Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani asking Naksh to get other idol. Dadi says puja started, don’t send Naksh, wait for puja to end or call someone to get idol. Naksh says I will make someone have idol. He sees Naira. Naira recalls making plan with Naksh and Kartik. Bhabhimaa asks where did Chitti go. Chitti hides and says I won’t go, Naksh refused to me. Naksh messages Bhabhimaa about the idol swap and says Goenkas can get annoyed. Bhabhimaa thinks what to do. Naira and Kartik do the puja.

Bhabhimaa recalls her annoyance with Lord after Akshara’s death. She sees the idol. Naira and Kartik worry. They see Naksh. Bhabhimaa goes to idol. Kartik hopes everything gets fine. Naira thinks Bhabhimaa’s sorrow gets less by their try. Bhabhimaa stops herself from lifting idol. Dadi

asks when will idol come, its time. Naira says we have….. Kartik says it has come. They all see Bhabhimaa getting the idol. They all get glad.

Naksh takes idol from her. Naira hugs her and says you have forgiven Lord. Bhabhimaa says who am I to forgive Lord, I m sorry, I did not understand Lord’s will, he will forgive me. Kartik says so everything got fine. Dadi asks her to do the rasam. Bhabhimaa does rasam and prays.

Naksh talks to Kirti. He says there is a magic trick, rub the coin and put on it, it will stick now. She tries and coin sticks. He goes. She says thanks Naksh and sees him going. Naira says Kartik looked so cute and handsome, I felt so good being away. Kartik asks how did you think, tell me. She says like a frog, bad. He says you will get curse to say bad about husband, learn from family, how they talk about husbands. Naira says my frog is…. He asks why. She says my frog is very cute and lovely, shall I say a secret. He says sure. She says I love my frog. He gets glad and smiles. Kirti takes her. Yeh rishta kya …..plays……

Suwarna asks pandit to give flowers, I have to give it to my bahu. Pandit gives her flowers. She turns and sees Kartik. He folds hands and says I fold hands, please stop impressing Naira, don’t interfere in our lives. He goes. She says sorry, I have to give this gift to her. She goes to Naira and hugs her. She says you saved big abshagun from happening, thanks. Naira says why thanks, I did what I should have. Suwarna says I never told you, I met Akshara, we both did not know who we are, this happened that day too, your mumma gave you to me unknowingly, I have something she gave, mum in law gives some gift to bahu today, I did not know what to give you, then I recalled the thing which Akshara left to me. She shows the bangles and says Akshara had mannat and kept this to Lord, which got in my plate by mistake. She makes Naira wear the bangles. Naira cries and hugs her. Yeh rishta….plays………..

Suwarna says I can’t become your mumma, I will try my best to fill her place, I tried to Kartik too, but I did not succeed, life is short, its good to spend it with family, Kartik may not agree, but I promised myself and Kartik’s mum to accept Kartik as my son and give him love, I tried but it could not happen, when you and Naira stay with us, everything will get fine, just remember your promise. Naira hugs her. Kartik sees them and asks Naira what promise you made to Suwarna.

He asks Naira to say. Naira says I made a promise, there will be no problem in any rasam, I will not let any misunderstanding happen. He says I thought we don’t lie. Priyanka says she is saying right, I heard them myself, Suwarna come. They leave. Suwarna says I was just….. Priyanka says don’t worry, I did not hear you and said that to calm Kartik’s anger. Suwarna thanks her. Priyanka says I know, if you are hiding something, it would be good, I could not help you, after Soumya’s death, when I tried to explain him, he did not understand, he thinks just he is thinking wrong. Suwarna says this misunderstanding will not get away soon, it will be much if it gets cleared before my death, I don’t want to die with his blame and hatred, don’t talk to him, I don’t want any problems between them.

Kartik says I told you Naira to stay away from Suwarna and Manish, I came to spend time with you and give you gift. He shows the gift. Naira says gift thing with love, if brought by love. She goes. Dadi places Bappa and prays. Naitik and everyone pray at home to fight with every problem. Naksh says its Dadda ji’s birthday tomorrow. Devyaani says its Sankranti too. Naksh rushes to get kites. Bhabhimaa says I thought to ask Naira’s inlaws about Sankranti. Rajshri says we will call them here. Naitik says Goenkas sent card and invited us for Sankranti. Varsha says invitation card for that too, its too much. Dadi says its not much, we will have kite flying competition. Akhilesh says we will do something new. Dadi says Singhanias should know too.

