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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara asking Rose why is she refusing now, and did Martha not explain her. Martha says I m her mum, I will stand by her decision. Naira says Rose is hurt by Rukmani’s words, she is not agreeing. Akshara asks Rose does Yash’s love not matter to her, does this small thing break her relation, she has to decide is her relation weak or strong, Yash’s Dadi is your Dadi, you made her wear the ring, did Martha not scold you, does Rose leave house like this. Rose cries and says sorry, I did mistake, I will marry Yash. They all smile.

Martha asks where is the guarantee that Rose will be happy. Akshara says there is no guarantee of every relation, but Yash and Rose have to keep trying to make their relation better, I know they will do this. Rose nods and hugs

Akshara. She thanks and apologizes. Akshara asks Naira to take Rose by back door and I will send Naksh upstairs. Rukmani says everyone has come, now I will lift ghunghat of Rose. She goes to Naksh. Naira starts scolding Kartik to create a scene and winks to him, asking him to act.

Rukmani leaves ghunghat and comes to them. Everyone gather around Naira and Kartik. Akshara asks Rukmani to see what happened. Akshara asks Naksh to get up and run. Naira and Kartik argue. Everyone ask them what is the matter. Yash apologizes to Nandini. Naksh goes. Akshara says we will solve this matter later. Rukmani says time got wasted. Rukmani asks where did Rose go. Akshara says she went to fix her saree pin.

Naksh thanks Lord and says I went through this pain, I know its bad, I wish no one gets this pain, everyone should stay together and always love each other. Kartik says glad to know you know something other than fights. She says I m glad you talk well. He murmurs that she should have been with him forever. She asks what. He says nothing. She asks him to look there. Rose comes there. Everyone smile.

Rukmani lifts her ghunghat and asks everyone to come for haldi. They apply haldi to Yash and Rose. Kartik asks Gayu to clean haldi off her face and gives her a tissue. She smiles.

Naksh and Ananya talk how Yash was scared. She asks Naksh to think positive, I m sure someone loving and pretty girl will come in your life, who will make you forget all your pain, she will fill happiness in your life. Naksh smiles and hugs her. Naira holds Kartik with haldi hands. They tease Kartik that his marriage is next. Naira jokes on him. He laughs talking to her.

Akshara asks Kartik to apply haldi to his sister. Kartik applies haldi to Rose. Akshara thanks Naira for helping and uniting Rose and Yash. Naira says it was no use, as you convinced Rose. Akshara says you started it, thanks. Yash holds Rose’s hand and they smile. The curtains are moved. Yash and Rose see each other. Everyone dance. Naira dances with Akshara. Akshara gets a call. She tells everyone that there is good news, Naitik and Naman left for airport, they will reach till marriage. Naira and everyone get glad.

Ananya and Naksh guard, till Yash and Rose hug and talk. Yash asks Rose not to leave him again. Rose apologizes. They say I love you. Ananya says date time is over. Naksh asks Yash to come. Martha tells Rajshri that I m happy, my dream got fulfilled in Rose’s dream, I m lucky to see this day, I m scared, everything should be fine. Rajshri says I m also a mother and understand this feeling, when daughter’s bidaai happens, all the worries get away, don’t be tensed, be happy. Martha hugs her.

Varsha says I will pack these orders. Kuhu comes and says I have seen someone outside, when I asked him who is he, he has run away. Vishwamber says we have to secure the house. Varsha says we should do find permanent solution. Akshara asks Kartik why did he not change clothes till now, these haldi stains. He says I did not get time, I will change before baraat comes. He smiles seeing Naira. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai………….plays…………

Vishwamber and Rajshri stand outside to guard the house. Varsha asks where shall we keep the items now, we will be going in marriage, how will we manage. Rajshri says we will stay here.

Gayu goes to Akshara and says there is big problem, I gave right instructions to designer but…. Rose says not again. Gayu shows the dresses. Akshara says its right, red lahenga for marriage and white gown for church wedding. Gayu says thats the problem, and says colors got opposite. Akshara gets worried.

Martha says I won’t accept this, this is red gown, I want my daughter to wear a white gown. Rukmani says I won’t let marriage happen if Rose wears a white lahenga.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Awesome episode! ??✌?????

  2. Episode was nice.
    Kaira Scenes were awesome.
    Poor Gayu!!!! She did so many acts to get Kartik’s touch.But Kartik is a real man.
    He gave tissue and opened front cam ?

    But Naira Ka haldi Kartik pe chad gaya!
    this part was awesome! ♥ ♥

  3. Fanficoholic

    Thanks piu fr replying to my query.

  4. Karan ka kya kr rahe ho show me plzkaran as naitik ko vapus lao nahi toh trp num 5ki jagah 50hoga .akshra re maried show nahi chalega naitik ka end karo fir dekho

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