Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Naira and Kirti’s bidaai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik getting angry and breaking things. He sees Naira. Akhilesh says Kirti, you were like my first child, when you were born, I took you in my lap before Manish. He hugs Kirti and cries. Naira asks Kartik to listen to her. He says you knew Naksh doesn’t love Kirti, even then you have let this marriage happen, you are a liar. She says no, listen to me. Surekha says you used to wipe my tears when I missed my parents, I wish you never get tears in eyes. She hugs Kirti. Lav and Kush call Kirti the best. She hugs him.

Naira says its good Naksh and Kirti got married, else we would have regretted, you would know I was right. Kartik says you are just thinking for your brother, not my sister. She says don’t blame me, I was thinking for happiness of both

of them. He says lie, so you locked me in room. Dadi says if I have hurt your heart, forgive me, remember I just wished for your happiness. Kirti asks Dadi not to say this, she knows Dadi worries for her a lot. Dadi blesses her.

Kartik says its all a lie. Naira asks him to listen. Kartik says you didn’t do anything right. He breaks things. She asks did you get mad in anger, I m trying to explain with love, fine if you hate me, I will go. He shouts then go, I don’t want to see your face. He cries seeing him. Maina socha bhi na tha… plays…. she goes and cries. She says you hate me so much, why shall I stay here, you have blamed me wrong, if you got this in mind, fine, I will go away you. Kirti sees her coming. Naira cries. Kirti says you are not just my best friend, but my inspiration also, I want to become like you. She asks Naira not to cry, as she gets courage from her. She asks where is Kartik, is everything fine. Dadi asks them to come. Naira thinks I wanted to do Kirti’s bidaai and welcome well, but how to bring smile on face.

Aryan says everyone will be done, think I m family member, give me car keys. He sees Goenkas coming and gets back. Suwarna asks Naira where is the rice plate. Naira asks did you say anything to me. Dadi says mahurat is getting over. Dadi says your house is that one now, this house is of Naira now. Kirti throws the rice. Naira recalls her bidaai and Kartik’s words. Kirti asks where is Kartik, why did he not come to meet me. Kids show Kartik.

Kartik comes and hugs Kirti. Naira looks on. Devyaani says brother and sister love is such, they forget all fights at such time. Rajshri says yes, this emotion didn’t change. Kirti says its my bidaai, I should cry, why are you crying. Kartik feels sorry to hide the matter and thinks how to hurt you saying all this. Kirti says I m going to start new life, will you send me this way. Naksh says trust me, I will try to keep her happy always. Kartik gets angry and says sorry, I can’t see all this. He goes. They cry. Suwarna says this moment is tough for brothers. Dadi asks Akhilesh to make Kirti sit in doli. Kirti gets inside the doli.

Dadi apologizes for any mistake happened unknowingly. Naira says Dadi, I will also go, as Naitik is not there. Kirti says I understand, but Kartiik needs you here. Naira says no, he will be glad if I go there. Bhabhimaa says we will manage Naksh. Naira says no, don’t refuse. Manish says Naira will attend all rasams, and help Kirti in settling. Naira thinks I m going Kartik.

Naira holds Kirti’s hand and goes with her. She sees Kartik. He gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fenil

    Hello friends
    how r u ?
    Karthik control your hands pls…Kaira ke bich aa hi gaye Kaanch ki diwal…
    Akhilesh became emotional…u r first child whom i love the most…Surekha wow..Lav Kush your sweet Rap for your beloved sister superb❤❤❤??????
    Keerti please stay away from your Dadi warna nazar lag sakti hain devil hain ek aanshu nahi…ussne jo necklace pehna hain usse sirf thoda aur tight karo upper chali jayengi.?????
    Unnecessary tod fod dikha rahe hain…but Awesome sad song????…cute angry bird karthik….Dekh liya Naira aaj tumhi zimedaar ho tumhari condition ke liye we are with you good decision for your self respect…

    Guys Cvs Naira ki bidaai hi dikha rahe ….socha tha Keerti ki bidaai ko toh importance milega.
    Dadi i will kill you bolne se pehle soch toh lo…duffer kahin ki…lo yahi baki tha joh Naira ki bidaai falshes dikhaye…Keerti ka face bhi nahi dikhaya jab ritual kiya…
    Notice kiya ho toh jab bhi singhania se dialogue hote woh Devyaani and Rajshree ko jyada milte hain.

