Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira talking to Naksh. He says everything will get fine. She says I know, you took such big step, but… He asks what. She says you should have not gone. He says its okay, my belief got certain, you are lucky to get a guy like Kartik, you know what Kartik did, I m unsure about Kartik’s fmaily, but sure about Kartik. Rajshri, Devyaani and Naitik look on. Devyaani says I wish families understood each other, Goenkas would be angry, this should not affect Naira. Dadi and Manish talk that Kartik has become Singhanias’, they would have done black magic on him, we will cut that magic and not lose Kartik.

Bhabhimaa tells Dadi to forget everything for children’s happiness. Dadi says we did this always, I can’t forget anything, time is less, we will

do preparations. Bhabhimaa says yes, its haldi. Dadi says I have to tell about it. Bhabhimaa says this rasam will be done separately. Dadi says yes, but I spoke to my pandit.

Naksh says no, do packing, we will leave for haveli. Naitik says we will get food from Krishna. Bhabhimaa says Suhasini called, she said we have to leave tomorrow, she wants to do haldi rasam at her ancestral haveli. Varshan says let them do. Bhabhimaa says we have to do haldi there. Devyaani says it was decided, why this now. Karishma says we will go palace tomorrow. Naitik says no, we have booking. Baisa says they are troubling us. Bhabhimaa says Suhasini said her pandit asked them to do any ritual in haveli. Naitik asks them to get ready. Naksh says we can do this for ancestral’s blessings. He signs Naira. Gayu says Naira your haldi will be rocking. Naira apologizes to them. Naksh asks them to hurry up, its just one night left now. Naira says tonight… Kartik says its one night left now. Lav and Kush joke. Mansi says they did all planning, see. Kartik says I don’t know how to make this day special, what to do. Kirti says don’t waste time and focus. Kartik says I will do that to bring Naira’s smile back.

Naira talks to Akshara’s pic and says why am I getting tension, I know Kartik, I love and trust him, but you did not know Papa and how did you handle everything, I feel like I m leaving everything behind, my relations, memories, how will I live without you, I wish you were here, maybe my courage would get high. Naitik and Naksh look on. Naira says its my last night in this house, when I come here, I will come as Goenkas house, I wish nothing changed, everything remains same.

Naksh says we will make her last night special, come. Kartik calls Naira and says maybe she slept, is valentines day just mine, not hers. Naira cries. Kartik says Naira did not call back. Suwarna looks on. She calls Lav and Kush and says its last night before marriage, we will miss this home, we will go haveli and palace. Lav says we will come back here. Suwarna says someone’s house will change forever. Kartik hears her. He says what’s wrong with me, Naira won’t be sleeping. She would be crying, its her last day in her house.

Naira looks for everyone and calls them out. Everyone come out of the boxes and cheer Naira by showing her memories. Naitik thanks Lord for giving a princess. Naksh says I will become her big brother, she will tie me Rakhi and I will protect her. Gayu acts like Naira and asks Naksh to give rakhi gift. Naira cries. Bhabhimaa says you leave with a smile, not by tears. Naira hugs her.

Naksh says I told you Papa, she will cry, all hardwork got waste. Naira says no, it was special gift. He teases her. Bau ji says you will not get this from tomorrow. They all get emotional. Rajshri says yes, just memories will be there, we will miss you. Naksh says we will learn to move on, but none can fill your place. Gayu says life will change, even our lives. Naira hugs Gayu and cries. Naira says this family will be my first family. They all hug. Naira hugs Naitik and cries.

Naitik says this made me realize Vishwamber’s pain. Naksh asks them to wipe years, bidaai has time, we will take a picture, tomorrow she will become Goenka. Naira says I will always be Naira Singhania. They all take a pic. Naira misses Akshara. Naksh gets a lifesize photo of Akshara, and takes selfie.

Its morning, Kartik says I hope Naira likes it. Kirti says of course she will like it. Dadi does his aarti and gives him prasad. Dadi says my grandson will be divided now, you will come back as a husband. Kartik jokes. She says I know grandson is not grandson after marriage, person changes after marriage. Kartik says love does not get divided, it increases. He gifts everyone and says its my love for everyone on valentines, I love you all. He sees Manish and says almost all. Dadi says we shall leave. Kartik says your mahurat will be missed, come. They all leave. Kartik sees the house. He tells Lord that I will come back after 2 days in this house with my bride, I will stay here with her for few days and then take her to new house, support me, please.

