Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh and everyone talking about Sameer, and the problem going on. Gayu says she will talk to elders and leaves. Yash says I think this is right, I mean Sameer’s past can make problems. Sanju says I wonder how did I like you, people change for good, past is past, you should mention that he gave up his addiction and helping others, he was waiting for Rashmi’s yes for years. Ananya says yes, she is right, Dadi also tells this, I think Sameer is nice and will keep Rashmi happy. Naksh says I m thinking how to convince Sameer’s sisters.

Sameer gets sad and packs his bags. Naitik and Akshara come to him. Naitik apologizes. Sameer says don’t say so, I can understand, I m also a brother and I also worry for my sisters. Naitik says I just wish I knew

this before. Sameer says I did not know this will come out like this. Akshara asks whats the way to convince your sisters. Sameer says that’s the problem, whatever happened today, it will be tough to convince them, I will try.

He says he loves Rashmi a lot, but his sisters are also special, he can’t hurt them, if he marries Rashmi, I won’t be able to make place for Rashmi in their heart, forgive me, I just request you to keep Rashmi happy, she deserves a better life partner. Akshara says if her happiness is linked to you. Rashmi comes and says then I will wait for him all my life, I was not sad and then Sameer made place in my heart, its not Sameer’s mistake, you took the vacant place in my heart, now no one can take that place. Naitik apologizes.

Sameer asks Rashmi to forgive him. Rashmi says I don’t want to get engaged, as spoiled relations can’t get well, I don’t want to lose my good friend. Sameer says yes, I will always be your best friend. He says he promised Gayu. He says I will become her dad, apologize to her on my behalf, I don’t have guts to face her, I m sorry.

Bhabhimaa and Rajshri apologize to Sameer’s sisters. They get angry for insulting them, and ask why is Devyaani not apologizing. They get angry and ask them to get Rashmi marry someone else, this relation can’t happen. They all go out. Naksh stops them and asks them to take this pics along. He shows Sameer and Rashmi’s happy pics. The sisters see it and get sad. Gayu says thank Sameer uncle from my side. Naira says Sameer loves Rashmi a lot. Ananya says he is sad and not sayng anything, as he loves you all.

Naksh says our family did mistake, why to punish Sameer, you all love him, why are you not thinking of his happiness. Sanju asks will they let Sameer be alone lifelong. Bau ji asks Devyaani to apologize. She says she will not apologize, she feels Sameer is not right guy. He says we feel Rashmi will be happy with Sameer, if you regarded Rashmi your daughter, you would have not been adamant. She gets stunned. Naksh apologizes and asks them to agree for engagement.

Gayu says Sameer can’t fulfill his promise. Sameer’s eldest sister gets unwell and faints. They all hold her and call doctor. Devyaani says she has medicine. They refuse to take Devyaani’s medicines. Devyaani says doctor can get late, I will give kada. Akshara says yes, please agree. Sameer asks about doctor nearby. Akshara says Devyaani is a good vaid, I guarantee your sister will be fine, don’t waste time. Sameer agrees. Devyaani gets the kada.Sameer’s sister gets fine by the kada.

Sameer asks is she fine. She nods. He thanks Devyaani and apologizes for misunderstanding her. Akshara says your sisters also did that Devyaani did, trusting strangers take time. She explains what Devyaani did, it was all for Rashmi’s good. Sameer and his sister start leaving. Sameer’s sister stops and thanks them for giving her medicine, and asks them to agree for Sameer and Rashmi’s engagement. They all get glad and smile. Naksh says mahurat is always there. She thanks the kids for showing the truth to them. Akshara hugs her. Sameer and Rashmi smile.

Sameer and Rashmi get handcuffed by Mishti. Naksh jokes and everyone smile. Akshara and Devyaani argue to do what they feel is right for Rashmi. Sameer and Rashm exchange rings. Haan koi chori chori mere sapno me aaye……………..plays………… They all clap. Devyaani stands far and does not look happy. Nannu chews some card and says it was here. Devyaani gets Sameer’s wallet. She recalls his lie. Sameer and Rashmi sit happily. Devyaani sees many credit cards and recalls Sameer saying he does not carry credit card. She gets 2.5 lakhs transferred and recalls his lie. She says he has made excuses at time of paying for ring, there is something he is hiding.

The lady tells about another rasam. Akshara asks Devyaani to come. Devyaani says she did not accept Sameer. Akshara asks what are you saying, you are Rashmi’s mum. Devyaani asks who regards me mum here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think devyani is doing tooo three four muchhh

    1. Ya she is f;)$&& annoying

  2. not a big fan!!

    This is by far the most worst show on star plus! Especially after the leap! Why has it been running for so long I have no idea! Please cancel this crap and make diya aur baat hum longer!

    1. If u don’t like #YRKKH then don’t dare to say something ill about it. DABH has a specific time slot. It is better to hv a 30mins time slot rather than 1hr. When DABH’s Mission Mahabhali will end that time trust me DABH will be the most irritating \boring show on star plus *+

      1. if u dnt lyk Dabh den dnt dare to say bad about it…….it is the best show in television……this shw is sooo boring dat only nonsense puja and all……nd i ill tell u the cast of the this seral do sooo much of overacting…..bakwas yrkkh shocks nd dabh always rocks…lolzzz….

  3. this boring serial irritates me…..just hate this bakwaaaaaaassssss show….rubbish nonsense

  4. Hey not a big fan and Sana you guys talk a lot of bakwasss,Yrkkh is the best show on star plus look at all the awards they have won.guys you stink if you don like Yrkkh don’t watch.

  5. Very nice episode.

  6. devyani is right in her place akshara is really over why didnt anyone say anything to akshara when she hid the truth of sameer

  7. i think akshara is little rude towards devyani

  8. I think v shd respect evry1’s views guys……..TU has cmnting feature do evry1 cn say gud nd bad ab yrkkh dabh nd all……….nd yeah devyani is not three much….she is three hundered much

  9. Devyani just a stupid cow. Cant stand that face of hers. Please kill her off by having her hanging from a branch too. She is not rashmis mum! She csn just f:($ off!

  10. hey mia are you trying to stop the serial mad girl

  11. Lol honestly this show should stop. Its time to bring in a new show. The actors are all sh:((!! No one can act AT ALL.
    Naira cannot act and is a total retard! Cant even speak english properly. Send her to english school and tell her to learn particles!! Gawd i wanna punch her! Wanna punch everyone in that show except the grandma in the other household, she is awesome!

  12. not a big fan!!

    Hahaha Mia is soo funny can I join you in beating them all up loool

    1. Yes u can!! Lets join forces lol

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