Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik and Akshara seeing Naira. They ask how did she get hurt. Naira lies to them about the wound. Naira says she is hungry and wants food. Akshara worries. Varsha tells Ananya that she made her fav hot chocolate and asks her to have it. Ananya is sad. Naira says Akshara will scold me now. Akshara says I have kept your lip balm, I will not get angry. She asks her about her school, she knows girls don’t like simple pleats, but it suits on uniforms. She says we can try hairstyles at home. She makes Naira sit and says she is sharing her experience. Naira asks what happened to you.

Akshara says I know what you are feeling. I m your mum and friend, I know its not because of any pimple, It happened by your immaturity. Varsha says I m bad mum. Ananya says

don’t get upset, you are world’s best mum, I m bad, you always do good for me, I know how you feel, I should have understood. Akshara asks Naira why did she not tell her, if she got hurt then… Naira says sorry, my friends were teasing me, would you let me go parlor. Akshara says I will not stop you when right time comes. Varsha says I should understand being elder, I irritated you.

Ananya says I should have taken your advice positive, I promise, I will do as you say. Varsha says your happiness is more imp and hugs her. Rajshri and Shaurya smile seeing them. Akshara says you look cute, you can do makeup after 2-4 years. She shows her old pic and asks her to see. Naira says there is no one like this in my class, they dress up well. Akshara says clothing will not make you, you have to focus on performance, you can dress up, but not makeup, will I think anything wrong for you.

Varsha tells everyone that Ananya is fine now. She asks Rajshri is she still annoyed. She apologizes to her. Dadi says its mistake of all of us. She pacifies Varsha. Akshara tells Naitik that she explained Naira well, but she can’t guarantee Naira will listen to her. Naitik asks her to be careful and focus on Naira. He says tell her not to grow up more than her age. She says we will see her, she will be annoyed if we tell her again, don’t panic. He says fine, we will have tea, come. She worries for Naksh and he smiles.

Naksh and Yash see the bus stop and nearby college. Yash says we don’t know where is she, what if you meet her, she will also go like Sanju, don’t waste time, we will leave now, I will get bike. Naksh thinks where is Tara. Tara comes there with her friends. She slips infront of him and he holds her. Pehla nasha……………..plays………….. She sees her hockey and tells Naksh that this is not right, revenge is wrong, forgive me, I apologized, why did you come to beat me. Yash comes and asks is she expert in misunderstanding people. He asks Naksh to explain. Tara says I m ready to apologize again, its not good to beat girls, I will call police. Naksh stops her saying. Naksh says let me say, do you think I m such guy to beat girls, I just came to meet you, since you came my home, I mean since your hockey came in my home, everyone is after it, I got it to return it to you. He says my sister said she wants to learn hockey, you met me here, I mean we did not try to find you, right Yash, tell her she met us suddenly. Yash says yes, and she will also go suddenly. Yash gets sad.

Naksh says world is so small, I came here and you met me. She says sorry to misunderstand you. He says don’t be sorry. She says so your sister wants to learn hockey. He asks what. She says you just said. He says yes, can you help. She asks him to talk to management and get his sister for selection. She shakes hands with him. He smiles. She says bye and leaves. Yash asks Naksh to stop her. Naksh says you stop her, take her number. Yash says sorry, I can’t get beaten. Naksh sees the hockey and stops Tara. He gives her hockey. She thanks him. She says your sister can come to see match. He says thanks, I will come with her. She leaves. Yash says Naksh you did not take her number. Naksh says its fine, we will keep meeting now.

Naitik asks Akshara why is her mood bad. She says Naksh came so late. He says he has grown up, its normal to come late. He romances and she calls him old. He lifts her and asks for a kiss. He says he will always be young and his love will be same. She is about to kiss him and he gets backache. She scolds him saying he got sprain, he got old, he never listens to her. She laughs.

Akshara asks Naksh whats all this, he goes early and comes late. He says I m focusing on studies, he got this hockey for Naira. Naira asks when did I ask you for this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think tara is better than sanju who agrees just reply and who don’t agree not to reply

  2. And ya friends who is better ashnoor/naira or naksh/rohan please give the answer !!!!!!!

    1. Sorry to say friend, there can’t be any comparison between Naksh and Naira. This is because in comparison we have to take two people in same level. But here Naira is very little compare to Naksh (who is already in adulthood state). So if u really want to compare then u can compare Naksh with Yash, Naira with Gayu, Mishty with that little boy(son of Anshu & Jasmeet)

  3. in today’s episodetnaksh was romentic and tara was beautiful

  4. Today’s episode was very admiring. I like da way Akshara taught her daughter Naira. We can take a very good lesson from this and can execute this in our life.

  5. Very sweet episode. I simply just love it.

  6. Naksh is sooo cute.. :*

  7. I hate Tara..sanju is so cute…y she leave d show..sanju plz cum again

  8. niharika siddhant sathe

    i totally agree tara is so good much better than sanju she cheated yash and left…..
    i wish the unite naksh and tara nara
    naira is not mature what she did today was ridiculus….

    1. Right. I sometimes felt Sanju used to force her thinking on others.

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