Naira sings the aarti O kanha. Everyone get emotional. Mishti sees Naira’s saree and asks why did Naira wear Akshara’s saree. Bhabhimaa says its rasam. Gayu says everything suits Naira, she is so pretty. Naira gives aarti to everyone. Baisa says go and show aarti to every corner of the house. Naira says I can’t do this. Varsha says its better you do this, you can see the house well. Rajshri says yes, have memories filled in heart. Naira goes to every room of the house. Sone chudiya…..plays……….. Naira prays for family unity. She wishes Naksh gets a life partner soon. She sees the family pics. She says much is snatched from Papa, even I m leaving him now, take care of him. Naira says I m going to leave this house and make a new world. She hugs her bed, things in room. She leaves and shuts her room’s door. She comes back downstairs and prays.

Surekha says its third class place. Manish says we could have done arrangements, I will sit in car, come when you all are done with it. Kartik wishes Naira happy valentines day.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hey all my branches of tree
    Vrushy,sophie,k lasya shree,raf,aniket,rahul,twana ,pat and all the others actually na the thing is I should get habitual to all names nd I should practise there are many members over here…

    Well,episode was very emotional….naira… My god I’m literally with teary eyed…. Hmm well the idea of boxes was innovative….and luvkush lol hahaha.. . Loved that scene.. exited fr next …I was waiting to comment here till now. As it’s 1:19 now …

    1. Rahul96

      Hello , how are you??

  2. Amalina

    Aww what a sweet family! Naira is indeed very lucky!? Today’s epi was very emotional.? I hope kaira ka vivaah will happen soon. I think and according to Facebook posts, kaira’s marriage will be the grandest marriage is star plus! So in looking forward to it!???

  3. Amalina

    Aww what a sweet family! Naira is indeed very lucky!? Today’s epi was very emotional.? I hope kaira ka vivaah will happen soon. I think and according to Facebook posts, kaira’s marriage will be the grandest marriage of star plus! So I’m looking forward to it!???

  4. It was a very emotional episode!!
    Loved it!!
    Had tears in my eyes watching it!!!
    Shivangi’s acting was superb!!!
    Especially the seen where she goes to her room for the last time and then while leaving closes the door
    Also loved the scene where suwarna indirectly makes kartik understand about naira’s situation!!!

  5. Hi my beloved family…
    Hi Rahul bhaiya!!
    You are funny. The way u replied to Pat dii made me laugh. Then, Even I’m suffering from cold bhaiya but I won’t handover my cold to U bcoz I don’t want u to suffer with cold even if u love it & bhaiya ua comment regarding women empowerment amused me..really u r so caring & so nice heartd bhaiya…infact everyone in my family are so nice r u bro?thanks for ua wishes bhaiya.
    Hi Vrushy!!
    Glad to know that u can walk now..My prayers r with U so don’t worry u’ll b perfectly fine. Get well soon.
    Hi Aniket!!
    Happy to see ua comment day b4 ystrday after a long time..How was ua exams bro? Tell us when u’ll b free aftr ua practical exams..All the very best..How r U?
    Hi Sachu di…
    Soo sad to hear about ua hand fracture dii..I’ll definitely pray for u..get well soon dii..Pls take good care of ua hand dii..& thanks a lot for ua wishes dii..
    Hi Pat dii..
    How r U now dii?? Hope u r feeling bettr now. Will pray for u too dii..Take care dii & thank u so much for ua wishes dii.
    Hi Dhanvi..
    Yess, I’m buzy with my preparations. Thanks for ua wishes..keep commenting. As Twana & Aniket are buzy, I’m thanking u on their behalf also..
    Hi lasyashree!
    Seems like u too r buzy.. All the very best. BTW, how is ua cold now? Hope u r fine…Take care..
    Hi Twana..
    Thanks for ua wishes & wish U the same..Study well..
    Hi Soumya!!
    Thanks for ua wishes. Best of luck for ua exams….
    Hi Chanya!
    Best of luck for u too if u have exams. How r U?
    Hi Adi & Ishika dii..
    Congratulations…Soo proud of U both!!
    Take care everyone!