    1. Ponkuri

      Bro Fenil how r u? Fully recovered? Anyway take care still??
      Today episode I am happy Naira go away frm Karthik as I can’t stand him?? how can his love for Naira change so much? just becoz he is angry he doubts Naira character which by now he should hve understands n knows Naira well enough?? even Naksh Karthik should knows tat Naksh will nvr hurts Kirti as he had been wit Naksh for so long wat kind of person is Naksh he shuld knows well by now… ?the way he behaved just showed he blindly blamed Naira?? of coz he can gets angry but not this way as if its the end of Kirti life? frm the preparing of this wedding till the wedding happened he shuld hve seen how Naksh hve been taking such good care of Kirti.

  2. Aku

    And once again naira pokes her nose and starts her Mahanta wala attitude.. har chez mei apni tang Adani hoti hai in madam Ko.. nah khud jiyengi NH kisi aur jeene dengi.. and mr. Manish Goenka do you really think your daughter is so weak that she needs somebody to settle her and that too naira.. no way you are naira.. and how can naira be somebody’s inspiration.. but Kher kya fayda jb to naira ka gungan Ni hoga show complete kese hoga.. yeh overacting ki Dukan Ko Khushi kese milegi.. isko th khush rakhna bahut important hai nah.. fir chahe audience dukhi ho ya khush usse Rajan Shahi Ko kya farq padta hai.. uske liye th uske so called lead actors ki insecurity is more Important than the story..

  3. Aku

    And yes ms overacting ki Dukan naksh doesn’t need anybody to handle.. not you atleast he is much more understanding caring and mature than you.. so please just stop giving yourself importance cz you are not important..and stop imposing yourself on others characters and the viewers cz we all HATE you.. please get this thing straight in your head

  4. Soofia bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I’m really worried for naira kartik now coz they have had a mazzive fight for no reason I just hope that naira kartik will patch everything up between themselves really soon because I can’t see naira kartik fighting anymore it’s really upsetting me so much it’s making me cry so much I’m doing loads of dues for naira kartik that they patch things up really soon

    From soofia bhatti

  5. Fenil

    Naksh u r great this time also tries to assures Karthik but in anger he went leaving Keerti behind crying bhai wah kya act hain.

    1. Ponkuri

      Bro Fenil like u said Karthik juzt left Kirti wondering why? by doing so doesn’t he hurts Kirti feeling? Or spoilt Kirti happiness? Come on its ur sis wedding? Who is the one tat is hurting Kirti more now!???

  6. Shrilatha

    First of all kaina yes all that the CV s can see is kaira really hurts when one character is given so much of importance.I have seen that in other show as well.

    Now coming to this show let’s leave about keesh for a minute .karthik and Naira r such a romantic and loving aadrash kind of couple then how come they r separated over such a small fight I mean in their sense just before Pheres’s all karthik could think of was romance and kaira was saying I am so lucky to get u and now u hate me and I hate u ????
    And then naksh doesn’t love Kirti but married her and promised ki never he would leave her hand .OK karthik was angry saying Naksh doesn’t love Kirti how can he keep her happy but karthik did love Naira na that too so.much that he could go to any length then how did he leave her?? Didn’t this make viewers question his in fact kaira ‘s love for each other .their silly childish fights will definitely disturb keesh ‘s happiness and their newly married life .
    And what about naksh.He will take the guilt upon himself for everything even though he is such a pure soul .I clearly hate this track but good point in bad situation is atleast now for some time we won’t be tortured with kaira ka cheap romance .

    Today when Kirti said its my bidaai why r u crying to karthik it felt like areh baba it’s my bidai atleast ab footage mat kha aur mujhe rone de .we get only two sec ka screen that too u will cry for me ..get lost stupid??

    Well hope keesh ka married life is not spoiled .I wish Kirti and naksh sort these dumb heads ka problem .it will be good .elder siblings taking responsibility rather than those stupid younger siblings.

  7. Aku

    And yes ms naira uff overacting ki Dukan.. naksh doesn’t need anybody to handle himself and especially you out of all the people.. he is much more understanding caring and mature than you you selfish girl.. so please stop giving yourself so much importance cz you are not.. he was there with Naitik when you left him for your selfish reasons and motives.. and he has spent more time with him than you so please he understands him much better than you do.. he doesn’t need you nor do we.. it’s good that you left the house for your self respect.. but wowww.. what a love all these two know is only to do kiddish romance or fight and not to trust each other.. but then I can expect this from you two insecure people.. can do anything to gain importance and attention.. and yes ms. Overacting and attention seeker please don’t come between naksh and Keerthi they both can handle each other in much much much better way than you handle your marriage focus on your marriage than focusing on their marriage and spoiling it the way you spoilt the show.. and get this straight in your hand we all HATE you .. so please just stop this so called I’m the most important and sensible attitude and all the others are useless and doesn’t know anything cz they are much better than you and know much more than you

    1. Ponkuri

      Agreed Sis Aku 100%??????