Karishma says its just for Singhanias, did they send card for Maheshwaris too. Varsha says we did not get it. Naitik says we are one family, we should go together. Suwarna says we should call everyone. Dadi says you are deciding now. Suwarna says Kartik stayed with Maheshwaris, if he knows this, then…. Naitik says I will call them and clear matter. Vishwamber says no need, some people don’t think Samdhi as family, they are not wrong. Rajshri says don’t say this to Naksh, Naira and Kartik. Naitik says we will make excuse and refuse them. Vishwamber says no. Naksh comes.

Dadi says Kartik is close to them, I don’t want them to have right on him, we will not answer them, its better if they don’t come. Naksh says I was afraid for this, I did not get good kites, what about jugalbandi contest, think of something.

Kartik is at office. He sees the gift and recalls Naira’s words. He sees smileys made on kachoris. He says Naira and smiles…

Dadi says till til plates have something hidden, you both will find it, I will tell things about it. Kartik and Naira get things out of the plates.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fenil

    Awesome episode
    Missing Vinita Malik Aka Dadi.
    Suhasiniji was too much possessive abt karthik…..Jab se Akshara ka accident hua tab se Karthik nd Maheshwaris ki bonding miss kar raha hun.. Especially with Rajshreeji.
    Finally Bhabhima got her devotion back like to see her happy.

    Howzz u Vrushy,Halse,Lasiii, nd all ?

    1. Vrushy

      I am good.
      How are you ?!!

      1. Fenil

        i’m good

  2. Lasyashree.10


    How are you all? Sorry I couldn’t type all the names of members….

    While episode was good but Goenka’s…..? Dadi is doing too much…hope Naira straightens her?

    Good night…take care…sweet dreams everyone ????

    1. Trishi

      Hi Lasyashree.10
      Ungal suham eppadi??

      1. Lasyashree.10

        Nalla irukkeren…eppadi erukeenga

  3. Twana

    Hiiiii Guys..
    Today’s ep was Awesome except for the precap n the last part…
    Beginning was fabulous…. ????
    Kaira looked amazingly beautiful…. they were stunning…. ??
    Naira looked fab in that blue color attire…
    And Bahima’s part was good too.. both Naira n Karthik come up with swt cute plns to unite everyone!!!
    And Naira telling god that her husband z cute n Karthik answering like the god really made ma laugh…. ????
    It was hilarious…
    The ep was a bit emotional too… Naira n Suwarna….. feeling sorry for her…
    Dunno what really happened… It z still a mystery…
    Waiting for Lohri celebrations… but I really didn’t like the precap……
    And Goenka’s shld understand that Maheshwari’s r also a part of the Singhala family n they r ek big beautiful family…
    I think Dadi z jealous of them coz Karthik gives much attention to them…
    A little spark of Srithi aka Kirthi aur Naksh love story was lighted today!!
    Waiting to see that story.. Still Kaira z awesome!! ??????
    Keep it up YRKKH….. aur the reason tht it has passed a whole 8 yrs without going off air z coz itz not dragging n always itz abt happiness love n family… Love it.. Keep it up!!

    1. Twana

      And Guys those who want to comment abt YRKKH, Here’s ur chance…. Comment!!
      We’d like to know ur opinion abt the serial too…..
      How the ep was n everything…
      If u guys want this page to talk abt YRKKH, then comment…. we share our things bcoz no one else comment here… So we tend to talk abt ourselves when we finish talking abt YRKKH…
      So comment guys come onn..

