Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaurya talking on videochat and thanking Naitik. He apologizes that he could not come and says I will be watching the engagement from here. Naksh says great, your engagement is not boring now. Ananya makes Ranveer wear the ring. Ranveer tries to make her the ring and it hurts Ananya. Everyone look on. Rukmani says its enough, I told you it will be small. Savita says how did this happen, we got the right size. Akshara, Jasmeet and Karishma say it sometimes happen, Ananya’s hands swell when she is tensed. Akshara brings the cream and asks Ananya to apply on her finger. Ranveer makes Ananya wear the ring. Everyone smile and clap.

Dadi says relations also need some love and they are made easily. Ranveer’s aunt says once car stops, it goes on all the

life. Ananya gets sad. Akshara goes to her and asks is the ring very tight. She says you come with me to market, we will get the ring size changed. Ananya says ring will be fine, but how will this relation get fine. Akshara looks at her.

Bhabhimaa, Devyaani and Bau ji talk about Naksh’s engagement and laugh. Akshara smiles seeing them. Devyaani says there were problems, but Ananya’s engagement happened well. Ananya calls Akshara and says sorry you got worried for me. Ananya says nothing like that, I just said that, its arranged marriage and I don’t know Ranveer much, sorry, there is nothing. She asks do you want my help in Naksh’s engagement. Akshara says yes, smile tomorrow, that too genuine one. Ananya says yes, don’t think much, your smile is important, don’t think about anything. Akshara asks will you tell me if there is any problem. Ananya says promise and ends call.

Naitik smiles seeing Naksh tensed. Naksh says Papa you here.. Naitik keeps his suit and says I know what happened to you. Tara is tensed about the match and engagement and says I think I should tell this, and not hide. She gets Akshara’s call. Akshara says you felt I won’t know if you don’t tell me. Tara asks what do you mean. Akshara says the same thing what you are hiding. Naksh says its nothing like that. Naitik asks are you not nervous. Naksh says yes, how do you know. Naitik says because I went through the same. He says we guys are not emotion proof. Naksh says yes.

Akshara laughs and says its okay to be tensed, its just engagement, I know how it feels, I also went through the same, I called to know what are you feeling. Tara says yes, I m feeling strange fear. Akshara asks is there anything else. Tara says nothing. Akshara asks her to close eyes and rest. Naitik tells Naksh his engagement and marriage time, how Akshara managed him, everything will be fine once Naksh married, girls are great, they manage everything if we understand them, if we respect them and give them space. Naksh says you are right, thanks, I will try my best to follow this. Naitik says I will leave now, else I have to get scoldings by Akshara. Naitik and Naksh sit playing game. Akshara sings lullaby for Tara and makes her sleep. She smiles realizing Tara slept.

Naitik and Naksh see Akshara. Naitik tells Akshara that this used to happen with me, now Akshara will not give you important Naksh, she will change side and go on Tara’s side. Naksh laughs. Akshara says Naitik is bad and throws pillows on him. He runs.

Its morning, everyone pray. Naira and Bhabhimaa tease Naksh. Karishma comes and says she will manage everything, and Naman could not come today. Devyaani gets sad. Tara feels sorry to hide this from Dada ji and thinks she will come back on time. Baisa comes and everyone smile seeing her. Baisa says I would have come early if you all told me before. Bau ji says it all happened suddenly. Baisa says yes, I came for my children, I wanted to take Naksh’s marriage. Naksh asks them not to cry. Baisa says you are still naughty. Everyone laugh.

Baisa asks about Naira. Naira smiles and greets her. Baisa says she is very lean, what did she wear, sleeveless dress, wear something good. She sees Mishti and says I think she is Karishma’s daughter. Akshara asks Baisa about her son and bahu. Baisa says they are busy, and did not come on final time. Akshara says sorry. Bau ji says Tara’s Dada ji got this mahurat and wanted to keep engagement soon. Baisa says I m glad that they believe in mahurat.

Dada ji panics and checks all the things. Sangram says its all there and smiles. Vikram asks what happened to Dada ji. Sangram says look on. Dada ji says I forgot the ring. Sangram shows the three rings and reminds that he got rings of three size, as yesterday Ananya’s ring was not fitting her. Dada ji laughs and says you made me happy. Tara comes there with her bag.

Akshara thanks Maheshwaris for coming to help. Nandini greets them and says tell me work too. Varsha says I thought to start Ananya’s marriage arrangements today but it got delayed by Naksh’s engagement, sorry, I did not mean so, don’t misunderstand me. Akshara says I m not, but see yourself once. Bhabhimaa asks Akshara to do puja arrangements. Dada ji asks Tara why did she not get ready. Tara says I …. Dada ji says if you want to play match, don’t have hope from me then, its good mahurat for engagement, I don’t want anything wrong. Aditya says she is going to parlor to get ready. Dada ji says fine. Tara says I m going parlor. Aditya says I will drop her. Dada ji says wait, why this hockey things needed in parlor work. Tara gets tensed.

Dada ji and everyone come. Baisa asks where is the girl. Aditya says she will come from parlor. Baisa gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hope I am d first ND it’s was a very nic epi. Loved naksh ND naitik moments ND Tara ND akshara moments

  2. Wow.superb Mad baisa saying anything rubbish to naira

  3. Lovely episode.

  4. She izzz my fav actresss on silver scree n tara wnd akshara

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