      1. Aku

        Thankyou ji ?

  8. Keerthi is very sensible and intelligent…. She knows that once Naira comes in the scene and starts crying no-one is going to be seen and it is just going to be Naira and to make her stop crying she started Naira Mahanatha mantra,like, “u r courageous namaha”,”u r my inspiration”,”u r the best baby, daughter and what not”. Naira was happy I guess she stopped for a while.

  9. hello everyone how r u all??
    I loved akhilesh-keerti emotional talk
    and also surekha…lav kush was awesome…
    and now I don’t understand why that tod-fod breaking things??? they r dragging it too much I wonder will we get to see keerti’s grahpra…in tommorow’s episode??cuz I was dumb to expect it in today’s epi…
    and when kerti was throwing rice why the hell they showed unnecessary [email protected]@@@@@
    sometime before kartik couldn’t finish his fairy tale stories about naira and now he is hating her this much even though I don’t feel naira did anything wrong and this much anger CVS thora zyada hogya hai kam karo yar…
    and instead of showing keerti in doli they r showing kartik’s anger and naira’s face wowww(my foot)
    honestly am getting annoyed with this unnecessary dragging they are too slow…
    and wah the dialogues they gave to keerti”ur my inspiration and rubbish that just boiled my anger CVS u showed keerti elder than naira and now keerti wants to be like naira don’t u think that was all nonsense… even dadi goenka was irritated I could see her expression that time ufff naira or kaira ke chamche hogye hen CVS Matlab had hai..the way this current track is going I would like to give this a name and that is:Kaira Beyhadh seriously… sometimes I can’t believe that am I really watching yrkkh???
    and honestly first I read written update then I go to watch it that too by skipping useless scenes….

  10. boiled my blood** not anger

  11. Miss Shivangi Joshi you are a piece of shit, why are you so insecure, keesh wedding ke har ritual mein to footage khayi, atleast keerti ki bidaai ko to bakhsh diya hota, jao kahin chupkar cheap romance karo na apne gulaam kartik ke sath, wahi to hamesha karte ho tum dono. Lekin nahin mahaan banna bhi to zaroori hai, sabse jhoot bol rahi ho ki naksh ko sambhaalne jaa rahi ho, apne pati ko to sambhaalo pehle Jo itna immature hai bilkul tumhari tarah

    Keesh wedding tum dono ki insecurity ki wajah se barbaad ho gayi. Ab car mein unke sath na chali Jana , vidaa ho rahi ho apne sasural se to dulha-dulhan ko to akele chod do kuch der ke liye. You don’t deserve to be the lead, bheekh mein mil gaya tumhein aur zyada time ke liye tikega bhi nahin ,itni insecure Jo ho. Show ki trp ke liye kuch bhi kar sakti ho, costar ke sath affair ka rumour ho ya cheap romance karna ho tum kisi bhi hadh tak gir sakti ho shivangi Joshi. Pichle show se to poor acting ki wajah se nikaali jaa chuki ho, sambhal kar footage khao, kahin iss show se bhi na nikaal Di jao. Shitty girl shivangi Joshi

    1. Aku

      I so agree with each and every word of yours.. she is just a selfish mean and isnecure girl.. jh kisi b hadh tak gir Sakti hai.. I can’t believe how can people be her fans and call her princess.. my foot.. isse better th show band hi ho jaye.. waise b yeh aunty kuch deserve Ni krta.. nah acting ati hai nah hi dance and kehti hai kathak trained dancer hai.. mohena is much much better than her in every sense.. and vh th insecure nahi hai nah hi iski tarah faltu footage khati hai

      1. oh ok , so u were referring to shivangi joshi , her onscreen character is also very irritating

    2. To much drama, this is why young adults shouldn’t get married, the man will react like a child with no understanding, and the young women will think it’s okay not to communicate coz she’s keeping the family together.

    3. not ms shivangi joshi , its naira

      1. Aku

        Well we are here refering to Shivangi Joshi only

  12. Soofia bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I’m really worried for naira kartik now coz they have had a mazzive fight for no reason I just hope that naira kartik will patch everything up between themselves really soon because I can’t see naira kartik fighting anymore it’s really upsetting me so much it’s making me cry so much I’m doing loads of dues for naira kartik that they patch things up really soon

    From soofia bhatti

  13. Common guys, this is a serial. Why are people taking it so personally and blaming Naira. She is jus fallowing the writters script n its her job. Jus enjoy watching it else dont watch she never asked you to Watch the show.