      1. Wow Twana so sweet f yu… Yu encouraging silent readers lik Us to comment…. I love dis show very much … I started seeing dis show frm past 2 yrs… The 1 thing I like in dis show is abt husband and wife relationship.. The family bonding is so good… They don’t drag too much… Especially the villains keep on changing…

      2. Twana

        Thankz n keep commenting Sindhu….
        Happy to see u hv commented….
        Yh the family bond z gr8… n not dragging like other serials too… I hv stopped watching many of the shows bcoz they r dragging way too much..
        And yeah Villains keep changing n they won’t remain as villains all the time… most of them realize their mistakes…

  4. Kaira is cute. Hi how R U all. How will U spend these holidays my dear (didi & byhea). If any spelling mistake is there means really sry for that. Because I don’t no English very well.

    1. Rahul96

      Don’t you worry Ishu . You tried it’s enough !!!! And trust me your English is awesome!!!

  5. Twana

    And How r u all my Family here??
    BFF thum theek hu hena?? Aur studying too??
    Rahul bhai How r u?? When r u coming to Kolkata again?
    BFF n Soumya keep an eye on Rahul bhai..
    Aur Chanya how r u lil sissy?
    And Trishi dr Congo on ur registration n at last u came… I don’t hv to bk a ticket now..
    Sophie diii getting ready for the wedding?
    Pat di aur Sachu di where r u both? Missing ur comments..
    Pat dii miss ur long comments including our cuties aka Luv Kush?????
    Aliya all the best yaar… study well..
    Adi bhai how r u? Didn’t hear frm u the whole day…
    Hey Vrushy I’m sorry bcoz of this irritating studying process I didn’t get time to read ur ff… I will surely read it.. Which chapter r u writing now?? I didn’t read after 38 or 39th.. sorry… holding ma ears?
    And How’s Bruno? Don’t give him pedigree all the time he may get addicted to it… don’t know abt beagals but Labradors surely eat a lot n they r greedy ??
    Soumya study well lil sissy… hit a big score!
    Ishu all the best for ur exam.. study well!
    Shesha how r u lil sis?
    And Ishika dii How r u? Don’t u hv any exam in the near future?
    Trusna dii How r u? Doing well?
    I’m hoping a comment frm Aadi..
    At Last, Guys Good Night n Swt drms…

    1. Vrushy

      It ohkay, no need to be sorry.
      Your studies are more important. Hope you did well.
      Right now I have posted till 46th Chapter and I am ending the ff in about 5 chapters. As you know I will be starting a new one.
      Bruno is just awsome. Don’t worry I give him pedigree only once in a day !!

      1. Twana

        OH Vrushy u hv written so many chapters…. itz gud… when I get time, I’ll be able to read all of them like a book…..
        And btw from where the hell do u get so much spare time to write so many chapters?? I will hv to add 4 or 5 another hours to 24 hour time…

    2. Yes Twana, getting ready for the wedding…
      How are you…

    3. Rahul96

      Hi Twana I am fine dear. Really glad to see how you mentioned each and everyone of us in a single comment.
      Sorry for late reply as I was busy .
      And seriously I don’t know when I am going back to Kolkata. Maybe 4th or 5th February.
      And btw Twana where do you live in Delhi ??? If don’t want to mention don’t worry it’s ok!!!
      And Study and prepare well for your boards exam!

  6. Shesha

    Hi r u all???
    Today’s episode was really nice
    Liked how kartik and naira came up with a plan for bhabhima to “forgive god”
    I don’t like how the goenka’s don’t consider the maheshwari’s as family…… they’re naira’s moms family
    I didn’t like the precap and what dadi said to naira
    Feel bad for swarna…… hope that kartik accepts her
    Loved the little kaira talk at the beginning
    Also hope that kirti and naksh’s love story starts soon and that aditya’s true colors are revealed soon
    Can’t wait for the lohri celebrations tomorrow
    Today’s epiosde was a perfect combination of everything

    1. Rahul96

      Hii Shesha I am good ! How are you ??
      Even have the same pov liked the plan of ‘forgiving’ god ??.
      And btw I remember well today your result is coming na!!!! You don’t worry Shesha !!!! You will definitely hit good score !!!! God never do injustice .
      And when you get your result . Will you inform us ??? Only if you feel comfortable!!!!
      Don’t worry Shesha and good luck for your results!!!!

