Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Aryan reveals Dadi’s deed

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baisa getting angry that Dadi has stolen the shank. Naksh says maybe its related to her superstition. Naitik asks him not to let Naira and Kirti know. Kirti comes. They all divert the topic. Dadi asks Manish to give the thread, she will disperse it in water. Kartik says we didn’t find any time for romance. Naira says everything else was fine. They see love kite. He jokes. She asks him to be careful. She lights diya. He tries to get the kite from the tree.

He shouts and falls down. She looks back. Dadi says we will place this, Kartik will get a son. Kartik jumps on trampoline and gives a heart to Naira. He says there is a Romeo and Juliet here. She asks him to come back. He throws flowers on her. Yahan wahan….plays… he gets on the balcony.

She pulls him up. Dadi says we managed to do everything within time. Kartik asks were you really scared. Naira nods. He kisses and hugs her.

Surekha keeps the shank under pillow. Kartik and Naira come to the room and see Aryan. Aryan sees shank and thinks I m no one to them, I will see how Kartik fulfills their hope. Kartik asks what are you doing. Aryan hides the shank. He says kids have hidden my things, I was finding it, did I do a mistake to step in your room. He goes. Kartik says I feel he was lying. Naira says he is lying, we have to talk to him, how long will he stay upset and distance himself, he is suffering equally as others, we shouldn’t let this happen. She stops Aryan.

She says we need to talk. Aryan refuses. Kartik says we are your family, what’s troubling you. Aryan says leave me alone. Kartik says we are concerned for you. Naira says you can express your anger so that the pain comes out. Aryan shouts on Kartik. Everyone comes. Naira says Manish would have fallen because of your anger. Aryan asks are you blaming me, it was an accident, you are saying as if I have pushed him. He gets angry and says she is accusing me. Kartik says Naira didn’t say this, we know you love Manish, you were also stressed like us. Aryan collides with Kartik. They all get shocked seeing the shank. Naira picks the shank and says its Dadda ji’s grandpa’s shank. She asks Aryan how did he get this. Surekha and Dadi worry. Aryan says now you are blaming me for theft, just kick me out of the house. Kartik asks how did you get this. Aryan says ask Dadi and Surekha who kept this there. Naira scolds him for blaming Dadi. Kartik turns and sees Dadi. Aryan says I have told the truth. Kartik stops Naira and says Shubham is telling the truth. They look at Dadi.

Naitik asks why did Dadi do this. Naksh says we should tell this to Kartik and Naira. Naitik says we shouldn’t. Naksh stops himself and thinks dad doesn’t know anything about Naira getting ousted from the house. Naitik says Naira never complained, so I have no problem, if she does anything wrong with Naira, I won’t be able to tolerate it, I hope this shank has nothing to do with Naira. Naira says I knew Shubham is lying, right Dadi. Kartik asks Dadi to answer them. He says I know the answer, maybe Naira won’t believe me. Dadi says the truth is I got this shank from your Maayka.

Aryan says Dadi has stolen this, she did this for Kartik and family lineage, so that Kartik gets a son to keep Goenkas name. Manish asks Dadi have you done this. Dadi says yes, I have committed a theft, the reason behind it matters, pandit said this is the only ritual to get a son, else it will be just a girl child, Naira’s kundli has it written, I know you all are upset, I didn’t do thi for myself, I had to do this for family. Manish says you don’t justify your mistake, wrong is wrong. Dadi asks what’s wrong. Suwarna asks what if its a girl. Dadi says we have also done puja to get grandsons. Surekha says yes, pandit said Naira will have just one daughter. Kartik asks is it not wrong that Dadi has stolen the shank. Dadi says I m okay to be wrong. She says there is nothing imp than happiness of family. Naira says I don’t think everyone is happy, is Kartik happy. She asks Kartik is he happy. Kartik says no, not at all, it was wrong, Naira trusts you Dadi and you did this. Naira says I didn’t know you discriminate between a son and daughter, tell me what’s there that girls can’t do. Dadi says girls have limitations, just a son can take family ahead, if you don’t have a son, I will not tolerate this.

Kartik says you are doing puja to get a son, if Naira gives birth to a girl, how will you treat her, I decided, Naira and I will never have a child. Dadi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    This old lady gosh wats wrong with her wat if kirti gives birth to a girl should singhanians through her out of house because Naksh is the only son to the singhanians they need an heir too wat goes around comes around she should knw that geez!!!!

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