    1. Hey Raf
      I am feeling much better
      And yes Rahul’s response was very funny.
      He does have a heart of gold
      I pray every thing is good with you.

    2. Rahul96

      Thanks. Raf and Pat diii . And my heart is of gold ??? That’s not good Pat dii????. Even gold has also a certain price !!!! ?????. It means you guys will sell my heart if you have been given good price ??? So sad !!!!?????. Hahahaha . Please don’t mind I was just joking !!!

  6. lovely episode but i dont like goenkas. please give them a heart too. they should act like humans.
    aditya should be exposed and mansi truth should come out so that they know there own family worth and not arrogance.

  7. Rahul96

    A big hii my new , big and expanding YRKKH family Pat di(elder sister ) , Sachu di , Sindhu di , Sophie di , Swara di , LinTzeLing dii ( Ponkuri dii ) , Fenil Bhaiya , Aniket , Shilpa, Soumya , Aliya Khan, Pawan, Adi , Vrushy, Trisha, Riya, , Jas , Ridz , Raven, Ishika , trishi , Paakhi , Nikhil , Chanya , Shesha , Amalina , TV Fan1 , Lasyashree.10 , Pari , Trusna , Ishu (Ishwarya) , Twana , Khushi ,Claire , riyasmiles , sweetsara , irum , Raf , Tanu , 123 , Su_16 ( Suha ) , Dona , Rosa 18 , Chanpreet ( Preet ) , Reyaa , Ranu , Hales , Dhanvi and all other YRKKH fan
    and silent comment readers and new comers

    How are you guys????

    Thanks amena dii for your fast update !!!

    Coming to the episode !!!
    It was awesome and emotional today .
    So guys from here YEH RISHTA KYA KEHLATA HAI PART-2 OR SEASON-2 starts !!!
    I have been watching this serial from episode 1 have almost watched all the serial . Same thing repeating . Akshara was also senti and now Naira is senti .
    But I agree with the fact that arranged marriage of Naitik-akshara was more awesome and beautiful and full of sentiments and full of rituals as compared to arranged marriage of Naira-kartik .
    And Naitik-Akshara arranged marriage was totally and best example of arranged marriage and almost showing real life arranged marriage !!! Naitik-Akshara arranged marriage was almost successful in showing the changes of feeling of both partners , emotions of both partners, develop of love between both partner , starts loving the goodness of others partner , starts comprising with the short comings ( in character ) of both partners .
    And Naira-kartik is a combo of arranged love marriage .
    If I remember well Rajshri, Sunaina , Dadi , were some of the few faces who were shown first in the episode 1 . And then story starts revolving around Shaurya-varsha marriage to Akshara’s first marriage breakup .
    Naitik and his family made entry in the serial after 35-40 episodes .
    But soon after akshara get married . Stories start revolving around Akshara and Naitik and Naitik’s family !!!
    And now see they are not showing now dadi.
    Shaurya is also disappearing.
    No any sign of chikki ( Prerna Singhania ) , muskan , Anshuman , Anshuman’s wife , Omprakash Maheshwari , Sunaina.
    Similarly after Naira’s marriage Rajshri , Vishwambarnath , Varsha will starts disappearing .
    Naitik and his family will be sidelined or maybe they will get little importance due to Naksh-keerthi marriage !!!;
    But story will starts revolving around Naira-kartik and Goenkas . And Suwarna will start playing the role of Akshara ( I guess ) as an ideal mother of Kartik and ideal mother-in-law of Naira !!!

    And also I guess Kartik’s family and Naitik’s family are both equal ( if we compare personality and initial condition of both ) because:-
    1) In this marriage Kartik loves Naira , and completely trust her . But when Naitik was getting married to akshara , he misunderstood Akshara . He was thinking that akshara don’t love him and she still has love feeling for Rituraj.
    2) Kartik’s step mom Suwarna is an ideal woman in every aspect. But initially Naitik’s mother Gayatri was getting insecured thinking that Naitik love Akshara more than his mother.
    3) Manish is strict and a status and money minded person but I think he has a soft heart .In this Naitik’s father was much better and is much better than Manish.
    4) Kartik’s dadi is too much . She is too much ritualistic . But intially Baisa was also
    equally strict .
    5) Aditya’s creepy nature is too much , I hate him !!!! But during the marriage of Naitik-akshara , Naitik’s mamaji was also an awful person !!! He always badly and very badly , more badly than Kartik’s Dadi , insulted akshara and her family. He was a sadist but Dadi is ritualistic !!!!
    6) Kartik’s brother and sister are similar to Naitik’s sister . Keerthi as Nandani and Mansi ad Rashmi !!! Kartik has two cute brother also luv Kush.