  7. Hi my sweet siblings out here. I hope all r good n healthy. Iam sorry for not commenting since few days. Actually I dont properly know whats happening now in the serial or in our family out here. If I have missed anyone's bday or any other happy moments my belated wishes to them. If anyone is sad out here or not well get well soon.
             Read in spoilers about evil intentions of Aditya. Hope to not see negative characters in our show for long as usual. I have a doubt guys. Read in spoilers that kaira is meeting at makarasankranti after a long distance. Why is it so ? Were they not meeting each other ? It ll take Some time for me to read all updates n understand so only asked.
        I was down with fever and cold. Could not even properly handle my baby. Was taking him just for feeding and then would give to my mother or someone else. When I almost got well it was time for adhu's vaccination n then he was not well. Unfortunately my cold passed on to him as well and the past few days were very tough for us. So only I couldnt find time for my family out here. Iam really sorry guys but trust me I remembered u all sometimes.
         Just now I read yesterday’s last few comments. So I would like to tell few things to all those who are against us chatting here. Yes it is a public site and we all are part of  public. I dont understand why some people are having problem. If you want to follow the serial only then do that and just leave us our way. For all your kind information I would request you all to go through the comment session of Yrkkh couple of months before. You ll get to see maximum 30 comments per day. There used to be days with less than 10 comments or even 0 comments. That time also Yrkkh used to run perfectly well. So I dont think our comments adversely affect Yrkkh. I personally dont think Rajan sir reads our comments. If he does he ll be proud and happy that his serial could influence some individuals to such extend that we have formed a virtual family out here. I wont apologise to anyone for what I have commented here because I believe my POV is right and at the same time dont expect everyone to agree to my perspectives. As long as my family members are out here I ll continue commenting. Those who are not interested in our comments can just ignore and read other ones.
         In between I guess there was some misunderstanding regarding Rahul and Ishika and that it is sorted out now. So I dont bother about that anymore.
         Stay happy guys. Those who are students study well and in between enjoy life to the fullest. Because life is beautiful and we cannot be sure if we ll get another life after this to enjoy. And yeah 1 month of togetherness right ? Congratz to all including me. Lots of love to all my dears.

    1. Sachu di…no need to say sorry…we completely understand….Your health and child are much more important than this…
      Get well soon….???❤❤❤

    2. Rahul96

      Sachu diiii
      So glad to see your comments after a long . But was sad after reading your comment.
      Btw who is adhu???? Your first son??? That means Hamdan is your second ??? I am sorry diii I was just guessing as I don’t know who is adhu. Btw if you are ok then can you introduce about adhu?? Only if you are ok dii!!
      And dii I have told you earlier your son Hamdan is too small you should take good care of yourself , if not for your self , then atleast for your son dii.
      Dii please please take good care of yourself.
      And dii please take good care of yourself.
      And dii we missed you and your comments
      a lot.
      But dii you commented on right time just when everyone was against our family meeting!!!! Sophie di , Twana , Aliya , me , Aniket do commented on this matter. But you are elder to all of us . So your comment and Sophie di comment boosted our confidence to a great extent.
      And Yess dii no need to say sorry to anyone . I agree with you dii.
      And dii I agree with you real family , studies , career , Friends comes above online and virtual family and friends. So dii no need to say sorry for this . If I would have been in your place , even I would have done the same dii.
      Glad to see your comment dii and dii take good care of yourself and your son and your family too!!!

    3. Hi Rahul no dear I have just one kid right now and his name is Hamdan. But we lovingly call him adhu/adi at home. So in that habit of calling him like that I wrote in my comment also. I have earlier shared his nickname with u guys I guess u did not notice.
      Hi to all my cute little ones n glad that u all missed me. Where is the captain of our crew. N hey Rahul did they succeed in arresting u. If they r still chasing u come to Kerala Ill rescue u from them bro. Byee for now. Got some time n read all missed Yrkkh updates. Kaira rocks as usual and love Suwarna’s character. Just hope she was really misunderstood by Karthik n that Naira succeeds in uniting them.

      1. Rahul96

        Ommmmgggggggg . So Sachu diiii you live Kerala???? I don’t know much about Kerala . But it is known as God’s own country and it is beautiful!!!
        Thank you so much Sachu di for rescuing me. I will share luv Kush with you also. And no till now they haven’t arrested me , though they are having memory loss ??.

