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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tara apologizing to Akshara. She cries and says you did not tell this to me, you could have got Sangram arrested, he tried to kill you. Akshara says no, don’t think wrong about him, it was an accident. She says I m glad to get such family. Akshara hugs her and says I know what you are going through, but don’t do anything. Tara says no, Naksh should know this. I will tell him, he is curious to know, I don’t care about my relation. Akshara stops him and says don’t tell him, he is emotional, he will take wrong decision, then what. Tara says yes but, I can’t hide. Akshara says I will tell him when right time comes, don’t you trust me. Tara says I do. Akshara says then leave this, let me get fine, I will talk to him, I can feel his pain. Tara says will

this not be any cheat, this lie. Akshara says I m asking you to hide this truth, not to lie, its for everyone’s good. Tara agrees. Naksh comes and says but I heard everything.

They both get tensed. Naksh comes to them and says you ladies think I won’t know, Tara knew I m coming down and even then…. Tara says we were just… he smiles and says you are talking against me, and how is mumma supporting her. Akshara says very bad to hear us. She asks Tara to not say anything infront of him. He says caught you, I did not hear and tricked you. Akshara and Tara get relieved.

Its night, Akshara and Naitik talk about Tara knowing the truth. He says if you told her, she will hide it. She wishes she gets her eyes sight soon. He asks her not to take stress. She says I m proud of my son’s choice, its tough to support truth going against family, when love is at stake, even then Tara did this, Naksh chose right life partner. He says yes.

Karishma and Naman argue. He says I can’t have food till this tension gets solved. She asks what tension now. He says we want money in hand. She says no one will know this, don’t worry.

Its morning, doctor checks Akshara’s reports. Akshara asks how are the reports. He says its good progress. They all thank Lord and smile. Naitik asks will she get her eyesight soon. Doctor says I can’t say now, take care of her, I will send exercises cd, follow dos and donts, one mistake can fail the hardwork. Elders assure they will take care of Akshara. Doctor asks Akshara to think good and feel strong. Akshara says my family is my strength. Doctor leaves. Bhabhimaa and Naira hug Akshara. Akshara says once my eyes get fine, I will do all the work. She hugs Naksh. Bhabhimaa says I will eat chocolates with you today.

Bau ji gets a call and goes to talk. Naitik asks what happened, why are you worried. Bau ji says nothing, it was about Naman, don’t know what happened to him, he is irritated and scolded staff. Naitik says I will talk to him. Bau ji says maybe Naman has business problem. Iask him and he just says its all fine, maybe he does not want me to worry, you talk to him. Naitik says I tried asking, he did not say, I will ask again. I will help him. Bau ji says who will take care of Akshara if you help Naman in business, her eyes are most imp tight now. Naman thinks whats Bau ji and Naitik talking. Naitik says don’t worry, I will talk to Naman and solve this matter.

Tara is going for practice and talks to Dada ji. Sangram stops her. He says I will drop you, can’t you hear, stop, I will come. She asks whats there to go alone, will anyone push me down the cliff. Sangram and Dada ji get shocked. He asks what are you saying. She says I m saying the truth, its dangerous to go with you, you may get angry on me and push me down the cliff. Dada ji asks why are you saying this. Tara says don’t act innocent, you broke my heart and trust Dada ji, don’t make yourself fall more in my eyes. Vikram and Aditya come and look on.

Tara says I got to know Akshara’s accident truth. Sangram says so she told Tara. Tara says no, I heard you and Dada ji talking that Akshara fell because of Sangram. Vikram and Aditya get shocked. Tara says I can’t think my brother can do this, how can anyone do this, you fell weak to leave her in that bad state. Aditya and Vikram say Tara maybe wrong, Sangram can’t do this. She says I heard him. Dada ji says its not true Tara. Tara says enough Dada ji and leaves crying. Sangram says if Tara knows, she would have told Naksh.

Akshara comes to Naksh and says I know you worry for me, but doctor said my eyesight can come back anytime, it will be all fine. He says yes, then I will become old Naksh. She says forget it that wrong happened with me. He says it means wrong happened with you. She says no. He says how can I forget you and dad went through this, and thinks he can’t see her like this. She thinks I can’t see Naksh worried.

Naitik asks Naman to share his worry. Naman says the problem is you have doubt on me, just ask me out instead acting of this help.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. He is not even a family member as such. Joined the family as an adult and been a trouble

  3. Pls director bring out Naman and sang Rams truth out . Naman and Sangram should be in so much truth . Story is dragging and the whole show is becoming toooo boring . Pls do something ASAP . Naman should be ashamed and truth should come out fast . Everyone should know what he is doing . I will stop watching this drama if nothing interesting happens on Monday .

  4. But we will still watch this show bcoz YRKKH is our most favourite show… We are all weather fan of this serial… From the very beginning we are a proud fan of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai… YRKKH always rockzZz…. ? ✌

  5. Vry nyc episode…bt they shuld tell naksh abut akshara accident…i love dis serial very much…spcly akshara and natik are best couples ever…

  6. Pls bring Namans truth out ASAP . Dragging for too long please

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