Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik hugging Naira. He says I wish I never loved you, you are mad. She asks him to find someone else in next birth. He says I want you in every birth. They smile. He says you got hurt. She asks did you see. He says I have seen that time, I was angry and did not ask, sorry. She says I have hurt you more. She ties that spiritual thread to his hand and says I came after you to give this, I thought to apologize. He says you are smart, you know I can’t stay annoyed. They hug. She says I love you. He says I love you more. She says I love you much more. Dadi sees time and says its mahurat, we can leave now. The family leaves. Kartik and Naira leave on his bike. She hugs him and smiles. She says everyone was worried at home, as you were annoyed with me. He asks

her to go home and end their worry, promise me if we get annoyed or angry, you will never let me go away and always support me. She says I was going to do this even if you did not say.

Bau ji asks Karishma about Naira. She says maybe she went with Gayu. Naira and Kartik come home holding hands and smiling. They all see them. Kartik gets shocked seeing his family. Devyaani asks what happened to you. Dadi asks are you fine. Kartik says we are fine, some goons attacked me. Dadi says its bad time going on, I have tied thread for your safety. Kartik says it fell in this house, Naira got it and saved me. Dadi stares at Naira. Naira takes her blessings. She asks can I ask you something, whats meaning of what you said. Dadi explains meaning of blessing. Kartik asks how did you come here suddenly, did anything new happen. Naira holds his hand. Dadi sees them.

Manish says Maa had to talk to Naira. Naira asks me? Dadi says yes, I want to say thanks for whatever you did for Kartik. Everyone greet her. Dadi asks Kartik to come, its imp to enter house before mahurat. She gifts Mishti. Bhabhimaa says blessings are enough. Dadi says let her take, its her birthday. She blesses her. Mishti asks her to have cake. Dadi says I can’t eat before puja, I like no sugar food. Kartik hugs Mishti. Kartik and Naira smile. Kartik leaves with his family.

Naira tells Akshara’s pic that everything got fine, you told me that trust is imp in love, I have to know issues in his family and make things fine. Gayu smiles and says that will be done. Naira says I found his family fine, his Dadi loves him, maybe he has problem with his dad, I m worried for Papa, his life got lonely, no one can take mumma’s place.

Manish says Maa you went to say something and said something else. Dadi explains that she has seen situation and changed talk. She says I know you felt bad, I have seen world, I went there to tell Naira and her family to stay away from Kartik, I have seen Kartik wants to be with them, so I changed words, its strong relation, Kartik can get away from us, we should be quiet, else the distance between you and Kartik will increase again.

Suwarna asks Lav and Kush who broke this painting frame. They say we did not do anything, it happened by wind, we were playing videogame there. Manish thinks to talk to Kartik. He says if Maa is right then, he will leave house. Akhilesh asks what are you thinking. Manish asks do you think I should talk to Kartik. Akhilesh says I will talk. Manish says we will talk later. Akhilesh goes. Manish says I did not know Kartik will come back like this, he made me stranger.

Naira takes care of everyone and says I made badam halwa for first time. Manish asks why did you make halwa. Dadi says you can have it, its low fat low sugar. Naira says I love this. Dadi says its imp to take care of health. Naira says listen to heart and eat food you like. Bhabhimaa asks Devyaani to get items to send ashram. Mishti says I got a joke to say. Lav and Kush laugh. Dadi asks them not to talk while having food. Naira feeds Gayu. Surekha asks the kids to have juice. Bau ji says money is not bigger than relations. Manish says if we make relations, how will we earn. Bhabhimaa says send money to ashram and don’t tell name. Dadi says as you say, and Manish’s name. Manish says no, your name as always. Akhilesh says prepare cheque, I will ask PR to get media coverage. Kartik hears them. He makes Dadi have medicines and kisses her.

Mishti leaves for school. Naira sees kachoris and sends pic to Kartik. He likes pic and misses the food. Akhilesh and Surekha get Mansi home. Kartik hugs Mansi. Lav and Kush sing and dance. They all smile. Kirti hugs Mansi. Kartik asks why did you not come before. Mansi says I heard of you and came, sorry I would have come before, it would have been tough. He hugs her and says its all fine now. Akhilesh says she is saying this on the way too. Kartik says your wishes were with me, smile now. Lav and Kush hug her. Naira and Gayu come office. Naira says I will help Papa. The man says Naitik is cancelling meeting every day, where is he. Manager says you know what tragedy happened with him. The man says yes, but its our loss also. Naira says sorry, I promise your work will happen till tomorrow, Papa will call you.