    4. Twana

      Get well soon Sachu dii….
      Take super care of ur self…
      N our lil Hamdan too……
      Get well very very soon……
      I’ll definitely prey for u!

  8. Trishi

    Hii Guys…
    First of all The ep was Cool!!!!! AMAZING…
    And Twana dii even I didn’t like the precap nor the last part… This Dadi spoils the beautiful ep… she was good at the beginning of the ep…
    N Aliya didi Sriti love story z going to begin!
    Kaira were cute… their convo was sooo cute… it actually made me laugh…
    They both looked beautiful…
    Karthik z so handsome na? ???
    Hi my Family over here… How r u guys?
    Chanya my BFF how r u? First of all congo on ur registration!
    And Aniket bhai How r u?
    Rahul bhaiya did u try to fly kites??
    Aliya didi Study well… Best of luck for ur exam…
    Sophie dii How r u? Heard that u r coming to India…. When?
    Good Night Every one…
    And Good Morning n hv a happy day ib advance..

    1. I am fine Trishi….how are you??
      My flight will land in India on Friday…

  9. lovely but dont like goenkas at all. everyone is soo superficial.
    akshara shouldcome back by any cost before kaira gets married.
    and karthik should show goenkas what maheshwaris are to him.
    both the families have reallu taken care of karthik alot afterall.

  10. Singhanias, Maheshwaris and Goenkas celebrate Makar Sankranti well. Kartik and Naira fly kites and romance. Kartik and Naira meet after a good gap and feel eagerness to spend time. Kartik gifts his mother’s chain and pendant to Naira, while Naira gifts him a customized kite.

    Naira and Manish have a kite flying competition. Manish wins the competition. Dadi makes Naira play special rasam. She asks Naira to find special things hidden. Dadi explains their lifestyle to Naira. Mansi has done Akshara’s accident. Mansi faints by a small car accident. Mansi’s truth may affect Kartik and Naira’s relation. Naira collides with Aditya. Aditya holds her to give support. Kartik sees them talking. Her dupatta catches some fire. Aditya is eyeing Naira badly and pulls her dupatta when she passes in front of him.

    Kartik hears Naira’s scream and rushes to her. He hugs Naira. Aditya returns Naira’s dupatta. Naira covers up Naira. Naira is scared of Aditya. Kartik does not figure out Aditya’s cheap intentions. Kartik thanks Aditya for saving Naira from the fire. Naira sees Aditya staring at her and gets worried feeling something is fishy. Aditya shows he was helping Naira, but his intentions are not good. He flirts with girls and is flamboyant by nature. He does not love Kirti and has bad terms with his wife. Aditya started liking Naira. Kartik has no doubt about Aditya. Aditya will trouble Naira in the next track. Naira and Kartik’s relation have to prove its strength.

  11. Spoiler 2 :

    Kartik argues with Manish and blames him for killing his mother. He asks Manish to kill him too. Manish gets angry. Everyone gets shocked seeing Manish raising hand on Kartik. Naksh argues with a man who insults Naitik.

    Naksh scolds the man and talks in Naitik’s defense. Kartik and Naira’s marriage arrangements are in full swing. Naitik meets the palace manager and wants to book the palace for wedding. The manager talks with disrespect. Naksh says we are Singhanias. Naitik asks the manager not to talk badly, else he will complain about him and stop him from giving the palace on rent to anyone. The man angrily talks to Naitik. Naksh reacts angrily. Kartik reaches there and apologizes to the manager. He books the palace for wedding.

    Naksh likes Kartik as he gives importance to Singhania family. Manish gets to know Kartik has apologized to manager for Singhania’s sake. Kartik says I know Naksh well, Naksh does not do anything wrong, maybe manager misbehaved with Naitik. Manish is angry that Kartik spoiled Goenkas’ name. Kartik does not care for keeping up family image. Priyanka and Mansi are worried. Dadi has planned such thing to insult Naira’s family in Makar Sankranti. Goenkas has invited everyone for the festival. Dadi did not invite Maheshwaris so that Singhanias get hurt. She does not want Maheshwaris to influence Kartik more. She is very possessive about Kartik, and does not want Maheshwaris to have rights on Kartik.