    1. Hey Rahul I pray all is well
      Your respond to my cold is hilarious but my dear I can’t give it to you as it gets uncomfortable. I will soon be right as rain: cold only last for seven days beyond that it’s something else. ????????????
      Anyway I am good now.
      Me too, I started watching since day one. The promotion before it starts got me – they called Akshara their darling daughter after two/three generations of just only male children.
      I like the way you broke it down comparing the two families.

      1. Rahul96

        Thank you so much Pat dii !!!.

        And beyond that ….. What ??? TAB???

      2. Rahul96

        Diii if you don’t want to give your cold and if you don’t like gold , then please remove your cold out of yourself !!!! As soon as possible !!!!! Dii please get well soon !!!!

      3. Rahul96

        And beyond that….. What??? TB ????

      4. Rahul96

        ….If you don’t like *cold*….

  8. Wowww Rahul bro, great comparisons! I feel like also Surekha is like initial Karishma even though this was further down the line. Naman is like Akhilesh but was more of a villain I guess…

    I have also been watching YRKKH from the beginning, and I believe that although the story is great now too, nothing beats the oldest episodes of yrkkh – sorry if I hurt anyone for my opinion but I think right up until child Naksh, that was the golden age and the epitome of yrkkh and it was when yrkkh began soaring through ratings chart. Im not saying I dont like it now – I deffo do because otherwise I wouldnt be watching it, but my favourite part of yrkkh was the earlier years, what are all my families opinions on this for those who watched yrkkh from the beginning?

    Anyway to the episode, it was a bit dragged but it was good dragging to show Nairas emotions ans sentimental side related to the home. The box idea was incredibly innovative (even though it lacked practicality, like where did they randomly get boxes from) and I liked how they haven’t forgotten about Akshara like they forgot about muskaan, chikki, anshu, jasmeet, nannu, yash, rose (even though they will be back soon), Omkar, Sunaina, Shankari, (it would be good to bring her back and show gayu go through arranged marriage, but idk if everyone will like this) and more

    I like how they are finally coming to the wedding, and hope for no festivals for a while after that to focus on unique plots

    Sorry I have been a bit critical on this post but Im just stating my opinion in a constructive way

    Hope everyone is great!

    1. Rahul96

      Oommgg Yess Adi bro !!!
      Nice comparison of surekhaAkhilesh with Naman and Karishma !!! Nice dude !!!
      And bro congratulations on your wonderful marks . Well done bro . ?????????

      1. Tysm bro !!

  9. Also, hope for sanjana to be back soon too!

    1. Rahul96

      Sanjana !!! Who ??? Naksh best friend ????

      1. Yeah, its highly unlikely that she does come back but Sanjana was a good character!

  10. Rahul96

    7) Yess Akhilesh and Surekha is a little bit fishy. They are hiding the fact that Mansi has done the Akshara’s accident . I know they are doing wrong but they love Mansi a lot and also Mansi is a child. They fear that if Naira will come to know about Mansi’s truth she will send him jail.

    But there are additional two problems !!!!
    Kartik hate his step mother and father .
    And Mansi did akshara’s accident !!!

    But on seeing Suwarna’s kindness I think that Kartik knew only partial truth !!!! Because Dadi also tell that Suwarna and Manish were married without informing dadi !!! I think something is missing here which makers will show later on !!!

    And I guess that Mansi has done akshara’s accident by mistake !!!! Which makers will show but later on !!

  11. Rahul96

    Hii guys and YRKKH fans I want everyone to read my this comment , specially those who hates Goenkas . It is just my pov and sorry in advance if I will hurt anyone .

