Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a few years leap in the show. Akshara is seen making garlands and talking about Mishti’s school project. A drone camera records everything. Naksh gives her a rose. She says whatever I do, I know you will always be with me. He says I love you Maa, you are world’s best mum. He asks her to take medicines. She says I won’t take medicines. He says its her birthday today, I know you won’t refuse to her. He makes her have medicines and says I will come early from office tomorrow, you have to visit doctor, you have to go bank and sign papers infront of officer. She asks him to get papers home, she will sign here. He asks was medicine bitter.

She says life’s truth is bitter, see your age, you are doing all this, you should have friends and see world, your

life is just around me, this is not right. He says its right, when parents can live life for us always, can’t we give some years, did Papa call you. She says no, he will be coming today. He says its obvious, afterall its his fav/ daughter’s birthday.

Naitik asks manager to talk to Naman, I won’t talk about this deal. He says I m going home, you know its imp day for me, I don’t want to spoil her mood, even if I bear a big loss. Naitik leaves from airport.

A boy Happy asks his parents for milk. The couple argues and ask each other to make tea. Happy says you always argue, Dadi started praying. Rajshri comes there. The couple tells Rajshri that we surely will do this today. Happy asks for some milk. Rajshri says wait, I will give milk. Mishti applies white foam on wall as it had stain, while everyone ask where was fire caught. Naksh and Akshara praise her. Karishma scolds Mishti. Naman asks Karishma not to scold Mishti. Karishma asks Mishti to take multi vitamin tablets and help yourself. Naksh asks Mishti not to tell Kuhu that I made her school project. She asks when will they come. Naksh says don’t know, we will ask them. Kuhu argues with Happy. The couple ask Happy to go in party and get return gifts too. Kuhu comes to Mishti and says I will not leave that Happy. Everyone come there.

Akshara welcomes her Maayka. They all smile. Dadi says I m not ill or old to stay at home, I had to come. Naksh says you are much strong and young. Dadi asks them how are they, you guys don’t come to meet us, you did not come to visit us since many years. Dadi says I got a gift for the birthday girl. Rajshri hugs Akshara. Happy asks Mishti why is she not happy. Dadi asks where is Naitik. Akshara says he will be coming, cake won’t cut without him, birthday girl is getting ready. Varsha says she follows Akshara always, where is she. Devyaani says yes, she is Akshara’s shadow, we tease her sometimes.

The birthday girl Gayu comes there. Akshara says no, she is more smart and better than me, she is my daughter. Everyone smile seeing Gayu. Akshara hugs her and wishes her happy birthday. Everyone wish her happy birthday and thank her for being in their lives. Naitik comes and says you are our life. He hugs Gayu and wishes her happy birthday. She thanks them. Naksh hugs Naitik.

He asks Naitik not to be away for much days, I miss you a lot. Naitik says I miss you too. Everyone ask Naitik to stay with them. Akshara says we will first cut the cake, then we can sit and talk. They all get shocked seeing the cake with Naira’s name on it. Akshara says I m very sorry. Gayu says its okay Mami, I understand, you have made your Gayu as Naira for many years and gave me so much love, its fine with me if Naira’s name is in cake, my parents died and still you all gave me so much love. I m sure Naira will come back some day. Akshara says give me 10 mins, I will get new cake. Gayu says no need, I will cut this cake. Gayu cuts the cake and makes them eat. Akshara goes away and misses Naira.

Naira is in Rishikesh. Naira helps some foreigners and gives them passports. She asks them to return to their country and say India is the best. She tells about Laxman bridge where broken relations get fine. The man gives her some money. Naira counts the money and thinks its very less, I worked hard to get their passports and then return it, then such a small tip. She smiles.

Inspector tells Akshara that Naira is doing some wrong work and local police will be catching her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh thank god aksharah and natik didn’t separate I srsly thought they would because of the way natik was scolding and blaming aksharah but a very good episode

  2. nice episode..lets see how naira goes back to akshara..

  3. naira seemed to b interesting..not a flat positive character.she has shades…

  4. very nice episode nd naitik look so handsome as look as he always . naitik angry look was also so nice.

  5. How come Kuhu looks ELDER then Misti

  6. who are happy and the couple described above?
    how rashmi and sameer died?

  7. Who,is happy? Ananya’s son ?

  8. Why mishti has not grown lol

  9. So many things left just like that.. Nairas incident where taras dadaji saved her was still not revealed to family n solved.. Suddenly tara n her family r lost.. No signs of patch up ir anything.. N this leap… Na man knowing naira leaving house n he kept mum.. Weird track

  10. What happened to rashmi n Sameer? Pls natik n akshara do not think of fighting for children , duggu is cute as always just opposite to her sister naira,really a spoiled child the character which is not at all suitable for this family

  11. Still a better leap than yhm

  12. I don’t understand how Kuhu looks older than Mishti the old Kuhu looked cute, this Kuhu doesn’t even look right! They really need to change this Kuhu to a smaller, cuter version.

    The producers need to reconsider this.

  13. I also think it’s a good idea keeping Mishti, I’m so glad she’s adorable!

  14. what a crap.

  15. Omg.. Akshara and Naksh are so adorable

  16. Why did some grow up and some didn’t grow up? I was expecting lots from the leap but naitik grew old and looks same age as his dad whobyasbt changed, naksh looks the same and so does mishti – what is going on producers? It can’t be that some grew up and some remained the same right?
    By the way, guys, I think happy is anshu and jasmeets other son and those people we saw are jasmeets parents but I’m not so sure

  17. I meant his dad who hasn’t changed sorry

    And also why is akshara taking medicine now? So weird … Is it just to show age change?

  18. Sorry I keep commenting but how is rashmi dead? Why?? I like her character and sameer too – I dont know what the producers are up to – I hope they solve all these riddles soon, I’m interested to see what happened next…

  19. Naira had it all and spoiled it with her own hands.

  20. The leap was absolutely illogical. If Rashmi is indeed dead then the cvs have failed in showing correct emotions. As a father whose daughter expired Rajbanna seems to feel sad that Naira is missing and not a tinge of sadness that his young daughter expired before him and same with Bhabima.. Kuhu who was younger than mishti is suddenly shown so grown up. And Akshara instead of putting a sad face that Karishma is scolding Mishti why can’t she explain to her that it is important to take care of one’s self too as that girl is close to her. Overall a disappointing leap

  21. I like grownupnaira hope she is main lead now

  22. I lik new gayu mre than new naira,gayu is so cute than new naira
    I thnk Gayu is pair for our Naksh

    1. gayu is cousin sidter of naksh..n new gayu is just cute sanskari type new naira is free bird,hates mom but full of life.a fresh break from abla naris.

  23. Ome of the best leap. The best thing was they did not seperate naitik n akshara like other serial.
    When every some serial take leap they show main lead seperate but im happy with this leap.
    But really one mistake was mishti.
    when kuhu grow so fast why not mishti.
    if they dnt want to cjange mishti then they should choose kuhu character same as mishti

  24. I think mishti have some growth problems…glad to see Akshara-naitik together…

  25. OMG!! Kuhu is looking elder than mishty! This is ridiculous…. ?

  26. Am disappointed with this leap
    Naksh looks same
    What about gajni look?
    Akshara looks same
    Mishti oopppss thats ridiculous
    They could have shown gayu get emotional seeing her parents pic talking to them remembering whatever happened etc rather than bluntly saying after death of my parents
    I feel this serial’s previous leap was much better well planned n executed
    this looks messed up 🙁 🙁

  27. But I think he hasn’t forgiven akshara for her seeds.

  28. Wer is today’s episode?

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