    1. Twana

      Thankz for the spoiler Sindhu… u helped me in opening up another website n wasting my time until it gets loaded bcoz this 4n sucks?

      1. yu welcome 😉

  12. Kartik n Naira r really cute when they Hav their romantic moments, Naira talking to God n God answering was funny! ????????… But didn’t like the ‘angry young man’ when he spoke to Naira. U giv a gift wit luv n when that happens it’s accepted. But their fights r cute. They always make me smile after a hard day at work! Naira has started the ‘make up’ already by sending Kachori wit the cutesy smiley faces. She always knows how to make our angry young man smile! Now he needs to tell her how much he luvs her n make her smile again. Dadi is possessive over her Kittu n really doesn’t like the Maheshwaris becoz Kartik is n was very close to them. She feels threatened. But Kartik has enough luv to go round. He luvs his dadi n Wil do anything for her. If she carries on making divides between Naira’s family n Kartik finds out he won’t forgive easily. Obviously he’s still got major misunderstanding surrounding Manish n Swarna. Did anyone else pick up when Swarna said Kartiks mum said to her to look after her son n give him all the luv he needs from a mum. Why Wud Kartiks mum say that if she didn’t approve of Swarna??? Dadi regaining her faith in God was nice. She’s been hurt so much everyone understood why she was so sad n the kids once again made her realise her strong faith again. The bond between Naira, Kartik n Naksh is growing day by day. N hopefully soon Kirti Wil also b a part of that. Naksh n Kirti make a nice joree! Aditya is upto no good but don’t like his attitude from day one! I’m not surprised Kartik doesn’t get on wit his own Goenka family it’s all about status, richness, branding lifestyle, n not about the simple happiness you get from family. You see glimpses from Priyanka, Kirti, Luv n Kush n then it gets spoilt by the ‘wanting to show everyone how well off you are’. Kartik simply doesn’t like that. He likes the simple life, happiness, luv n fun. For him money n status doesn’t matter to him. Swarna I feel is also very similar but Kartik needs to give her chance. I think Naira can break the divide but it won’t be easy. I feel there’s plenty of bumps n rockiness ahead but as long as their luv remains strong they Wil become the next Akshara n Naitik where each other knows wot the other is going thru, be there for one another n show everyone exactly wot luv is, wot family means n how not everything is about hessiat! Can’t wait for the grand wedding n also how Naira helps Kartik to change his mind about where to live after marraige. Maybe they can keep their cutesy flat as a holiday house, for them to keep as their little luv nest when they need time out but rest of the time they live wit the Goenkas. I’d luv to see Naira help to change their thinking about wot is important in life. Anyway Makar Sankrity next, let’s go fly kites n enjoy the fun n romance along the way, minus Adityas buri nazar… Chi chi chi…. Anyway maybe this storyline Wil enable Kirti to stand up n say wots wrong coz he’s obviously hurting her n time for romance no 2 between Naksh n Kirti. The two brothers n sisters relationships Wil see testing times I’m sure, but Wil hopefully bring great storylines. Fab serial!!!!!

  13. Chandra nagarajan

    Swarna interfered in Karthika moms life but now she behaves as a good woman….Karthik should never accept her as his mom

    1. Twana

      We don’t know the whole truth na? We just know Karthik’s POV… so we must wait until it gets fully disclosed n they we will decide if Karthik shld accept her or not…

  14. Chanya

    Hi are you all? Most of them are missing today ..may be due to studies..i got little free today..all the best guys for your studies..
    Vrushy even I couldn’t read it due to studies..sorry ya..
    Twana di I am fine
    Even our brothers are missing today
    Sachu di happy to see have given the right answer
    Sophie di have a safe journey
    And bff trishi Congo for your registration is your studies
    And riya pat di soumya ishika aniket bhai Rahul bhai pawan adi bhai all of you are fine Na
    Coming to the episode our kaira is cool and cute always..suwarna seems nice..they will reveal her character soon..just want to know what happened between them..this dadi is so obsessed..i like this new naksh..he is nice..yrkkh rocks!!!
    Bye every one!! Love you all!!!

