Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh and Sanju talking about their India plans. Akshara comes and they greet her. Akshara says great they all came before time. Naksh says its good she did not hear us. Akshara hears this and leaves. Maheshwaris welcome the guy and his family. They ask for Ananya. She comes in her western dress and looks much fat. Varsha worries seeing her. The guy looks at Ananya. She greets him. They ask her to sit. Rajshri asks Ananya to …Ananya says show home. Sunny says I will like to see. Ananya takes him.

Ananya shows the home and says I will show every room, but I will not marry you, see I m fat and you are so lean, go and refuse for marriage, go. He leaves. Naitik asks his staff how bad vegs he got, he will buy himself tomorrow. He gets message and says payment

is done for exchange program, I need to take printout and send college. He gets the papers from Naksh’s college and some guests come. Naitik says he will read papers later.

The guy tells his family that he can’t marry Ananya, and asks his parents to come. His mum apologizes and leaves. Ananya smiles. They all find the guy very bad and ill mannered. Rajshri says we should know why he refused. Varsha says its about Ananya’s fatness. Rajshri says no, the lady told she does not have any problem. Varsha says how can we know. Nannu says I was there and heard you saying the guy to refuse. Ananya asks him to keep it a secret.

Akshara asks Naksh about his exchange program. He says 3 months. She says its more. He says its nothing infront of 10 years. She says whom will you miss the most there. He says ofcourse, you. She cries and hugs him. He asks her not to be silly, I will not go, happy. She says you go, I m fine, I want my son to be very happy. He says thanks, I will call you there too. She says I m fine here, your dad needs someone to fight. He says Sanju is going India.

Vishwamber talks to Shaurya. Varsha says I m hurt as someone rejected my daughter. Rajshri pacifies her. Vishwamber says we went through this. Ananya says how can they decide so soon, they did not think about me. She says how could he say no and insult me. Varsha asks did she do anything. She says will I tell him to reject me. Rajshri says relations are made in heaven and we do work to join them. Varsha says they are right. Vishwamber asks them to pray.

Varsha says we always need elders in life. Rajshri says we are together here, but there, who is with Akshara. Shaurya says she has Naitik and her lovely kids. Naira tries to open Naksh’s bag. Naksh sees her and scolds her for being spy. She says there is nothing. He says show me, and sees the greeting she made. She says she came to give this and keep it in bag, he will feel nice when he sees there. She cries. He smiles and hugs her. He says I m so sorry. She says its ok, I will miss you.

He says the card is cute like you. She asks is he hiding anything. Rukmani gives clothes for washing. She gets earring in Yash’s jeans and asks him. He says I don’t know. She says don’t fool me. Mohit and Nandini come. Rukmani asks them to see Yash, and taunt them for love marriage and even Yash is doing so. Mohit asks him. Yash says I told her I don’t know.

Rukmani says will he agree. Nandini checks the jeans and says its not Yash’s pant. The lady says sorry, its someone’s else. Nandini says my son got scolded. Yash gets sad and leaves. Mohit asks Rukmani not to scold Yash without thinking, you don’t see his goodness. Nandini says we know him, he will not do anything, else he will say us. Rukmani says see, he will do such thing one day and cut our nose. Mohit says you see he will always be our pride. Rukmani leaves.

Naitik tells Akshara that letter came from Naksh’s college. She says yes, they sent the exchange program details. Naitik takes the letter and chilli goes in his eyes. He says he will wash eyes and come, and sticks it to fridge. Yash sits sad. Nandini and Mohit make him smile. Nandini says time flies so soon, Yash’s age came to fall in love. Mohit says its my age too and hugs her smiling. Naitik asks Naksh the details of his flight, and asks him to take his credit card. Naksh says he won’t need it. Naira argues.

Naksh says its 11am flight. Naitik says morning flight for London, which airlines. Naksh says don’t know. Naitik asks him to become responsible. He finds on phone and lies to Naitik. He says I will be careful. He thinks now will he go early in morning, I have to make some excuse and prays. Akshara goes to keep something in fridge and does not see the letter. Naksh chats with Sanju and smiles. He says thanks, you are very smart.

Naitik asks Naira to take the list from fridge. She says okay and sees Naksh going to India. She is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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