Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik going to Indian embassy. Naksh plays the shank and family arrives to do aarti. He does the Ganesh aarti. Deva Shree Ganesha………….plays…………… Akshara and Naitik do the aarti at respective places. Mishti and everyone dance. Naitik sees his workers dancing happily. Akshara dances with her family, while Naitik dances with the workers. Naman comes to take Naitik, and looks for him in the crowd. Akshara gets bit worried. The man looks for Naitik. Akshara feels restless and looks at Ganesh idol. She prays to Ganpati for solving problems and sorrows. She asks why am I worried in your presence, make things fine, calm my heart, please help us. The man takes the gun to shoot Naitik. Akshara prays.

The man adds up silence and aims at Naitik.

People come in between. The man aims at Naitik’s forehead. A trishul falls in Akshara’s hands. Akshara worries and takes it as a sign. The Trishul falls over the man’s hand. The man gets hurt and the gun falls. Akshara calls out Naitik. Naitik turns and smiles. Akshara turns to see.

Jaidev Jaidev………..plays…………….. Naitik walks in between the crowd. The crowd freezes and moment gets still, with just Naitik and Akshara walking. Both of them have a soul union. Padliya hai hum ne bhi………….plays……… Akshara and Naitik get overjoyed seeing each other. She happily cries and they forward hand to hold each other. They see a glass wall between them and cry with sorrow. Jaane ye kya hogaya…………..plays…………. Their imagination ends. The moment gets free again. Naitik says I m coming Akshara, very soon. Akshara says come soon Naitik, I can’t wait more. Gayu looks for Kartik and misses him.

Naira also looks for Kartik and says why am I missing him, strange, but whats strange, he is my friend and it looks good when he is with me, we are enjoying here and he is working in office alone. Everyone leave from office. Kartik gets a letter and says finally I got this, I tried hard to get this, I will send this. He sends the fax and calls someone. Naman says yes, say, did anyone know, our game can fail, be careful, no one should be around when you do such work. Naitik comes to Naman and gives him Prasad, saying its good we have done Ganpati darshan before leaving, we have to go airport, come, I can’t wait. He goes. Naman says why did Naitik come here, is he playing game with me, who will tell him, that one guy works for me.

Kartik meets Naira and says he was working on office files, Naitik will find everything done. She thanks him. He asks her to ward off bad sight from Akshara and Naitik. She says yes, their love story is great. He says yes, I heard their story and I m impressed. She says I feel love is impractical. He says what, I feel its so realistic and tells about the filmi romantic moments. She laughs and says you are a guy and like romantic movies. He says don’t say you have problem with my dreams, I never agreed in all this like you, I recently started watching romantic movies, I just watched action movies before. She asks why, what happened in last few days. He says what to tell you Veeru. She says tell me Jai, what happened. He says actually……no good movie released since last months, what shall I do. He gives her the file and goes. She looks at him. Na jaane mere……………plays……………

Bau ji says we will place idol after Naitik comes. Naitik calls Naira. Naksh, Naira and Gayu talk to Naitik on video call. Naitik says he will come soon. Bhabhimaa asks him to come soon. Karishma asks where is Naman. Naitik says he went to take coffee, he will come. Naksh shows Akshara on call. Naitik asks Akshara is she annoyed, I m coming now, I got late, I m sorry, I made you wait a lot. She cries.

Naira asks Akshara to be very happy and get ready well as Naitik is coming. Akshara recalls how sindoor fell and worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. daniyal rathore

    Very good choice for natik role.
    First when this news come that vishal will be new naitik i dnt like him. After watchng today episode he look perfect as naitik role.

  2. Your are right daniyal I also think same.

  3. I think kartik ll turn negative. He is just trying to be gud in front of all.He might be sukanya brother.

  4. new natik is not looking gud i will nvr see this serial again n do alwz suggest to all dont see this serial again

    1. Dear we respect ur choice but there are many who will continue to watch iteither for Ihothers and vishal singh as he as an amazing actor who is far more experienced than all yrkkh actors put together. respect him tht he has taken risk of fulfilling such a must go on think about others who r working for the serial behind the screen its their source of income . actors n actressses will move on easily. its easier tobhate someone but to love someone is always difficult choice.he is not playing a teenager he is playing a fathers role and a husband of 45 okus years practically he suits the role well

      1. I agree. Karan Mehra left the show for whatever reason but now Vishal Singh replaced him, give him a chance.

  5. Why is Naksh sidelined so much now a days, He and Gayu seems to become extra characters.
    Secondly people ate speculating that Karthik is working secretly for Naitik, does it mean Naitik doesn’t trust his son or wife. If it is true then it seems that the writer in trying to please one group of fantom is butchering other characters and relations.

    1. Anika

      No Neerja it’s not true.
      May be Naitik doesn’t want Akshara or Naksh to be tensed.
      Moreover Naman is his brother if he tells them about Naman’s intention they’ll be deeply hurt.
      May be that’s why he has given this task to Kartik

      1. How much does he know Karthik. He hardly interacted with him. And if you don’t share your worries with your wife but with outsiders what type of relationship it is? Anyway it is a serial and anything can be shown. Right now I find Karthik every where and Naksh sidelined completely. The cvs seems to have forgotten that Naksh was the one who United the family back, exposed kuhu father’s truth etc and now only Karthik, Karthik. Not that I don’t like the character but too much of him as if others are nothing.

  6. Anika

    Whatever other says I am happy that Naitik is back.
    We should love the charecter, no matter who is portraying whose charecter the most important thing is nailing the charecter.
    I agree Karan Mehra nailed Naitik’s charecter but he didn’t come back for his personal reason, He didn’t valued his fans feelings. I appreciate Vishal Singh’s courage bcz stepping in someone else’s shoe isn’t easy, but he had showed that courage.
    And you all know earlier Devolina had replaced Gia Manik on Sath Nibhana Sathiya. At first she wasn’t accepted by everyone but now she is rocking as Gopi.

  7. Where is today’s update???

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