    1. Thank you Chanya….will do….

    2. Vrushy

      No worries, no need to be sorry babe.
      Your studies are more important !!
      Do well in your exams 🙂

    3. Twana

      Hello Lovely sis.. Actually I don’t hv a sister of my own… just a lil brother… I loved to have a sister.. but a brother z all I got… So I’m soo Happy to hv u as my lil sister… Thank god n YRKKH that I met u..
      All my Little sisters love u all!

  15. Rahul96

    A big hii my new , big and expanding YRKKH family Aniket, Pat Didi(elder sister ) , Sachu di , Sophie di , Shilpa, Soumya , Aliya Khan, Pawan, Adi , Kajol , Vrushy, Trisha, Riya, Sruthi, Jas , Divi , Aarti , Ponkuri , Ritz, Sanjana , Heshani , Riya , Karishma , Raven, Ishika , trishi , maria , Paakhi , Nikhil , Chanya , Shesha , Amalina , TV fan1 , Lasyashree.10 , Pari , Trusna , Ishu
    (Ishwarya) , Twana
    , Khushu , Claire , riyasmiles , sweetsara , irum and all other YRKKH fans and silent comment readers and new comers

    How are you guys ???

    Good morning guys

    Coming to the episode
    Today episode was awesome. I liked the way Naira and Priyanka handle the situation . I also don’t like Dadi’s too much partial behaviour towards Kartik’s only. I mean she is also a woman first how she can be rude towards keerthi and Mansi??? And why isn’t she getting that Naira will only be able to bring Kartik back to home???
    Guys when is Akshara , Kartik’s elder brother are coming ???? And does Aditya will also start loving Naira????

  16. Rahul96

    A big hii my new , big and expanding YRKKH family Aniket, Pat Didi(elder sister ) , Sachu di , Sophie di , Shilpa, Soumya , Aliya Khan, Pawan, Adi , Kajol , Vrushy, Trisha, Riya, Sruthi, Jas , Divi , Aarti , Ponkuri , Ritz, Sanjana , Heshani , Riya , Karishma , Raven, Ishika , trishi , maria , Paakhi , Nikhil , Chanya , Shesha , Amalina , TV fan1 , Lasyashree.10 , Pari , Trusna , Ishu
    (Ishwarya) , Twana
    , Khushu , Claire , riyasmiles , sweetsara , irum and all other YRKKH fans and silent comment readers and new comers

    How are you guys ???

    Good morning guys

    Coming to the episode
    Today episode was awesome. I liked the way Naira and Priyanka handle the situation . I also don’t like Dadi’s too much partial behaviour towards Kartik’s only. I mean she is also a woman first how she can be rude towards keerthi and Mansi??? And why isn’t she getting that Naira will only be able to bring Kartik back to home???
    Guys when is Akshara , Kartik’s elder brother are coming ???? And does Aditya will also start loving Naira????…

    1. Yes, Aditya will start developing feeling toward Naira….uhhhhh

    2. Vrushy

      As far as akshara is concerned, the makers won’t be bringing her back soon as the TRP of the serial has not been affected much and also its hard to fill in hina’s shoes. They have not even finalised a new actress. I also read in an interview that they are going to wait for hina to come back from her vacation in london and then approach her again. So akshara right now is not coming anytime soon.
      As for Karthik’s brother, even I am waiting for his entry. Don’t know what the makers have planned.
      And aditya won’t be loving Naira. He would want to take her s*xual advantage . He would just be perving on Naira !!

  17. Yeh rishta swarna and siya ki ram sita hav similar face lyk twins,any one agree

    1. Twana

      Well………Sita’s face z a bit smaller than Suwarna’s na ??
      Well I find them a lil bit different!!!
      But they do look alike a lil bit..hehe..

  18. Fenil

    Naira in front of Shiva’s Idol
    Naira: Mera mendhak kitna cute hain,kitna handsome lag raha hain,thode time baad mil rahe
    hain toh kitna achha lag raha hain .

