Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh taking Bhabhimaa’s phone and telling Akshara. Dada ji praises Tara and she feels guilty and sorry. Vikram asks her about photos. Tara says she does not take photos. Naksh calls her and she goes out acting as if she is not getting network. He informs her about photo in newspaper, there maybe problem if her family sees it, be careful. She gets shocked seeing Dada ji having newspaper, and ends call. Naksh turns to see Akshara and give her phone, and she goes.

Tara tells Dada ji that they will take selfie with the medal and takes newspaper away. Sangram comes and asks why is she acting clever, her photo has come in newspaper. He shows the newspaper to Dada ji and says I told you Tara is lying. Ananya and Yash meet Naksh and does not like his step

of going to marry Tara. Naksh says it was panicking moment for me. Dada ji asks Sangram not to doubt Tara. Sangram asks Tara to say it. Tara says she will tell Dada ji. Sangram says she cheated you, I told you its not any lecture competition, you said she is your pride, see this, she went to play hockey, not any elocution competition. Dada ji reads article and sees pic. He gets shocked. Aditya gets tensed.

Dada ji says I do not trust anyone except Tara, I don’t trust even my eyes, I will believe whatever Tara says as truth. He keeps her hand on his head. Tara cries and says its her pic. He drops the medal and gets shocked. Naksh tells Yash and Ananya that he could not think anything else that time. Tara apologizes to Dada ji and says it was her mum’s dream, she knew Dada ji hates hockey so she could not tell him. She cries. Dada ji says its my mistake, I trusted you a lot, more than your brothers, your parents were not there, I thought to take their place, you cheated me, lied to me. Sangram says great Tara, you used Dada ji’s trust well.

Dada ji says guy’s family is coming tomorrow, ask them to come prepared, we will keep roka tomorrow, and Tara don’t ruin my respect tomorrow. Tara says don’t say this. Sangram says I will see to it, don’t worry Dada ji, and Tara won’t go college, her mobile will be with me. She cries and asks Dada ji to forgive her. Sangram takes her away.

Naksh says Yash did not think of anything when he was in love with Sanju, you were upset when she left. Yash says I felt I can’t live without her. Naksh says now I m feeling the same. Ananya says Akshara is hurt. Naksh says I know my mumma, she will understand me, I m tensed about Tara, how will she handle, she must be stressed. He takes Ananya’s phone and calls her. He says her phone is off, I could not talk to her well, I m tensed, what to do. Ananya asks him to convince Akshara, then she will find some solution.

Its morning, Akshara wakes up and asks Naitik to get up, its diwali. Preeti calls on Naksh’s phone and tells about Tara’s Roka today, asking him to do something. Naitik asks her to give back Naksh’s phone, he can call Tara anywhere, he does not need this phone. Rajshri and Kaki hold aarti plate. Nannu’s ball hits the plate and it falls. Kaki says idol broke, will anything bad happen. Dadi says its by thinking, nothing will happen. Rajshri says we want new Laxmi idol. Ananya asks Dadi did she get more idol from Goa. Dadi says she got for everyone. Lord is everywhere, not in idol. They call Ananya Mahalaxmi. Nannu calls her Ganpati.

Akshara thinks to tell Naitik before Naksh. Naira comes and asks for her gifts. Naitik and Akshara forget it. Naira says she can’t believe it, why did they forget. Akshara says no, nothing like that, we forgot. Akshara says we forgot our tradition. NAitik says its okay, no one will feel bad. Naitik gets Keshav’s call and goes. Naira tells Naksh abvout Akshara and Naitik forgetting gifts. Akshara thinks she can’t tell Naksh, she will ask Naitik to explain Naksh.

She gets a happy diwali note and gift. She says Naitik remembered it. Naitik comes and hugs her. They apologizes to each other. He says he did not gift her, and she gifted the watch. She says I did not send any gift, Naksh has sent this. He says its enough he thought about us. Devyaani asks them to come. Akshara thinks she did not get chance to tell Naitik.

They go for the puja. She thinks she could not tell Naksh, and prays. Mishti tells Naksh that its call for him on landline. Naksh gets Preeti’s call who tells him everything. He gets shocked. She says she informed him on mobile too, and was thinking why he did not do anything. He gets shocked. Akshara tells everything to Naitik. He says we should tell Naksh. Preeti asks Naksh to meet Tara. He looks at Akshara.

Naksh cries and asks Akshara to do something, stop Tara’s Roka, he will not marry soon, he loves Tara a lot, she has to beg him now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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