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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara and Varsha coming out in the living room and seeing its 9am. Varsha says I got late. Rajshri asks her to have tea. Akshara’s hand gets hurt and Rajshri says its because of fold weather. Varsha teases her taking Naitik’s name. Anshu comes and says good morning. Everyone smile seeing him. Anshu asks everyone why are they seeing him like this. Kaki asks about Jasmeet. Dhanlaxmi asks him about her and says you don’t know how will your mum feel seeing you become your wife’s. Rajshri asks him to call Jasmeet. Anshu says she is sleeping. Dadi asks did he tell her the time to wake up. Anshu says no.

Dhanlaxmi makes a scene and says everyone got up, even Naitik. Anshu says its not a bog matter that you are making a scene. Dhanlaxmi says then Lord

will see this house if Jasmeet does this. Pammi wakes up and asks Sethi to wake up Jasmeet. She realizes she has gone. She gets sad. Pammi says don’t know when I stop thinking this. Sethi says yes, house is looking empty now. Pammi says when a daughter is born, everyone knows she has to leave one day. Her relatives pray that Jasmeet stays happy in her in laws house.

Akshara also defends Jasmeet and says its not her mistake, as no one told her, she was tensed, not in good health, maybe she did not sleep well at night, and says what a girl experiences at a new home. Dadi says we made wrong rules, the difference is in our thoughts, if we regard her as daughter, then we will understand everything. Akshara says let her sleep now, she will manage everything soon. Rajshri says she will become Varsha and Akshara soon. Jasmeet comes and greets good morning.

She says I m sorry for waking up late, for this mistake.Naksh and Ananya come. Jasmeet says I will try to wake up early, I was tired and could not get up. The kids also support her. Jasmeet says it took time to wear saree. Ananya says she is looking beautiful. Dhanlaxmi tells Sunaina that she will cry later. Sethi asks his relatives to stay for more days but they decide to leave. Karishna says I will stay here as they are missing Jasmeet. They wait for Jasmeet for paatphere rasam. Akshara says lets do puja now and asks Jasmeet to do it. She holds the aarti plate and asks what to do now. Everyone look at her.

Rajshri says its your first day here so do the puja, we all did this. Dhanlaxmi asks her to sing a bhajan too. Jasmeer says she does not know aarti and any bhajan. She says I did not know I have to learn this. Rajshri says you may pray to Lord. Akshara says sing what you know in your language. Dadi says yes. Jasmeet says what she sings in the Gurudwara. Everyone smile. Jasmeet does the aarti saying it. She gives aarti to everyone and they get happy.

Rajshri says have breakfast fast then guests will come. Varsha says someone will come from Jasmeet’s home for patphere rasam. Bhabhimaa is happy as Chitti makes good parathas. Muskaan comes and yawns, she asks how do you look so fresh. Bhabhimaa says we have to get up for children. Bhabhimaa says everyone has to marry. Muskaan says how would akshara feel here for first day. Bhabhimaa acts like Akshara and they laugh. Bhabhimaa tells about Devyaani too. Muskaan says tell me about mum, was she scared. Devyaani says yes, but Akshara supported me a lot.

Muskaan asks about Bhabhimaa. Bhabhimaa says only Baisa was there, I was afraid of Dadda ji, and had to don long ghunghat, I fell on first day and laughs. She sees Naman talking to phone smiling and asks whom is he talking. Devyaani says yes. Muskaan says he got new subject for photography. Akshara asks Naitik to go and he flirts. She holds him smiling. He says atleast close the door, I m shy. She says go office in 10mins. He says other wife wants husband to stay and you are sending me.

Naman asks Karishma when is she meeting him. She says I m busy. He says I m confident, afterall I m worth it, lets meet today. She says not possible. He gets sad. Jasmeet gets shagun from everyone and is very happy. Dhanlaxmi says she will also leave today. Naitik leaves for office and messages Akshara to come back home soon. She smiles reading it. She tells Rajshri she will leave today. Everyone insists her to stay. Akshara says no, everyone will be waiting there. Rajshri says yes and talks about women after marriage divided between mum’s house and inlaws house. Jasmeet’s family comes and Jasmeet hugs her parents happily.

Naitik comes to meet Akshara and waits to see her. Varsha tells Shaurya that Naitik has definitely come to meet Akshara by some reason.

Update Credit to: Amena

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