    Karthik from behind Shiva’s idol

    Karthik: Kaisa achha lag raha hai balike ,zara hum bhi toh sune.
    Naira:Bilkul mendhak jaisa,Ganda,Green Green,chip chip..
    Karthik:Are Are,ye kya bol rahi ho apne honewale patidev ke liye..shrap lage ga shrap..
    Naira:Are,thik hain sach bolte bolte agar shrap kya current bhi lag jaye toh koi gam nahi
    Karthik:Beshram ladki,apni ghar ki auraton(ladies)se shikho kese baat karte hain apne pati o ke
    Naira:kyunki unke pati pati hain,aur mera mendhak….
    Karthik:Are phir baat adhuri chod di,tera mendhak kya hain
    Naira:Mera mendhak bhut cute hain,bhut pyaara hai,apko ek secret bataun bhagwanji
    Naira: I Love
    Karthik:U love bolo bolo kya
    Naira:I love my mendhak
    Yeh rishta kya kehlata hain….

    1. Rahul96

      Lol ????

      1. Fenil

        Yeah Rahul…

    2. Twana

      I just Loved that Moment n It made me laugh!! LOL!!

  19. Hello every1n, I have soo much to say u all, but I cant write at this moment.! Felling very sleepy.! Just came here to know what is going on.! Hi BFF, Yes Mai theek hu, and study toh thik-thak chalrahi hai.! What abt u? Hi Trishi, I am fine sista.! What abt u? Yes Chanya, I am good, how r u? Sachu di, already we all warned u to take care of urself n also Hamdan.! But u didnt.! Once u get fine, will punish u for sure.! And this time Rahul bhai wont help u, coz he experienced our arrest mission. Lol.!

  20. Hi Sachu di, I think, adhu is our jiju, ri8? Hi Sophie di, when will u take off for India? Hi Shesha, let us know ur result.! Hi Vrushy, why dont u participate in family talks, I mean u just reply to those ppl who mention u in their comment. U didnt even wish 1month aniversary to us.! Is something wrong.? I have so much to talk with u all n also about episode, but will catch u later, now sleeping.! !.GooD NighT.!

    1. Vrushy

      Actually I live in baroda and here we celebrate uttarayan at a very large scale as its gujrati new year. This time since uttarayan came on a weekend so we celebratee it on Saturday as well as Sunday. Also i had to do all the shopping of kites and sweets all alone as my maa had some work in her office this year.So I was a bit caught up in the festival since the last 3 days. Thus I couldn’t comment on the written update page. I also didn’t reply to those who commented on my ff till yesterday. I am sorry if you felt bad. But from todat onwards I will be commenting daily.

    So everytime I come on this page I get viruses….Will miss you guys…

    1. Twana

      But Sophie dii how did u get to know abt Viruses????
      How did u get to know that u get Viruses when u enter the pg??
      Does ur 4n gets stuck or something like tht?
      Just curious coz I want to know if I also get the same thing..
      And Will Miss u so Much Sophie di..Find some way to come back soon!!
      Miss u n Love u!!

    2. Rahul96

      Hii Sophie dii . We really don’t want you to leave this page !!??????. This one month has been an wonderful experience with you. Till now you have really taken stand for this family Whenever needed . Dii I guess till now you are not fully recovered . ???.
      I don’t no about virus but it is not troubling my phone. I hope you will find your back..

  22. we will too miss you Sophie…
    kaira talks awsome
    sorry guys I know that I am late actually I was not able to comment as I was attending my lecture and later gone to watch movie OK JANU…

    1. Rahul96

      Hii Ishika I am really happy and glad that you commented. Because I was having a bad feeling that because of me you have stopped commenting!!!!
      Glad to see your comments dear. Always do comment here

  23. yaa it was a good episode that bhabimaa agreed but the goenkas should call maheshwari

  24. it would be good and they should not be angry
    and there should not be any apshagun

  25. Twana

    And Guys Today we got less comments compared to the other days….
    The ones who told us to talk abt YRKKH n not our prblms, Where r u guys??
    Why don’t u guys comment abt the serial…Except for Ridzz…Others where r ur comments?
    Happy to see many new commenters…
    And My of My Family Members r missing too….
    Areeeeeee Pat diiiii long time no see…..R u Alright?????????? U r fine na?
    Aur Adi bhai Where r u? Busy?? U r fine na??
    And all our missing members….Miss all of u…Comment plz

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