    Guys I think that if we will compare the initial condition of both Goenkas and Singhanias then Goenkas are much better than Singhanias . And Akshara initially faced much more problem than Naira .

    1) When Akshara and Naitik were going to get married Naitik’s bade chacha ji ( guys I don’t know what is bade chacha ji is called in English ) that is bhabhimaa’ husband ( who is dead now ) was against Akshara’s education and he was also against girl’s education and he was also a little bit ritualistic . Initially Akshara has to struggle hard to dismantle this thinking of bhabhimaa’s husband and in this Naitik helped Akshara .

    2) When Naitik was getting married to Akshara’s it was then Naitik gets upset with akshara and starts thinking stupidily and starts thinking that akshara don’t love him and she still love Rituraj .
    Actually guys Rituraj was a very good person with charming personality and also he is the cousin brother of Naitik. And akshara’s first marriage was also set to take place with Rituraj . And Both Rituraj and Akshara started loving each other. Once Akshara told Rituraj that she loves singing and Rituraj and his family misunderstood her . They think that she wants to become a singer and so that relationship was called off . But when Rituraj realise his mistake , it was too late .

    Akshara struggled to gain trust of Naitik . And when Naitik’s misunderstanding keep on increasing finally it was Rituraj who talks to Naitik and made him realise that his and Akshara’s love was past and now it is no more !!! And Akshara made Naitik realise that now she loves only and only Naitik !!!!

    1. Rahul96

      3) When Baisa arrived , she was equally ritualistic as dadi is now . Initially Baisa was also very much against girl’s education and was very punctual regarding rituals , just like Kartik’s Dadi !!! Akshara here also struggled to dismantle Baisa’s thinking . And Naitik supported her .

      4) When Naitik was supporting akshara too much , Naitik’s mother get insecured just like Kartik’s Dadi . Akshara here too faced difficulty !!!

      5) And oommgg how can I forget Naitik’s mamaji . He was a sadist , an awful person !!! During Akshara’s marriage he insulted Akshara and her family a lot . His insult did not last too long and he was thrown out by Naitik . But his insult was more hurting than dadi.

      So basically guys initially in Singhanias house Akshara faced problem to dismantle the strict and old fashioned thinking of two persons . Initially she struggled to gain trust of Naitik back and also of Naitik’s mother when she was feeling insecured.

      And guys in case of Naira . Naira has to basically dismantle thinking of only one person that is dadi . Dadi and Manish always misunderstand Naira . So basically Naira has to win trust of only two person Dadi and Manish .
      And Naira is so lucky that she got Kartik like husband who trust her more than his jijaji aditya , and will always support Naira and Suwarna like mother in law who trust and believe in Naira , and she will also always support Naira !!!
      In whole of the Goenkas family only two person believe status and money while rest are awesome , broad minded and down to earth!!
      And I think that Akshara was more awesome and faced more problems , due to character of Singhanias , as compared to Naira.

      The other two problem of Mansi and Kartik- family relationships is arising because of situation and not because of Dadi’s and Manish’s character.

      But yes Maheshwaris are evergreen awesome and were kind hearted !!!
      Rajshri , Vishwambarnath , Akshara’s dadi , Naitik’s father , Naitik’s bhabhimaa , Devyani ji had always remain cool throughout the show !!!

      And sorry guys it was just my pov . Have no intention to hurt anyone .
      It just because I feel that Goenkas are not bad expect for dadi and I feel that from today YEH RISHTA KYA KEHLATA HAI PART-2 is going to start !!!!

      1. Rahul96

        And Surekha is also irritating !!

  12. Hey my wonderful, cute, loving, caring and blessed YRKKH family.
    Today’s episode was very emotional: I dropped a tear
    Oh it was so wonderful to see my cuties – Luv & Kush
    Suwarna is so sweet – I love her
    I hope Naira listens to Kartik to move out on their own.
    Just temporary because Dadi Goenka and Manish blames Naira and her family for the distance between them and their son which is not so
    They should move out on their own until the Goenkas coming begging and accept Naira.
    I feel so sad the way they hate her – so so so wrong.
    I wonder what new drama they will bring now to the wedding.
    Frankly I am tired with The Goenkas and their dramas.
    Good night all and have a blessed day you all

