Tara’s family. Bau ji introduces his elder sister Baisa. Dada ji greets Baisa. She asks where is the girl. Aditya says she went to parlor. Baisa says I thought she is simple, will she come alone from beauty parlor, can’t she get ready at home. Dada ji says actually, we don’t have women at home. Baisa says it means the girl won’t know any work. Dada ji says she knows work. Baisa asks making tea.. He says yes, whatever necessary thing, we told everything to the family, they know what she can do and what she can’t do. Baisa says fine, let her come, I will talk to her. Mishti and Nannu come to cover their fight. Karishma asks Mishti to stop reporting and go. Naitik asks Dada ji to come with him. Akshara asks Baisa to come and see Shagun. Tara makes a goal and everyone clap. Tara sees the time 3pm.

Baisa asks Karishma does parlor makeup take so much time. Sangram asks Aditya to call Tara and takes the phone. He reads the message and asks whats this. Dada ji asks what. Sangram says nothing, Tara messaged she is on the way. Dada ji tells the same to Baisa. Tara’s game gets more late by another penalty round. She says oh no, its just half an hour now. Coach asks Tara to take the penalty shot and make the team win, team needs her. Sangram tells Aditya I will bring Tara, why did you hide. Akshara says but Dada ji said she is on the way, are you hiding anything. Tara recalls Dada ji’s words and says its just 20mins now, I lost, mahurat will pass out.

Dada ji asks what happened, what are they hiding. Tara cries thinking she broke Naksh’s heart, Akshara and Dada ji’s trust. The girl ask Tara to play well and make the team win. Coach says come on, you have to do this. Akshara asks Sangram and Aditya to tell them what happened. Aditya says Tara… Naksh asks why did you lie to us, Tara went to play match. Dada ji and Akshara get shocked. Akshara asks who told you. Naksh says my friend messaged me, he went there to see the match. Dada ji asks Aditya is this true. Naksh says I don’t think Tara can reach till mahurat, her phone is off, engagement can’t happen on mahurat. Akshara worries.

Akshara says we can’t change this, Tara can’t leave match, and engagement can’t happen if mahurat passes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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