Manish says Kartik is blind in love. Dadi says love is powerful, there is one way, marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vrushy

    Hello everyone.
    I have a small request for all of you who love Yrkkh and kaira.
    I request you all to read the fan fictions or shots written on the page of yrkkh. There are many writers who work hard and write these stories. Thefan fictions written on the characters of other serials are getting immense love and support. Let’s give these to the writers of yrkkh as well.
    I myself write a ff and I know that it feels terrible when there are less comments or no comments. Therefore please do read the ffs as well.
    Also if we support these ffs then more people will start writing about yrkkh which would make sure that yrkkh is mentioned on the net more time. It might also help us in trending yrkkh abd kaira. Which would create buzz about the show and more people will start watching it leading to a rise in its TRP.
    Therefore its a kind request that read the ffs and also support the writers.

    1. Ok vrushy I’ll try to read all the fan fictions?if that can increase the popularity of YRKKH
      By the way vrushy what’s the name of the fan fiction u r writing???
      Ah welcome Trishi I knew that at least o e of my guesses would be correct?

      1. Vrushy

        Right now I am writing the story titled yaha waha hai tu.

  2. Hello everyone
    Good morning all of you
    I am very sorry to reply late
    I loved all your comments
    Hi Aliya Didi
    Why u said if u had a brother he would have been like me
    Instead u shoul say Pawan u r my brother
    Yes Didi
    I also have a strong feeling that if I had elder brother and elder sister they would be same like u aniket bhaiya and AliyaDidi.
    Live u both!
    How are u all members
    Take care of ur health
    Welcome to all the new members
    And aniket bhaiya I am also ur company but forgive me for not being regular.
    Have a good day all of u!

  3. What the hell is wrong with Mohsin now? What does the actors think of themselves, Do they think they can dominate over Production House? If this is so, then let me remind them- YRKKH is famous for its uncomparable story of Relations and Bonding betn Family, And not bcoz of its actors. Althoug I Love thd Sizzlimg chemistry that Mohsin share with Shivangi, but I wil nevr care if he quits YRKKH. All that I will care is for the success of YRKKH. I dont care for any Actor, I just care for- YRKKH!!

  4. Good morning Rahul, Aniket, Sruthi, Shilpa, Twana, Sachu, Aliya, Riya, Vrushy, Pawana, Soumya, Kajol, Trishi, Has, Sophie, Karishma, Ishika, Saba, Ponkuri, Aarti, Ridz, Saraya, Shesha, TVFan 1 & all YRKKH Fans (Family)
    If I missed your name – sorry I love you ?
    I missed Saturday’s episode – sorry family time this weekend. I did read Amena’ update – thank you but I wanted to see it, finally watched it online but no subtitles but good I read Amena’s update so I could follow up.
    All those who have exams I wish you all the best. And to add to Sachu’s gems on passing your exam I will give one tip that is helpful too – form a study group with serous minded people. You study individually then meet up & share your ideas. I know it might be challenging for those studying maths or Physics but it can be applied too.
    Anyways great episode – I love it
    The Goenkas are too much but let wait & see. I am sure Kaira will be able to take them on & change their thinking a bit. That will be fun to watch. Is Naira not Akshara’s daughter, then she will use wisdom.
    As some of you suggested that it will be nice if the CVs spread the focus on to the other characters of the show. Then we as fans should not only ask for more Kaira’s scenes.
    And it will be a shame for them to drop the Maheswaris.
    I can’t wait for today’s episode.
    Vrushy I will check the fan stories. I am sure they are funny.
    Have a good week you all ??
    Welcome to our new members of the YRKKH family.

  5. Hi Aniket I have just seen the news reports on Moshin waliking out on set.
    You see that’s why they need to spread the story line because some of these actors tend to develop arrogance once they know that they are the main focus.
    There are loads of pairings on the show & Loads of storyline can be gotten from them. After all the show is about different relationships coming together as one.

  6. Avishi

    Finally Kaira mil Gaye yay n loved today’s
    Episodes n precautions was Osam????????????

  7. ishika

  8. hi so much coments now on the page

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