  13. Hey my wonderful, cute, loving, caring and blessed YRKKH family.
    Today’s episode was very emotional: I dropped a tear
    Oh it was so wonderful to see my cuties – Luv & Kush
    Suwarna is so sweet – I love her
    I hope Naira listens to Kartik to move out on their own.
    Just temporary because Dadi Goenka and Manish blames Naira and her family for the distance between them and their son which is not so
    They should move out on their own until the Goenkas come begging and accept Naira.
    I feel so sad the way they hate her – so so so wrong.
    I wonder what new drama they will bring to the wedding.
    Frankly I am tired with The Goenkas and their dramas.
    Good night and have a blessed day you all

  14. Rahul96

    Thank you so much Adi bro for your support . And even I also agree with the fact that older episodes of YRKKH was an epitome an perfect of normal marriage .
    And guys I Stated facts only to remind those ( who thinks that Goenkas are totally bad ) that initially Singhanias was also not awesome .??. Akshara made them awesome And she struggled more than Naira !!!

    Now guys coming to the episode . It was Both awesome and senti. Box idea was hilarious !!! Naitik’s word to Vishwambarnath was awesome . I really like when they were missing akshara !!! Even me too was missing akshara .????.
    Now it would be interesting to see that how Naira will convince kartik to stay back.
    And I really want suvarna to play an important role parallel to Naira. !!!
    And I think that when Naira will convince kartik to stay back. Then distance between Kartik and Naira will increase. Then suvarna will play an important role in decreasing the Distance between Naira and Kartik.
    And I love the way suvarna indirectly , through luv Kush , made Kartik realise that how Naira would have been feel today .!!!!

  15. Rahul96

    Now guys coming to my family members !!!!

    How are you guys ????

    Hi Rosa18
    How are you ??? Are you also having exam dear ???

    Hi lasii , chanya , Chanpreet how are you guys ??? And how is studies of you guys are going on ???

    Hi Aniket , Twana , Raf , Rosa18 , Aliyaa , Pawan , Ishika , lasii , Chanya , Adi bro , Shilpa , Soumya , chanya and to everyone those who are having exams and practical exam ( sorry if I missed anyones name ) . All the best guys .
    And guys if get chance in between then please keep us updated that how your exams are going ???
    And you guys are not commenting !!!! That’s good !!!! Studying seriously !!!! Awesome!!

    Hi Trisha , Riya , Jas , Trishi , Paakhi , Shesha , Amalina , TV Fan 1 , Pari , Trusna , Claire , Ishu , Khushi , Claire , Riyasmiles , sweetsara , irium , Dona how are you guys ???! Not commenting from a long time !!!.

    Hi Ishika
    Congratulations dear !!!!; Congooo !!!!!!!!;! Yeeeeeeeeeeeee . ???????????????????. Congratulations for your job dear !!!! And now I no you will never do comment !!! Because you will get busy !!!! We will miss you dear !!!???????!!!! All the best for your job !!!!! All the best for your upcoming life ?????????????

    Hi Sophie dii
    How are you ???

    Hi Swara dii
    How are you ??! No comments since a long time !!!

    Hi Tanu dii
    How are you ??? No comments since a long time !!!!

    Hi Sachu diii
    I am extremely sorry for my one useless comment to your reply . Dii please take proper rest !!!

  16. Rahul96

    Hi Vrushy
    How is your health now dear ?????
    Glad to learn that you started walking !!!!
    And happy to see that now you are replying to my comments . Because the way you were not replying to me here and in private conversation , i was fearing that I might have lost you for ever dear !!!! And you will never talk to me !!! But sooooo happy that now you are replying to me !!!!

    Hi Sindhuts diii
    So you are woman . Sorry actually initially i thought that you are boy . But when you said my husband I understand that you are woman. Sorry dii for calling you Bhaiya !!! Hi Sindhuts dii the only thing which I didn’t understand in your comment was OLY . Can you yaa anyone please tell me that what is this only???

    1. Rahul96

      what is this *OLY*???

  17. Hii
    My yrkkh family
    How are you all,I guess you are all good
    Thode din comment nahi kiya mujhe bhul gayi sab logg
    Mere eye operation huva isi liye mai comment nai karpayi

    1. Rahul96

      Kon ho aap?????????

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