Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik imagining Naira. They have a romantic moment. He leaves the file. She falls over him. They have an eyelock. O re piya…………..plays………….. She sits working. He sits staring at her. She gets a file in between. He goes back. She looks for him and cries. He comes and forwards his hand. She gets annoyed. He holds her hand and goes close to kiss her. His imagination ends. Naira comes. He says I have sat on boss’ chair while dreaming, if she sees me, he will eat me raw, if she sees me here in cabin, she will ask me.

Naira talks to Rajshri and says I will talk later, I have work. He hides under the table. She says who kept printer on chair. He wishes she does not sit on chair. She sits and sees him. He says bhow… She asks are you scaring

me or got scared, what are you doing here. He makes excuse of taking measurements. She says very funny, tell me. He says I was doing office work, I was looking for printer screw, then I heard you, I thought to play bhow bhow game. She says I think your mind screw fell, I will find. He says you don’t bend, else your mind screws will fall. She says shut up, what are you doing in Papa’s cabin. He says I was going office work.

She asks whats his post actually. He says I do my work sincerely, without getting ego and self respect in between, my post is good that I can command others, but I don’t do that. She asks will you get beaten by hockey stick or cricket bat. He asks what did I do. She says your overacting is bad and loud. He says I was acting intense and you got to know. They joke. She asks how did you come inside cabin, just Naksh, Gayu and I know this code, don’t get annoyed by my asking, I m leaving, lock cabin and come. She goes. He calls someone.

Akshara tells Mishti that she will make modak again. She worries that Naitik’s fav modak spoiled, why is my heart getting such bad thoughts. She hears Naitik shouting her to help him. She asks what happened Naitik. The lights go. She asks where are you Naitik. The modak plate falls. She shouts Naitik, I m coming and runs.

She looks for him and gets hurt. She falls. Naitik says just you can help me, come to me. She sees Naitik and says I m coming. She sees a man wearing black cloth on his face with a knife. The man stabs Naitik. She shouts Naitik. Her bad dream ends. Bhabhimaa and Bau ji arrange sweets. Akshara looks around and cries.

Naira takes coffee for Kartik. She likes the banner of Naira dance academy. He says it can get better. He gets Senior’s call. She says it would be Naitik or Naman. He says no, its from other office. They together make the presentation. Gayu comes there and sees them. Naira asks her to see Kartik making cool presentation. Gayu says its office, be careful. Naira says come on, we are just friends, Kartik make slides yellow. He says it will look strange, Gayu what do you think, it should be blue or grey. Kartik says yes, our thinking matches. Naira says half of the world think same, do what you feel right. She goes. Gayu tells Kartik that Naitik is coming. He says I heard. She says I had to discuss few things, shall we go for dinner. He says of course. She smiles. Ishq mujhko hua hai…………plays…………

Naksh talks to Kartik and asks him to come with them. Kartik says you guys carry on, I will end the work and come. Naira smiles and says thanks Kartik. He says I will make best presentation and work hard. She says I know that. He stops her and takes the pen from her hair, to let her hair loose. He says my pen. She says now your pen is my pin, and fixes the pen back in her hair. She goes. He says I wish I was that pen.

Rajshri and Vishwamber argue over cooking food for Naitik. Kuhu asks why are they arguing, they both can make kachoris and keep, Naitik will come, eat and tell them whose kachoris were better. They both argue and say they will see whose kachoris are good. Kartik sends manager and says I have some work. Manager leaves.

Naman gets worried and asks what Naitik went to Indian embassy, they can think Naitik went to give evidence. He calls Naitik and says come on, pick up my call. Naitik reaches Indian embassy, Kenya. Akshara gets ready. Mishti asks her to come soon. Akshara says okay, I will come soon. The man sees Naitik and tells boss that I think both brothers fooled us, Naman said he will not give evidence, but his brother has come to embassy, I will see him. Akshara’s sindoor falls and she worries.


Naitik and Akshara do Ganesh aarti. Naitik dances with everyone. The man goes to him. Akshara prays to Ganesh ji.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Guys is naira s hair is real or wig…….it seems like wig only na…

    1. No dear she has a very long hair and ya it’s wavy kind she had similar hairstyle without curls in Begusarai her previous serial she gets it curled .its real hair

  2. its not wig,its real coz i saw her hair in beintaha serial also

  3. I don’t like dis Naitik, only Karan mehra kan portray the role of Naitik!❤️❤️❤️

  4. blo*dy cheater kartik…

  5. Yeah the back portion of naira’ s hair s indeed a wig though her real hair s long…can’t understand why she’s wearing one…
    Really miss karan mehra! Hopefully vishal Singh will do justice in the role of naitik

  6. Sethidisha002

    yup plz bring natik safe

  7. Hey does anyone abt karthik’s family?

  8. Is Kartik a bad guy?

    1. No dear I really dont think so strong feeling of working for naitik to expose naman in company’s fraud.he has time and gain proved his love for naira and always helped the family. even sitting in office cabin he was dreaming of naira and was not scared while seeing files wht if someone catches him .even when naira asks about designation he felt offended and said he is very loyal to company and its like family. creative are trying to make it thriller kind to make him show as negative..for him its naira always priority. if seriosuly cvs make him negative and spoil kaira story with gayu then many of them will stop watching yrkkh .creatives know that all r interested in kaira now not even gayus angle

  9. Guys I want old Naitik back

  10. Of course everyone wants the old naitik….
    Fans miss him so much ?

  11. Karan Mehra as Naitik was best. Though we should appreciate Vishal Singh as our new Naitik.

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