Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th February 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dadda ji asking Bhabhimaa what are you thinking. She says nothing, and recalls about Bau ji’s and Maa’s marriage. She says I m thinking what to call Devyaani after the marriage. Dadda ji says yes, Choti Dulhan was one for us, that was Maa, who understood your pain and happiness without your words. He says you have to name her, its your responsibility. Bhabhimaa says I miss Gayatri a lot. Dadda ji says we have to explain ourselves. Akshara says Valentine’s day is coming and this year I would like to make it great.

Naitik comes to her with green tea. She says I want coffee. He says have this, it’s a health drink. He jokes and says its mine and here is your coffee. Akshara smiles and says its very nice, thank you. Akshara

and Naitik have a light talk. Naitik says you can’t change my mood. Akshara gets a call from Devyaani. She says lets go Naitik. Anshu and jasmeet are having quality time together. Jasmeet asks Anshu to smile. Just then Raman comes and disturbs them. He asks jasmeet to help him in his studies. Jasmeet agrees.

Anshu asks why are you doing his work, its your exam tomorrow. Jasmeet says it’s a five min work, no matter. She says even he supported us infront if Shaurya and Kaki, so we have to return his favor. Devyaani meets Akshara and Naitik and tells them that her dad has hidden something. Akshara asks what. Devyaani says about my children. Akshara and Naitik are shocked. Devyaani says I have two children and they live with their father.

Devyaani says I don’t want to start a new relation based on lies, I can’t do this marriage. Bhabhimaa calls Akshara and asks where are you, what happened. Akshara says I will come home and tell you. Devyaani tells her dad that she has told the complete truth to Akshara and Naitik. Akshara and Naitik come home. Akshara says I have called everyone, let them come, then I will tell. Omi and Kaki are making each other eat cake. Rajshri and Dadi have a talk.

Shaurya and Varsha says its good to say I love you to each other. Everyone smile. They have a talk about Valentine’s day. Varsha gets Akshara’s msg calling them at her home. Varsha tells this to everyone that Devyaani has two children. Everyone are meeting at home. Everyone talk in the hall. Naitik tells everyone that Devyaani’s dad lied to us. He says that Devyaani has two children. Mohit says its marriage tomorrow. Rashmi and Nandini says they have not done a right thing.

Rashmi says its out mistake, we have trusted them. Akshara says Devyaani is not wrong, I saw her crying, I know her dad made a mistake, but she is not wrong. Bhabhimaa says yes, its not her mistake, she told us everything. Naitik says I don’t understand what to do now. Bau ji says I can’t see my family like this. Naitik says I m against this relation. Nandini and Rashmi agree with her. Naksh hears this and is happy.

Akshara asks everyone to think about Bau ji. Akshara says Devyaani told us the truth. Akshara asks Dadda ji. Dadda ji says Akshara is right about Devyaani. He says we should go ahead with the marriage.

Devyaani’s dad comes to meet them. Everyone are shocked to see him at night. Naitik asks him why did you lie to us, what will you hide today. He gives them reasons why he hided the fact about her children. He tells them that her husband took her children with him. She has been living alone. He says there isno communication between them. He apologizes for his mistake and says don’t give the punishment to Devyaani. Everyone think about it.

Naitik apologizes to Akshara for disagreeing with her about Bau ji’s marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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