Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th January 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th January 2013 Written Update

Episode start with ananya telling dadi that she dont want to do this dance while she didnt like it . and she joined for her friends and now she want to do katthak and dadi said ok and she will talk to varsha.
here natik is all upset and in his room. duggu come and tell him that he is sad and he said no and duggu said he dont know how to lie and said that he have a trick that will make everyone do what he say. naitk ask what is the trick and he said not to talk to anyone and dont eat and everyone will do what he said. and tell natik that dadi will always do what he says and then tell natik that; this is his sceret and not to tell anyone. and left. akshi come and give natik halwa and he said he dont want to eat. and akhsi said sorry and said not to be mad at her. and natik smile said that duggu was correct. and eat halwa.
here at m’s vish tell rj that she look good with the chubby and left and rj is worried about her wight.
natik want to talk to mohit and hear that duggu is talking to yesh and telling that his dad is not ill and he will come with duggu to play cricket and tell today they go to park and it was so fun. and natik is proud of it. duggu is thinking that how he will tell to naitk about match. and natik come and said he will do what duggu says. and tell that he will play cricket with him tomorrow. and tell him not to tell any one. and duggu said ; ok this is there sceret. and her rj ask varsh if she look diffrent. and she said no.
duggu is practice an d natik seeing this . and akhsi come with tea and said natik why duggu is playing cricket and not football and natik tell her that they will go to park tomorrow and play match and tell akhsi to help him and tell her that all this 4 year s he was not there with his son and now he is fine and he want to be part of his sons happyness and he will do that. and he said in all the family only his son know that he is fine. and akshi said ok and told him that she want to come too. and naitk said ok.

in the night duggu said about the match in his sleep and g3 know.
in the morning akhsi natik and duggu come happily and tell that they are going to park and about to go and duggu said he will get the camera and will take his dad’s photo and show to his friends. and g3 see all this . and mohit call natik and said that match is cancel and then natik is all upset. duggu come and also upset with natik and said he; always brake the promise. and left. natik is not happy.
mohit come with the yesh and dugug and yesh play criket and mohit ask natik how he is and naitik said he is not happy while there is nothing to do. and then g3 tell akshi that she told mohit to call natik. akshi is al upset and now she is worried if natik finds out. and yesh told duggu that in the morning match his dad and his friends play the cricket. and natik is stunn and look at mohit.

precape–he is telling g3 that all this 4 year s he was unable to do anything . and now he is up and he cant do anything. he is trying to take one stap and she is pulling him two stap back. and he will that he is useless and angry at g3.

Update Credit to: Madhavi

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