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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik coming to find Naksh in the park. He does not see him and then finds him sitting upset. He asks Naksh to listen to him. Naksh leaves and sits somewhere else. The lady returns Akshara’s purse to her and Akshara blesses her for helping her. The dhaba men taunt her. Akshara starts scolding the dhaba people and answering their taunts. She tells about husband and wife relation and says she feels sorry for his wife. Naitik tries convincing Naksh and gets upset. He holds ears and says sorry. Naksh says sorry does not suit you, scold me, doubt on me, embarrass me. Naitik says I m really sorry, tell me what to do.

Naksh asks anything? Naitik says yes. Naksh plays Naagin Naagin dance nachna song in his phone. Naitik is shocked. Naksh asks him to dance as

he did in Cape town on the road. Naitik looks around in the park. Naksh says you want me to forgive you, then dance, let it be, leave me alone, I want to be alone. He starts leaving. Naitik plays the song and starts dancing like Naksh. The people see him and gather there. Naitik smiles and holds his ears. Naksh smiles and hugs him. Naksh asks him to always trust him. The kids come there. Naksh and Naitik start dancing together on that song. The kids laugh seeing them.

Vishwamber talks to Rajshri. She says she is publicizing Krishna on friendbook. He says he is not doing anything, he should do something. She laughs and asks him not to do anything. He says this time I will not do anything wrong, I will promote Krishna on online sites. Rajshri says Ananya taught me to write blog. They compete. Ananya says we have online war, and asks them to give her laptop to update her status.

Akshara talks to Devyaani and says Naitik did not call. She sees Naitik and Naksh coming to Krishna smiling. She hugs them. She asks how did Naksh agree. Naitik smiles and asks Naksh not to say. Naksh says let me say, many people have seen there. Naksh says he has video. Naitik says delete it. Naksh says let me show her. She sees the video of Naitik dancing and laughs. She beats him. Naksh says uncle took his video and I took from him. Naitik says I m regretting to dance. Akshara and Naksh laugh seeing the moves.

Naitik says listen to me, I want Naksh to join Krishna with me. They ask what? Naitik says yes, I want him to help me in Krishna along studies, as he can handle this, I need him, he has great ideas for Krishna. Naksh thanks him and hugs. The sardars see Naksh and says he has got the clients for Krishna, I think he will do something. Naksh asks are they thinking of new offer, now he has joined his dad. They say many came like you. Naksh says old times have gone, I want to warn you don’t interfere in our work. They challenge each other. Akshara asks them not to argue. Naitik accepts the challenge. Naksh says yes right. The sardar says I will get your hotel shut in one week. Naksh says I will show such jalwa in one week that you will see. Naitik says we will go ahead. Akshara asks them to come. The sardar says they are here since 30 years. Naksh says I will show you what I m.

They have a talk about taking challenge. Akshara says this is not any game. Naitik asks her not to worry, he is feeling good. I will not regret if I lose, we will try to win, else they will taunt, we don’t care. Akshara says Naksh cares, I don’t find this good. He says I m doing this for my love for Krishna, lets see what happens. She says she will make tea and asks them to plan how to win this challenge.

Devyaani says Bhabhimaa I will finish the work, else Akshara will come home and start doing the work. Mishti says she will make origami toys for all the kids. Bhabhimaa says I feel we should celebrate this day with the women, as they also got free from poverty. Gayu, Naira and Mishti plan to help the elders. Devyaani says I will call Akshara and tell her. Bhabhimaa sings a patriotic tune. They all smile and asks her to sing. Bhabhimaa sings mere desh ki dharti………….they all clap for her.

Akshara talks to Devyaani and says yes, you have thought well about this. Few customers come there and Naitik welcomes them. The man calls his wife and asks him not to make food, as his boss has called them for free dinner. They are Shaurya’s employees. The people identify them as Cape Town couple. Akshara asks do they stay there. The lady says no, we went for honeymoon and used to have food there. They compliment them. Akshara says you are special guests. She says I have finalized these bookings for food order. They get glad. Naksh says I m very happy and feeling proud. The sardars look on the guests coming, and think Naksh is very smart.

Everyone look for their imp papers. Mishti comes and shows the origami toys made by the imp papers and they are shocked. They hold heads and asks what did she do. Naman says we kept it there so that it don’t get mixed. Devyaani says leave it Naman, she has fold it, not cut it. Bau ji says we have to open the toys and see our papers.

Mishti says she made it by hardwork. They all convince her to give the papers. Akshara, Naitik and Naksh come home. Gayu shows the charts to Naitik and asks for his help. Naira gets sad. Gayu says we are going to do something for Mahila Samaj. They joke and smile.

Its morning, Akshara raises the flag and everyone smile. Rukmani says its good arrangements, but we are taking about saving money, whats the use to spend so much. Akshara says its in minimum money, this decoration is done by us, I also care for the women’s money, its big day, we waste much money on small festivals, its independence day. Rukmani thinks Akshara is becoming oversmart and she has to do something.

Rukmani says food is over, Akshara better apologize to them, as food can’t come so soon.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i like naitik. he plays his role very well.. as a husband, as a father of a teenage son, as a father of an adolescent daughter, as an elder brother, as a son, all roles are played so well with ease by him. very admirable

  2. Lovely episode. Love this family story where always a solution is found. Superb

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