    1. Aku

      Well the story is being portrayed as per her wish and command and demand.. she is being insecure and grabbing others screenspace and spoiling their stories and track that’s why we are offended.. and as someone rightly said agar CVs and PH and Rajan Shahi Ko itna hi pyaar hai th apni iss Shivangi Ko lekar Naya serial banale.. jismei iske ilava aur koi b nah.. bs yeh yeh and yeh.. fir dekhte hai kitna show chalta hai Inka.. what I’m trying to say and what we want is ki Sabi characters and actors Ko equal screenspace and attention mile.. they are much much much better than this overacting ki Dukan make ki Dukan Shivangi Joshi..

  14. Hey Kaina, Anjana, Sachu, Ponkuri, Fenil and all YRKKH fans.
    Have just read the updates – it is crazy what is going on with the show. I have stopped watching and even updates I don’t check but all your points are spot on I agree with all those who said the show is about Naira/Kaira so true. What I think the producers and CVs should have done is end the show and start a new with Kaira’s as the leads then we wouldn’t have been so offended.
    Personally I have stopped watching star plus as all the shows on are just not exciting or interesting enough – so I have boycotted the channel.
    I don’t see YRKKH continuing with high TRPs internationally as the show comes on at 6pm in the UK and that’s when most people like myself are coming home from work. 7 – 9pm are good timings for UK audience, that’s why those shows that are on at that time do very well internationally.
    I will come on this page from time to time just to say hello.
    Adios mes amigos
    Au revoir mes amis
    Have a wonderful day

    1. Hi Missy
      Happy to see you after a long time

  15. One thing that is in the keesh wedding track the kartik naira fight is shown because of naksh truth, I know that naira has done wrong to hide this Naksh truth from kartik . earlier naira should Tell this to kartik when she got to know this truth of Naksh. But, I have seen that naira loves naksh and kirti both. Then how could kartik say this word to naira that she loves naksh more then kirti. And when in yesterday 16th October 2017 episode was shown in yeh rishta kya kehlata hai how could kartik say this word to naira that she is liar, and when naira said to kartik that she is going to singhania then also how could kartik say this word to naira that go, not see your face, and also how could and why kartik is not listening to naira that what naira has to say to kartik, because naira had hide this naksh truth from kartik, I know that naira has done wrong to hide this naksh truth from kartik. But one thing kartik is naira is wrong, kartik should not say this word to naira that she loves naksh more then kirti, and she is liar, not see your face, and not listening to naira that what naira has to say to kartik, this is wrong. Kartik should once listen to naira that what naira has to say. And one thing remember that like whenever kartik fights with his dadi goenka and gets angry, in that case I have seen that in one day when kartik fights with his dadi goenka and gets angry, then on that day, and next day he always says sorry to dadi goenka, and when in one day whenever kartik naira fight with each other then first naira gets angry and ignore to kartik and not listening to kartik this is wrong, but after that in one day when kartik gets angry and ignore to naira and not listening to naira this is also wrong. That’s why I always hate the fight of kartik naira.

  16. And one thing that because of naksh truth kartik naira fight for that I only had hope, and wish, and want that kartik naira should patch up soon like always.

  17. i think this might be kaira’s plan to patch up keesh. and console naksh FOR kirti as LP.

  18. No, this is wrong. Kartik is doing wrong with naira. Kartik is wrong, naira is write, I am with naira. Not with kartik. Kartik should not say like this word to naira that she loves naksh more then kirti, she want happiness of naksh more then kirti, she is liar, don’t want to see the face of naira, this is wrong, kartik should not say like this word to naira, he should say sorry for this to naira. And should patch up. Because I will always and always hate the fight of kartik naira. And if it’s naira plan or not I don’t know.

  19. Fenil

    when Naira get to know Soumya Goenka’s truth that time she keeps saying that my husband have right to know the truth mein mere Pati se chupa nahi sakti….kya hua aaj Naira tum yahan galat pad gayi jo sach batana tha woh batati nahi aur jo sach thode time baad batana tha woh jaldi racing karke bataya….Karthik anger is reasonable on his place…aaj Karthik pe chila rahi ho yeh hain Pyar dono ek dusre pe chila rahe hain. elders dekhlo yeh hain aapke pyare Naira and Karthik but we know phir bhi aap log kahenge bachhe hain phirse mana lenge ek dusre ko woh toh hain .

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