Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik pacifying Kuhu. Mishti says sorry for calling Kuhu a thief. Naira asks him to go for puja, Akshara is waiting. Kuhu holds his hand and cries. Naira makes her leave Naitik’s hands and says I will manage her. Naitik says I was afraid of this. Kuhu says Papa and cries. Naira says Papa will come soon. Naitik goes downstairs. Bhabhimaa asks is she still crying. Rajshri says she got such state, poor girl, whats her name. Naitik says Kuhu…. Ananya says its such a sweet name. Baisa asks Naitik to complete puja. Naitik and Akshara complete puja. Akshara stares at him.

Baisa blesses everyone. She asks Akshara to make Tara like her, if she wants them to be happy. She says I will leave now, I stayed here for long time, even I have family, they call me daily.

She asks Naksh not to stop her again. Bau ji asks her to come soon. Devyaani says yes, come for more days. Baisa asks Naitik to drop her at bus station, what is the matter, are you tired, its fine, someone else will drop me. Naitik says no, I will come and worries for Kuhu. Naksh says I will come along. They leave. Mishti apologizes to Kuhu. Naita asks Kuhu to taste some sweets. Varsha says Lord does injustice sometimes, he gave sorrow to little girl. Akshara recalls Naitik and Kuhu. Naira plays with Kuhu.

Naitik and Naksh are on the way. Naitik asks Naksh to check Krishna once, Keshav is managing since many days, my hong kong meeting was good, we will expand Krishna soon. Naksh thinks there is something that Papa is lying so much. Shaurya comes late and apologizes to Varsha for coming late. He meets everyone. Akshara wishes Naitik comes soon.

Naitik comes home. Akshara looks at him. He thanks her and says sorry for lying, but… Kuhu says Papa and runs to him, crying. She hugs him. He asks why is she crying, good kids don’t cry, come with me. He takes her and goes. Naksh looks on and goes to Akshara.

He asks did you know that Papa is getting this girl with him. she says yes, Naitik told me, I did not tell anyone, stop doubting on Naitik like this, Naitik tells me everything. Naksh says sorry, I don’t feel so. Naira tells Mishti that she will tell about function to Naitik. Naitik feeds Kuhu and asks Naira to talk later. Naira goes. Kuhu sees her mum’s pic and cries. The pic flies out and Naitik goes to get the pic. He sees Akshara and says if Akshara gets the pic, it will be problem, Akshara knows who is she. He gets the pic and hides, before she sees him. He thinks none should get this pic. He goes to Kuhu and says I know you miss your mom, keep this pic in your bag, it can fly and get lost. He keeps pic in bag. He asks her to sleep. She holds his hand and sleeps. He kisses on her forehead. Bhabhimaa comes there and says she slept, she is very lovely, I will sit with her, go and rest for sometime. He goes.

Naitik asks Akshara will she not ask, I wanted to tell you, but… She asks what but, you felt you will hide it, you lied to me, when I called you, you lied to me and passed by me, think what I went through, we promised we will not hide anything from each other, but you broke the promise.

She says I felt very bad, I cried and got angry on you, but now….. I m getting love, I m feeling proud of my husband, that you are helping your old friend and bearing responsibility of a motherless kid, its tough to accept a stranger, you should have told me and kids, we felt its some matter when you left us in hong kong, we knew its imp thing, I m sorry, I should have asked you, or you should have told me, I would be happy that you are doing a good work. He gets relieved and says it was so sudden. She says I trust you, I met this girl before, she was sitting alone and then maybe you took her. He says it means you gave her that teddy, she was lost and see you got her. She says Lord always makes me part of your work. He hugs her and thinks how to tell you the truth, you will be hurt. She says I wish Kuhu’s Papa comes soon, sorry, I mean she is little and thinks you are her dad, when her real dad comes, she may have problem.

They have coffee. She kisses him and says I love you. He says I love you…. Bhabhimaa comes worried and says Kuhu is not in the room. Naitik asks how, this house is so big, she does not know things. Akshara says calm down, she will be here. Naitik says she is young, little, her mum died recently, we don’t know her mental state. He rushes to find her. Naksh asks Bhabhimaa why is she worried. Bhabhimaa says don’t know where Kuhu went. Naitik says she is not here, we will call police. They all try to find her. Akshara sees her sitting behind sofa and crying, while seeing her mother’s pic.

Akshara gets the pic. Naitik worries seeing her with pic. Akshara is about to turn the pic to see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow,wat a thrilling screenplay, superb episode and thank for no tara scene
    Baisa is kind person,bt she do rude sumtym,bt always she did gud thngs for her family

  2. Pls keep serial lyk tis thrilling screenplay,wow akshara hats off,naitik u r so lucky for getting akshara as ur wif,lov u akshara,till now akshara is dont scolding and blaming others,such a sweet heart

  3. Superb episode. But very tensed precap!!!

  4. I heard kuhu is shaurya’s daughter

    1. yes it is true

  5. They r spoiling nakshatra……


  6. i am eagerly waiting for 2morow epi

  7. I am sure,akshara dont see pic tomorw,director is planning to track kuhu issue

    1. Hey suriyajo! Do u know the TRP of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai on current week? If u know then pls post it over here. I hope its better than the previous week.

  8. Sry raunak,i dont know trp rate ,bt i am sure ,it wil increase frm previous week,i ever seen lik tis show,hw the show running mre than 2000 episode wit same superb screenplay,keep going,luv u all

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